7i solutions in short


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Short description of 7iPlatform - Idea, Product, going to market strategy

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7i solutions in short

  1. 1. 7iPlatform Short Overview venture-lab.org / Technology Entrepreneurship Part 2 Team: Explorers ©
  2. 2. CONTENT ... the short story line Idea Mission, Problem, Solution Customer benefit Product Going to Market Strategy Sales and Marketing Channels
  3. 3. IDEA - it is time for ... professional Open Source Build Open Source community Manage 7i-Platform with Server Apps on 7i-Marketplace Use KMU, teams other users Run As SaaS in der cloud Benefit of OSS Contribution Hoster benefit - high SW quality - proven solutions - big, active developer community - robust, innovative - no license fees - no vendor lock-in - optimized operations - scalable systems - flexible cost and no investments - local data storage - data privacy of own, physical or virtual server - managed operations - selection of best Open Source Apps - pre-tested Apps on - secure, standardized config & operations - Single point of contact supporting all Apps - more time to focus on core business - higher productivity - simple to use Apps - enhanced security for enterprise data - reduced IT cost Customer benefits
  4. 4. Mission 7iSolutions 7iSolutions is the leading provider of cloud based secure business solutions using Open Source Software (OSS). 7iSolutions pre-selects and pre-assesses Open Source Applications, integrates them into the 7iPlatform and publishes all 7iServer-Apps on the 7iMarketplace. The customers can choose from a feature rich and completely pretested set of business application without having to deal with the complexity of the Open Source Software market. CUSTOMER BENEFITS ... Mission, Problem, Solution The Solution - Open Source Software (OSS) with the 7iPlatform The 7iPlatform hides the complexity and heterogeneity of the Open Source Software by wrapping the software into Server-Apps that can be installed in 1-click approach after a download from the 7i-Marketplace. This simplified and centralized approach enhances the security and availability of all enterprise data and enterprise application assets and helps to improved trust and efficiency and to lower costs for enterprise IT operations. All IT-Operations-Use-Cases can be done in a Self-Servicing-Approach (User-, Access Privileges-, Project- and Site- Configuration, Application Monitoring, Installation and Disaster Recovery) or are performed periodically by the platform (Backup & Update). The Problem - Open Source Software (OSS) is very promising, but cumbersome to operate ... Advantages of OSS: Due to the free licenses free OSS implies significantly lower cost compared to commercial software. In addition OSS is robust, innovative, bases on open technology standards and allows for interoperability between applications. Most importantly OSS is widely spread and supports millions of installations worldwide. Disadvantages of OSS: Installation, operations and usage of Open Source Software bring quite some complexity into the organization. A lack of knowledge and therefore some lack of trust are the most important inhibitors to adopt Open Source Software. Often additional staff or support contracts are needed to support Open Source Applications.
  5. 5. CUSTOMER BENEFIT ... Open Source & 7iSolutions ● 7iPlatform is a secure Software as a Service (SaaS) environment - private space for your enterprise resources such as data and documents - cloud based service with typically domestic data hosting - you know where you data is stored ● 7iPlatform is an integrated Server - all applications are functionally pre-assessed and carefully selected as being 'best-in-class' apps - all applications run impact free on a shared server instance - no cross dependencies and incompatibilities ● 7iPlatform is easy to use - easy to use and easy to learn - 7iPlatform brings the 'mobile app feeling' to IT Server Management - Modern look & feel using Apps Icons, Cockpits and Widgets ● 7iServer-Apps are lifecycle managed - quick access to new features developed in the Open Source Community - simple update of applications by new versions on the 7iMarketplace, no IT administration or release backlogs ● 7iServer-Apps help reducing cost - standardized and centralized management of enterprise resources - simple admin of applications, repositories, files, sites, users, access privileges, projects ... ● 7iSolutions is your SPOC (single point of contact) - better control of IT assets with applications running on a common (virtual) private server - together with partners 7iSolutions provides support and consulting for the whole platform ● 7iSolutions allows a simple start and can grow with you - solve a single, dedicated application requirement such as versioning of documents, file sharing or - use 7iServer Server-Apps to cover all your IT business need - CRM, ERP, Accounting, Project Management
  6. 6. PRODUCT ... 7iPlatform & 7iMarketplace Customer Open Source Applications 7iMarketplace Hoster 7iPlatform 1 2 3 Additional remarks: 1. 7iSolutions pre-selects and pre-assesses Business Applikationen from the Open Source Software (OSS) Community The selected applications are encapsulated as Server-Apps and deployed on the 7iMarketplace. 2. The 7iPlatform is typically hosted on a Virtual Private Server. Once installed all Server-Apps from the 7iMarketplace are available and can be downloaded by the customers. 3. The SME customersuse the Server-Apps and the 7iPlatform as SaaS applications in the cloud.
  7. 7. PRODUCT ... how it works Private server for each customer: The bases for the cloud service is a Linux server (i.e. Debian or Ubuntu). Each customer has his own dedicated (virtual or physical) server in the internet cloud and has his own data privacy. 7iServer-Apps: 7iSolutions chooses the the best fit and most popular Open Source Solutions and simplify their handling (i.e. operations and security) and standardize the look & feel for our customers. Mass product and scalability: The 7iServer- Apps are conceived as scalable mass products. The 7iSolutions concept aims for simplification (usage), automation (updates, backup) and self- servicing by customers (operation, configuration).
  8. 8. PRODUCT ... available 7iServer-Apps Currently the Apps listed below are read to be used: 7iPlatform Backup SSL Firewall VirusScan Monitoring Updates 7iServer-Apps Subversion OpenVPN Extranet Redmine Wordpress Trac Packages Documents & Versions File Server Extranet & Download Project Management Website Management Support & Ticketing ... and many more 7iServer-Apps planned Drupal, eHour, Horde, KnowledgeTree, OpenMeetings, Magento, TimeTrex, Tryton, Todoyu, vTiger ...
  9. 9. GOING TO MARKET ... global potential and scalability Background thoughts: ● Consistent multi language capability: The 7iPlatform, the 7iMarketplace and the integrated 7iServer-Apps support all major languages. ● Worldwide usage of Open Source Software: Some Open Source Business Applications are installed on more than 100 Mio. server systems worldwide. ● Permanent innovation is ongoing: in this moment more than 100'000 OSS projects are actively evolving to serve our current and future needs. The 7iSolutions Business Model is highly scalable - three strategies: ● Scale by internationalization / rollout of 7iPlatform and 7iMarketplace. ● Extend scope of offering with additional Open Source Business Applications. ● Grow over additional target industries by focusing on SME's other industries beside engineering and consulting. Internationalization Scope of offering Target industries
  10. 10. GOING TO MARKET ... anticipated roadmapProductFocus Market Focus Local SME Market (DACH) Internationalization SME, Teams, others Platform and first set of Apps Scope of App Marketplace Q3 2013 Q4 2013 prototype platform & marketplace feature rich SME collaboration server CMS, CRM, ERP solutions available on marketplace Q4 2014 Q4 2015 Q4 2016 internationalization multi language, rollout global market penetration
  11. 11. SALES & MARKETING ... channels Awareness: ● SME networks / seminars / marketing events ● blogs / articles in relevant industry magazines, webinars ● Social marketing (Twitter, Xing, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, ...), ● Internet Marketing (Google Adwords, SEO), Youtube videos ● eMail Marketing, Newsletter of channel partners (hosters) Evaluation: ● reference stories, recommendations of existing customers and channel partners ● 14 day - free trial period ● ev. usage in freemium business model with limited functionalities Sales: ● direct sales from remote - no visits on customer premises ● sales through hosting partners ● self servicing via subscription on web site Delivery: ● pure internet based business - no visits on customers premises Support: ● server operations ● (priority) hotline - phone / email ● remote assistance