Introduction Dossier FIAB


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Introduction Dossier Spanish Food & Drink Federation (updated November 2011)

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Introduction Dossier FIAB

  1. 1. introduction dossier Spanish Food & Drink Industry Federation 2011
  2. 2. Index FIAB REPRESENTATION IN THE EU Presentation Brussels Delegation FIAB at a glance European Economic & Social Committee STRUCTURE DIRECTORY MEMBER ASSOCIATIONS Presidency Goverment bodies FURTHER INFORMATION Managing Director Adviser to the Presidency Food Law Economic & International Affairs Technical & Environment Innovation & Technology Competitiveness Administration & Finances Vocational Training Communications
  3. 3. 3FIABPresentationThe Spanish Food and Drink Industry Federation (FIAB) was created in 1977 torepresent –through one organization with a single voice– the Spanish food anddrinks industry, the foremost industrial sector of the country. At present, it encom-passes 50 sector associations representing nearly 90% of the industry’s turnover.Its main activity is informing the sector of developments that might affect theirperformance and representing their interests before different administrations and FIAB and other organizationsdecision-making bodies at national, European and international level.FIAB was one of the leading industry associations to joined the Spanish Confedera- 1. FoodDrinkEurope EU Confederation of thetion of Employers’ Organizations (CEOE). Also, in order to be able to represent the Food and Drink Industriesindustry’s interests in the EU sphere, FIAB has maintained a permanent delegationin Brussels since 1983 and he has been a full member of EU Confederation of the 2. CEOEFood and Drink Industries (FoodDrinkEurope) since 1986. Spanish Confederation of Employers’ Organizations 3. AENOR Spanish Association for Standarisation and Certification 4. ECOEMBALAJES 5. EFLA European Food Law Association 6. Alimentum Foundation 7. Alimentia Foundation
  4. 4. 4FIAB at a glanceWho makes up the Federation? FIAB’s raison d’être is the representation of its group of Spanish food and beverage industries. All full right members participate in FIAB on equal footing, conforming to a system in which decisions are made in consensus at first instance or by vote in exceptional situations. The sectorial organizations associated with the Federation pass on to FIAB the position of the sector that they represent; whereas the Multi-sectorial Association of Companies (AME) transmits the objectives of their group of companies, all of them members of any of the associates of FIAB. The Federation may also subscribe to collaboration agreements with other entities and organiza- tions connected to the food and drink industry that share all or some of their objectives. How does the FIAB management work? The main function of FIAB is to move forward in the economic, politic and social areas in order to have a positive influence in the future. Each sector that makes up the Federation brings it their necessities and their concerns. FIAB analyses them and relays them to the Public Administrations and national or international organisms in involved, defending at all times the collective interests of the Federation. Today, FIAB’s specialization in the area of food is based on very concrete areas: food laws and nutrition, internationalization, economic matters, technical and environmental aspects, sustai- nability, innovation and technology, competitiveness, administration and finance, vocational training and communication.What does FIAB offer its members? The added value that FIAB gives its members is the professionalism of the team that forms its Management Committee. All in all, more than 30 professionals operate on a daily basis advising each of the sector members. Our range of services is aimed at our direct members (the sectorial associations) and indirect members (the companies). Our most important services include:  Constant information on the technical regulations and legislation in force in the areas of food law, nutrition, environment and sustainability.  Monitoring and reviewing the above mentioned regulations with each of our associate members, so that their necessities are covered.  Judicial, fiscal and labour advice.  Training, consultation and impulsion of the companies in the sector in terms of internatio- nalization, innovation and technology. FIAB organises, coordinates and provides services in a series of promotion activities that are conducive to the boosting competitiveness in the food and drink sectors.  Bolstering the visibility of the sector as a strategic force in the Spanish economy.
  5. 5. In what way does FIAB defend the interests of the industry? In order to channel the necessities of each of our individual members as well as the general interests of the food and beverage industry, the usual FIAB counterparts are:  On the domestic level, the Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs; the Ministry of Health, Social Policies and Equality; the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism; the Ministry of Science and Innovation; through their participation in technical committees, work groups or through their partnerships with specialised or- ganisms within government institutions such as the Spanish Food Safety and Nutrition Agency, the General Board of Interprofessional Groups, the Board of Directors of ICEX, the Council on Internationalization, the Commercial Distribution Observatory and the Agriculture and Food Price Observatory among others.  On the international level, FIAB is a member of FoodDrinkEurope (FIAB’s counterpart in Europe), through which it influences in the decisions made by the executive and legislative powers of the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Council in favour of the industry needs (lobby). FIAB also has a representative on the European Economic and Social Committee that actively participates in their meeting and especially in affairs concerning agriculture and food, fisheries, the environment and consumer protection. How are FIAB’s efforts relevant to civil society? All the technical operations that occur behind the Management team that is in constant coordination with our associates have, as its ultimate objective, to achieve the position of importance that should correspond to the food and beverage sector in Spanish society. The improvement of traceability within the food chain, the industry’s concern over food safety, balance of trade relationships, the sustainable environment, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle through a balanced diet and exercise, the stimulation and promotion of R+D and internationalization are just some of the efforts it develops with the objective of promoting competition in the industry. To summarize, FIAB works under a model of constant improvement and endeavors to give out transparent information on all the aspects of the food industry thereby contributing actively in civil society to the economic and social development of Spain. Collaboration agreements with adherent entities The Federation can sign collaboration agreements with other entities or organizations tied to the food and drink industry who share all or some of its objectives. These agreements should include the objectives, rights, and economic obligations of each party and be subject to a General Assembly for approval. The adherent entities have their own voice but will not have a vote in the government organisms.
  6. 6. 6 STRUCTURE Presidency Born in Oviedo, Jesús Serafín Pérez has developed, since 1977, his business activity in the food and drinks industry as the CEO of Grupo de Empresas de Aguas de Fuensanta S.A. His close ties to the world of business lobbying made him assume for twenty years the presidency of the Spanish National Association of Bottled Water Companies (ANEABE) and for two terms the Euro- pean Federation of Bottled Water and the International Council of Bottled Water Association. Since April 2007, he is President of the Spanish Food Industry Employers Association - FIAB, and Vice-president of the CEOE (Spanish Confederation of Business Associations). Since 2009, he is President of FoodDrinkEurope, becoming the first Spaniard in history to manage the largest European Industrial Sector representing 308,000 companies, 4 million jobs and € 913,000 million net sales.Jesús Serafín PérezJuana FIAB’s Governing Bodies The General Assembly The Board of Directors Director’ Committe Objetive: It is the governing body of FIAB. Objetive: It is the collegiate organ of strategic Objetive: It represents the Member Associations management. through their secretaries/managing directors. Composition: It is made up of the President, the spokesmen of the Member Associations Composition: It is made up by the President, 4 Composition: It is made up of the secretaries and their secretaries/directors. The Managing Vice-presidents, 14 Board Members, the Ma- and/or managing directors of the Member Director acts as its Secretary. naging Director, 3 representatives of European Associations. Its function is to inform of the institution and the counselor to the President; negotiations that FIAB has in progress, esta- Frequency: There are two types of General representing the industry sector in a balanced blishing a forum of debate and direct discussion Assemblies, ordinary and extraordinary. and collegial manner. with the associates and to support the Board of Directors. Through these meetings, they approve Frequency: It meets every two months. proposals that will be developed by the federation technicians. Frequency: Monthly.
  7. 7. 7 Managing Director In May 2010, Horacio González Alemán was appointed FIAB´s Managing Director. Up to that date he was Joint Secretary- General and responsible for all international matters. Through the different positions held, González Alemán has been linked to the Federation for over 20 years, such as managing the International Department or maintaing relationships with the different EU institutions as consultant in EU matters for the agro-food industry at the permanent Delegation of FIAB in Brussels. He obtained his law degree at the Universidad de Sevilla, holds several certificates on High European Studies, Foreign Trade and Food Businesses Senior Management. Presently he is Substitute Member of the European Economic and Social Committee and President of the EU Advisory Group on the promotion of agricultural products. He represents FIAB in differents national organization such as ICEX or AESAN.Horacio González Alemánh.galeman@fiab.esJuana Perales Adviser to the En 1977, when Jorge Jordana was the economic advisor to the Minister of Agriculture, he decided to abandon the Administration to organise the Spanish Food and Drink Industry Federation, being its Secretary General for over 33 years, until 2010. Presently he continues his job at the Federation as Counsellor to the Presidency. Jordana is member of numerous councils, boards and commissions of private and public entities: Comisión Interministerial de Ciencia y Tecnología – CICYT (Interministerial Commission on Science and Technology), Governing Boards of the National Technical Centres on Food Technology and Security (CNTA), Fish Preserves (CECOPESCA) and Centro de Nuevas Tecnologías y Procesos Alimentarios – CENTA (Centre for New Technologies and Food Processes), INIA, IRTA, CECOC- PTC, among others. Jorge Jordana Butticaz He has participated, amongst others, in the creation of the University Degree on Food Science and Luisa Díaz Technology, Agro-food Inter-professional Organizations, Technological Sector Centres of national Secretary scope, Scientific Competence Centres online, Net on Food Safety Alert and the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition. Working areas FIAB has its work structured in eight departments that are coordinated by the Management team, detailed below. Through these departments, the outline of activities of the Federation is centred on the following work areas: economy, labour and fiscal aspects, food law, nutrition, trade and export promotion, internationalization, professional training, the environment, innovation and technological development, and communication.
  8. 8. 8 Food Law FIAB defends the interests of the food and drinks companies and participates in all phases of the drafting process of national, European and international (Codex) laws in this field. Likewise, it informs and advises its associates on any aspect of food law: food production, hygiene requirements, labelling, communication with consumers, manufacturing methods, legal aspects of commerciali- sation, quality, nutrition, etc. Nationally, it permanently works with those in charge of the Spanish Ministries of Health and Social Policy; Environment, Rural and Marine Affairs; Trade and Industry and participates in the Inter-Ministerial Commission of Food Regulation (CIOA), advisory body for the drafting and interpretation of food norms. At European level it collaborates with FoodDrinkEurope. Interna- tionally it participates in the workings of the Codex (joint organization of FAO and the WHO on food), an obliged reference in the food world and food world trade.Montserrat Prietom.prieto@fiab.esIzaskun YarzaSecretaryi.yarza@fiab.esEconomic and International AffairsThe Economic and International Affairs Department centers its activities, on one hand, in fostering the internationalization of Spanishfood and drink companies; and on the other, in analyzing the economic and financial situations of the principal world economies, andthe exhaustive monitoring of the Spanish economy.In the area of internationalization, it develops and organises horizontal promotion activities: group pavilions in fairs, GastronomicWorkshops, Seminars, Tastings; promotions at points of sale, market studies, etc., all aimed to boost the presence of Spanish foodproducts in the international markets. To do this, FIAB collaborates with institutions such as ICEX (the Spanish Institute for ForeignTrade), MARM (the Spanish Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs) or the European Commission. FIAB alsosupports cooperation between companies through business meetings and trade missions, to encourage contact between Spanish compa-nies in the sector as well as with their counterparts abroad. This paves the way for agreements that allow greater internationalization forthe companies. Jaime Palafox j.palafox@fiab.esIn the area of economic affairs, the department sees through an exhaustive monitoring and analysis of the data relative to the national Amelia Palomarand international economy and studies the economic impact that certain measures may have on the industry. It participates in the Deputy-DirectorEconomic Commission of the CEOE, as well as in other related forums.
  9. 9. 9 Technical and Environment FIAB’s objective in this area is defending and representing its associates interests in the different phases of the drafting process of technical legislation on food and environmental legislation, both national and European, as well as informing on legal news. In this sense, FIAB works closely with the Ministry of the Environment, Rural and Marine Affairs, the Institute for Prospective Tech- nological Studies (IPTS) in Seville, the Climatic Change Bureau and the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition, among other institutions. Likewise, it actively participates in the Environment Committee of the Confederation of the Food and Drink Industries of the EU (FoodDrinkEurope). The workings of this department concentrate in two areas. In the environmental one, it deals with subjects such as: climatic change; legislation on packaging and its waste; industrial waste and prevention and integrated control of pollution and spills. In the technical area, it informs and advices about topics related to ingredients, additives, enzymes, pollutants, pesticides, materials in close contact with food, etc.Paloma Sánchez The department has a service that provides information and updating on environmental legislation, allowing to search for norms onMª José Tocados this field specific to the sector, including EU, national and autonomous regions’ legislation, available on the web of the Federation.Secretaryj.tocados@fiab.esInnovation and TechnologyFIAB’s mission in this area is to facilitate the information flow between the industrial sector and the different public research centresand ministries that deal with innovation and technology, transmitting the food industry’s research needs to the Administration, so thatfuture research projects will take into consideration the needs of its companies and their necessary development.Through this department, FIAB participates in the drafting of the different national plans while informing about live open calls ofthe National R&D Plan (Research, Development and Innovation), as well as of those of the Centre for Technological and IndustrialDevelopment (CDTI) or similar organisations. This area also collaborates in the execution of several European projects, working withother EU national federations, members of FoodDrinkEurope or other international bodies.Likewise, through OTRI-FIAB (Research Results Transfer Office) the public has at its disposal the results obtained through the R&Dprojects with public funding both for public centres and for private research centres. The Federation also leads the Sector’s Technolo-gical Platform Food for Life Spain and, recently, it has been one of the first ones considered by the Centre for the Development of Federico MoraisIndustrial Technology as an International Innovation Unit. The Spanish platform is one of the 34 national members of the European f.morais@fiab.esPlatform Food for Life. Nuria Mª Arribas Deputy-Director
  10. 10. 10 Competitiveness In general lines, the department focuses its activities in the follow-up and defence of the industry’s interests, through initiatives related to the improvement of its competitiveness and the fostering of the European agro-food model. More specifically, FIAB’s activity in this area concentrates on the industry’s commercial relations with other countries and the follow-up of bilateral and multilateral agreements; the reduction of barriers and obstacles to international trade; the working balance of the agro-food chain and the relationships between its members; the fostering of the industry’s foreign scoop and the defence of the European produc- tion model; as well as the development of national and European policies. For a good number of these actions to progress, the department collaborates with several Ministries, such as the Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs (MARM) or the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade (MITYC). It also has a delegation in Brussels, besides participating in the working groups of FoodDrinkEurope (Confederation of the food and drinkSandra Anguiano industries of the EU) and the CEOE (Spanish Confederation of Employers’ Organizations), working together with them projects fostered by such institutions.Administration and FinanceThis department is in charge of all the administrative organization within the Federation, especially in three primary areas: economyand finance, internal organization and human resources.In the area of economy and finance it takes charge of cost management, budgets, associates’ quotas, and technology and computer sys-tems. In the area of human resources, its main task is the management of FIAB personnel, the implantation of development programsand the management of work load according to objectives.Professional TrainingThrough this area, the Federation fosters and promotes within the sector the three areas of Professional Training – initial or compul-sory, occupational and continuous –, while working together with the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Labour and Immigration Rubén Martínand the Tripartite Fund for Professional Training. In this field, FIAB actively participates in several specific organs, such as the General r.martin@fiab.esCouncil for Professional Training, the National Institute for Qualification (INCUAL) or the Peer Commission on Food and Drinks ofthe Tripartite Foundation. Aurora Gutiérrez Administration a.gutierrez@fiab.esRegarding Ongoing Training, FIAB channels and manages, together with the most representative trade unions of the sector, theTripartite Foundation’s financial aid, and it has been promoting for over ten years its own training plans (now Programme-Contracts)contributing to train over 50,000 sector workers.Other significant working areas: trainings to managers of small and medium companies, participation in EU programmes, research andfostering of awareness activities on subjects such as the implementation of total quality systems, innovation, access to new technologiesor labour risk prevention.
  11. 11. 11 Communications The main responsibility of Communications Department is to ensure that the food and beverage sector has the visibility and exposure it deserves and the position it should occupy in Spanish society, in accordance with its relevance and strategic importance. In order to ascertain and guarantee the correct attainment of these objectives, the functions of the department can be summarized as follows:  Media relations Toda la actividad de la Fedración  Corporate communications  Social Media disponible en la red  Bulletins, reports and publicationsClara Pi Rodríguez  Internal communications  Corporate image and visual www.fiab.esGraphic Communication &Social MediaNatalia Martí General Management organization chart
  12. 12. 12REPRESENTATION IN THE EU Brussels Delegation In 1983 FIAB established a delegation in Brussels to represents its interests before the EU bodies. This permanent delegation keeps contacts with the Spanish Permanent Representation (REPER), EU institutions, while acting as link between the Federation and the Confederation of the Food and Drink Industries of the EU (FoodDrinkEurope). Bruno Guichart Alba Ridao-Bouloumié Deputy-Director European Economic and Social Committee Through the CEOE (Spanish Confederation of Employers’ Organizations) business representation, FIAB has a Counsellor on the European Economic and Social Committee, Mr. José María Espuny Moyano, who participates in all EESC activities, especially in the NAT Sections (Agriculture, Environment and Rural Development), INT Section (Inner Market), as well as in the Communi- cation Group. José María Espuny
  13. 13. 13DIRECTORY MEMBER ASSOCIATIONS1ANIERAC INFAOLIVANational Association of Edible Oil Industrial Packaging Spanish Federation of Olive Oil Industries and ProducersCompanies and Refiners President: Luis GallardoPresident: Jaime Carbó General Manager: Enrique DelgadoGeneral Manager: Primitivo FernándezASEMESA UNIADEAssociation of Producers and Spanish Union of Rice IndustriesExporters of Edible Olives President: José Luis PonsPresident: Carlos Jiménez General Manager: Sergio TomásSecretary General: Antonio de MoraANEO AGFAESpanish Association of Olive-Pomace Oil Extractors General Association of Sugar www.agfae.esPresident: Jesús Fernando President: Juan Luis RiveroGeneral Manager: Jaime García General Manager: Martín ZabalaASOLIVA ANEABESpanish Olive Oil Exporters Association National Association of Drinking Water CompaniesPresident: José Pont www.aneabe.esGeneral Manager: Rafel Pico President: Francisco Vallejo Secretary General: Irene ZafraAFOEX ANEVNational Association of Companies that Foster National Spanish Association of Producers and Distributors of Vermouth,Oil Industries and its Extraction Bitter-Soda and Wine www.anev.infoPresident: José María García President: Enrique FabregatGeneral Manager: Jorge de Saja Secretary General: Pedro Miró1 List of member associations before November 1, 2011
  14. 14. 14Member AssociationsAESI FEBESpanish Association of Cider Producers Spanish Federation of Spirit www.febe.esPresident: José Cardín President: Pelayo de la MataSecretary General: Miguel González General Manager: Bosco TorremochaANFABRA FECNational Association of Soft Drinks Manufactures Spanish Coffee www.federacioncafe.comPresident: Íñigo Madariaga President: Juan CamínSecretary General: Ana Escudero Secretary General: Eileen GordonASOZUMOS Cocoa Industrial AssociationNational Association of Fruit Juice Manufactures President: Javier AlmelaPresident: Óscar Hernández Secretary General: Antonio EscuderSecretary General: Alfonso MenaCERVECEROS DE ESPAÑA Spanish Association of the Packaging IndustryBrewers of Spain of Tea-bags and asociacion@aeeiti.comPresident: Juan Gervás President: Javier GiménezGeneral Manager: Jacobo Olalla General Manager: Eileen GordonFEDEJEREZ ASEPRHUSherry Wineries Association Spanish Association of Egg www.aseprhu.esPresident: Evaristo Babé President: Medín de VegaGeneral Manager: Patricia de la Puerta General Manager: Mª. del Mar Fernández
  15. 15. 15Member AssociationsCONFECARNE ASEMACConfederation of Business Organizations Spanish Association of Frozenof the Spanish Meat Sector Dough www.asemac.esPresident: Jaume Blancafort President: Felipe Ruano Secretary General: Jorge de Saja ANICE Spanish National Association of Meat Industries Secretary General: Miguel Huerta ANDI National Association of Manufactures FECIC of Dietetic Goods for Children Catalan Federation of Meat Industries President: Juan Camín Secretary General: José Collado Secretary General: Jorge de SajaAEFC AFEPADISpanish Association of Manufacturers Business Association of Foodof Flakes or Expanded Cereals Supplements and Dietary Manufacturers of SpainPresident: Mauricio García www.afepadi.orgSecretary General: Jorge de Saja President: Robert Sanahuja Secretary General: Camil RodiñoAFHSE AENESpanish Association of Flour Spanish Association of Manufacturersand Semolina Manufactures and Distributors of Enteral aene@nutricionenteral.euPresident: José Ignacio Belenguer President: Ignacio MoraSecretary General: Ramón Sánchez Secretary General: Jorge de SajaHUMAÍZ PRODULCEAssociation of Transformers of Spanish Association of Confectionery SectorCorn through Wet Method; President: Olga MartínezPresident: José María Mateo General Manager: Carmen RicoGeneral Manager: Luis Felipe Albert CAYCHI Candys ands Gums CHOCAO Chocolate y Cocoa productos APROGA Biscuits PPM Bakery and Confectionery brand TUMA Nougats and Marzipans
  16. 16. 16Member AssociationsAEFH ANIMPASpanish Association of Ice-Cream Manufacturers National Association of Honey Apiculture Products IndustriesPresident: José Abad animpa@grupobonmacor.comSecretary General: Teresa Lara President: Bernardo Sorribes Secretary General: Teresa LaraAFCA AEPAAssociation of Manufacturers and Marketers National Association of Potato Chipsof Food Additives and Complements and Snacks crico@grupobonmacor.comPresident: Andrés Gavilán President: José María Magriñá Secretary General: Carmen RicoAEFAA Spanish Association of Ready-CookedSpanish Association of Food Fragrance Food Manufacturesand Aroma Manufacturers President: Ángel MatamoroPresident: José Sola Sec. Gral.: Álvaro AguilarSecretary General: Ricardo GómezASPRIME PRODELIVERYNational Association of Manufacturers of Raw Materials Spanish Association of Prodeliveryand Enhancers for Bakery, Patisserie and Ice Creams Foods prodelivery@grupobonmacor.comPresident: Joaquín Pérez President: Enrique GarcíaSecretary General: Agustín Roqué Secretary General: Agustín RoquéFENIL Spanish Association of Chilled Dishes ManufacturersNational Federation of Dairy Industries President: Fernando FernándezPresident: Pedro Astals Secretary General: Agustín RoquéGeneral Manager: Luis Calabozo Morán Liquid milk and dairy products long-term Concentred milk, powder and butter Cheese manufacturing Yogurt and fresh dairy desserts
  17. 17. 17Member AssociationsCESFAC Spanish Association of ManufacturersSpanish Confederation of Animal Food Industry of Sauces, Broths and www.fabricantesdesalsas.comPresident: Joaquín Unzué President: Sergi VidalGeneral Manager: Jorge de Saja Secretary General: Teresa LaraANFAAC FNACVNational Association of Pet Care Manufactures National Federation of Associations of Vegetable PreservesPresident: Paolo Ongari www.fnacv.esSecretary General: Santiago de Andrés President: José Salcedo Secretary General: Arturo DíezFEICOPESCA AGRUCONSpanish Federation of Associations of Transforming Industries Spanish Association of Vegetableand Marketing of Fishing and Aquaculture Products Preserves agrucon@pnyxsl.comPresident: Álvaro Pérez-Lafuente President: Manuel VázquezSecretary General: Juan Vieites Secretary General: Carlos GervásANIE ASEVECNational Association of Transforming Industries of Sea Products Spanish Association of Frozen asevec@infonegocio.comPresident: José Ángel Mozos President: José Félix LiberalSecretary General: Almudena Rodríguez Secretary General: Álvaro AguilarAPROMARBusiness Association of Marine Farming www.apromar.esPresident: Fernando Torrent BravoManager: Javier Ojeda
  18. 18. 18Further information Headquarters C/ Velázquez, 64 - 3º 28001 Madrid (+34) 91 411 72 11 Brussels Delegation 14, Avenue de la Joyeuse Entrée, boîte 7 B-1040 Bruxelles (+32) 22300484 Follow us
  19. 19. Velázquez, 64 - 3º28001 MadridT 91 411 7211 F 91 411