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  • 20,118,992 x 41 = 824,796,672M
  • 20,118,992 x 41 = 824,796,672M
  • 20,118,992 x 41 = 824,796,672M
  • 20,118,992 x 41 = 824,796,672M
  • pinoy pera padala

    1. 1. PINOY PERA PADALABusiness Presentation
    2. 2. Who Is Pinoy Pera Padala?Aggregator of e-Transactions and e-Services to convert suitable businesses into One-Stop-Shop enterprises.We offer this opportunity to potential partners for additional services and hence, greater profit.
    3. 3. Company Profile Established November 2011 Given the Remittance License by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas on the 17th day of February 2012 with Certificate No. FX-2012-004460 The Board of Directors & Officers of Pinoy Pera are the same people behind Bayad Center’s CTPL – E Wallet System. Currently has 10 active partners in Metro Manila (many more in the pipeline)
    4. 4. Our ObjectiveTo provide Small & MediumEnterprises(SME) the chance tobe among the giants in theindustry by being part of anationwide network ofREMITTANCE, BILLSPAYMENT, NBI CLEARANCE e-PAYMENT AND E-LOADING
    5. 5. Our Vision & Mission Our VISION is to see  Our MISSION is to give Pinoy Pera Padala as Entrepreneurs “big or “Partner ng Bayan” small” a chance to grow with Business Partners and provide additional nationwide even in the services to their clients and opportunities to remote areas people.
    6. 6. Our Services E-Loading Remittance Bills Payment NBI E- Clearance Load Card Payment ProductsE Wallet CallEncashment & CenterReplenishment SupportCenter
    7. 7. Soon PPP Cash Card  Send remittance to anyone directly to their Cash Card and withdraw to any ATM in the Philippines  You can also send remittance directly to their bank account through any Pinoy Pera Padala Outlets
    8. 8. REMITTANCE PINOY PERA PADALAREMITTANCE Send and receive your remittance real-time through Pinoy Pera Padala’s Remittance System. NO Need to text or call your beneficiaries. PPP’s remittance system will automatically notify both sender and receiver through SMS details of remittance. Sender will be prompt once the remittance is received by the beneficiary.
    9. 9. E-LOAD PPP E-Load Load from any network (Smart, Globe, Sun)E-LOAD
    10. 10. BILLS PAYMENT Pay your bills to any Pinoy Pera Padala Outlets.BILLS PAYMENT  Electricity  Schools  Water  Transportations  Telcos  Charity  Financial Services / Credit Cards  Government  Insurance  any many more…  Internet  Cables
    11. 11. NBI e-CLEARANCE Get your NBI e-Clearance PaymentNBI e-CLEARANCE Reference number to any Pinoy Pera Padala partner outlets and register your NBI Clearance online and get rid of long lines!
    12. 12. The Benefits…  Generate additional income  Reach a growing new market of customers  Improve customer loyalty  Increase customer traffic  Business expansion  Long Term Business
    13. 13. Who can join?Any one with existing business or wants to earn more from their existing businesses. Pawnshop Rural Convenient Banks Store Internet Travel Lotto Shop Agency Outlet
    14. 14. Suggested Locations - Near the School Market Place City / High TrafficMalls / Shopping - areas
    15. 15. Business Package Price Package Includes the following: Initial Prefund of P 5,000.00  System Training Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)  Initial Marketing Collaterals Remittance Agent Certificate (Signage, Tarp, Flyer, Posters & Forms) Anti Money Laundering Act  Online Business System (AMLA) Training for 2 Owner ( Remittance, Bills Payment, E-Load & & Staff NBI E-Clearance Payment)
    16. 16. Business Launch Plan Phase 3 Phase 2 Business Launch Phase 1 Set-Up CommunicationPreparation
    17. 17. Phase 1: PREPARATION  Attend PPP Business Orientation  Sign Up Application Form  Site or Location Approval  Signing of Agreement  Payment of Reservation Fee Php5,000.00Note: Reservation is valid for 30days from date of reservation. This is deductible to yourJoining Fee. If full payment had not been made within 30 days reservation will be forfeited.
    18. 18. Phase 1: PREPARATION Submission of all Requirements  Business Permit (Certified True Copy)  DTI / *SEC  *Articles of Incorporation and By Laws (Certified True Copy)  Copy of Valid ID  2 passport size picture NOTE: Business applied for must be added to your  Bank Certification business license and SEC. This is a requirement of BSP
    19. 19. Business Launch Plan Phase 3 Phase 2 Business Launch Phase 1 Set-Up CommunicationPreparation
    20. 20. Phase 2: SET-UP Payment of Joining Fee Php30,000.00 INCLUSION:  Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Remittance Agent Certificate  Anti Money Laundering Act (AMLA) Seminar for 2 persons  Start-Up Prefund of Php5,000.00 NOTE: You cannot accept  Initial Marketing Collaterals Remittance without a BSP Certificate.  System Set-Up
    21. 21. Phase 2: SET-UP Attend AMLA Seminar  System Training Set-Up Materials & Equipments  Evaluate Business Strategies  *Computer  Pre Fund your account  *Printer with scanner / camera  *Internet Connection  Forms * Are not included in the package
    22. 22. PRE FUNDPrefund  You need to Prefund to be able to make transactions like Bills Payment, Mobile Loading, NBI e-Clearance Payment- is to allocate and Money for future  All your transaction will be deducted to your Prefundtransaction. except for Remittance Cash Out, in this case the amount will be added to your Prefund Balance.  Without a Prefund you will not be able to make transactions like Bills Payment, Remittance, NBI e-Clearance Payment and Bills Payment.
    23. 23. How to Prefund Deposit your Prefund to PPP AccountMetro Bank UCPBAccount Name: Pinoy Pera Padala Inc. Account Name: Pinoy Pera Padala Inc.Account Number: 232-3-23218313-7 Account Number: 20195-000077-1 Fax/Email Deposit Slip to: Tele Fax: 990-2728 Email Address: NOTE: Checks deposit will be credited after 3 days.
    24. 24. Business Launch Plan Phase 3 Phase 2 Business Launch Phase 1 Set-Up CommunicationPreparation
    25. 25. Phase 3: BUSINESS LAUNCH Business Opening Leaflet Distribution Create Promo Introduce Business to Trading Area
    26. 26. Money Talk…How you will earn and how much you will be earning.
    27. 27. INCOME PER TRANSACTION Transaction Type Service Fee PPP Outlet Cash-In PPP Outlet Cash-Out DOMESTIC REMITTANCE Up to 500 25.00 8.00 8.00 501 to 1000 40.00 14.00 14.00 1001 to 2000 80.00 28.00 28.00 2001 to 3000 100.00 35.00 35.00 3001 to 5000 160.00 50.00 50.00 5001 to 10000 200.00 65.00 65.00 10001 to 15000 240.00 78.00 78.00 15001 to 20000 320.00 108.00 108.00 20001 to 25000 460.00 165.00 165.00 25001 to 30000 600.00 235.00 235.00 FOREIGN REMITTANCE 120.00 90.00 BILLS PAYMENT 10.00 7.00 MOBILE LOAD 10%
    28. 28. TRANSACTIONSHere’s a conservative sample computation of what you will be earning base of the transactions you will received.
    29. 29. SERVICE TPA NO. OF DAILY MONTHLY FEE SHARE TRANS. INCOME TOTAL (30) 5 people SENDS remittance amounting P1,000 each P 40.00 P 14.00 5 P 70.00 P 2,100.00 5 people RECEIVES remittance amounting P1,000 P 40.00 P 14.00 5 P 70.00 P 2,100.00 20 BILLS PAYMENT customer P 10.00 P 7.00 20 P 140.00 P 4,200.00 20 NBI PAYMENT REFERENCE NUMBER customer P 25.00 P 7.00 20 P 140.00 P 4,200.00 20 ONLINE ENCODING customer P 25.00 P 25.00 20 P 250.00 P 7,500.00 20 E-LOAD customer load P30.00 each P 30.00 10% 20 P 60.00 P 1,800.00ADDITIONAL INCOME EARNED TOTAL 90 P 730.00 P 21,900.00
    30. 30. Marketing CollateralThis are the Marketing Collateral you will receive to start your business
    31. 31. Marketing CollateralsTarpaulin Signage (Double Sided)
    32. 32. Marketing CollateralsFlyer Posters
    33. 33. Marketing CollateralsBills Payment Form NBI Payment Form
    34. 34. Marketing CollateralsKYC Form (Front) KYC Form (Back)
    35. 35. Marketing CollateralsSend / Receive Form
    36. 36. Our Partners & Outlets
    37. 37. PINOY PERA PADALA PARTNERS BRANCH COMPANY REPRESENTATIVE ADDRESS STATUSPinoy Pera Padala Inc. (Head 2nd Floor Dona Apolonia Building #33 & #35 Kamias ACTIVE Salvador B. Navidad Quezon CityOffice) Road Quezon City1Wolrd Cash Philippines Inc. - Unit 501 Prestige Tower Condominium F. Ortigas Jr. Rd. ACTIVE Aida Yuvienco Pasig CityLive Ortigas Center Pasig CityTOPLAND MANAGEMENT & Geronimo M. Chamber of Commerce Building, DOT Complex, ON PROCESS Baguio CityMARKETING CORP. Bautista Governor Pack Road, Baguio City Block 165 Lot 15 Phase 4 Paliparan Site Paliparan IIIGUIMBAOLIBOT ENTERPRISE ACTIVE Joan Guimbaolibot Cavite City Dasmarinas CaviteCBR COLLECTION & 8-B Cris Eden Building Magalang St. Brgy Pinyahan ACTIVE Enrico F. Agoncillo Quezon CityREMITTANCE JOBS, INC. Quezon City Guiuan EasternBARRACKS GRILL ON PROCESS Tomas L. Samoray III Brgy. Ngolos Guiuan Eastern Samar SamarJOEYS 4XFORCE CORP. ON PROCESS Jose D. Millionado III Quezon City Unit 10-G Gilmore Heights, 18 Granada St., Quezon City Maria Lourdes b.TM-11 ENTERPRISES ON PROCESS Quezon City 4-C East Avenue Quezon City Navidad 55 2nd Floor 3rd St., Sitio Oreta Brgy. San Isidro AntipoloSEMPITERNAL CORP ON PROCESS Romel Gumiran Antipolo City CityMASTERS GIFT EVENTS 217 May Fair St. Monte Vista Park, Sto. Niño, Cainta ACTIVE Marlyn Custodio Cainta RizalSPECIALIST RizalFUTURE NET CREDIT COOP. (50 Mr. R. V. Barro 2/F Unit C 167 RCB Square Casa Milan Fairview Quezon ON PROCESS Quezon CityBranches) Camaya CityMARCYLL MARKETING ON PROCESS Pablo C. Maun Pasig City 16 B. Tatco St., Bagong Ilog, Pasig City
    38. 38. PINOY PERA PADALA PARTNERS BRANCH COMPANY REPRESENTATIVE ADDRESS STATUSJETAP MANAGEMENT & ON PROCESS Edna P. Ubaub Muntinlupa City Block 71 Lot 61 Villa Carolina Sybd., Muntinlupa CityMARKETING SERVICESTRAVELLERS DEAL TRAVEL & Luisa Florencia D. Unit 105 Delsa Mansion Condo #44 Scout Borromeo St., ACTIVE Quezon CityTOURS Lipnica South Triangle Quezon City L10 Blk.14 KC-124 St. Karangalan Village, Manggahan,FB TEES PRINTS & FRAMES ACTIVE Flordeliza H. Binoya Pasig City Pasig CityNSR Lakbay Travel and Tours New RizalynMahinay Laxa Bacoor Cavite 343 Salinas 1 Bacoor Cavite Teodulo SantosJET Masters Travel and Tours New Malabon City 269-IE Custodio Santolan Malabon City Aclao BoronganALFES PAWNSHOP ON PROCESS Alfonso C. Esposa Victoria St. Brgy E, Borongan City Eastern Samar Eastern Samar BoronganCARVAJAL COMPUTER RENTALS ON PROCESS Alan Amboy Carvajal National Highway Borongan Eastern Samar Eastern SamarULTIMAXBIZ MARKETING 11th Floor Cyberzone Building Eastwood City Cyberpark ON PROCESS Victor Que Pajarillo Quezon CityINTERNATIONAL Brgy Bagumbayan Quezon CityNEO AVIATION TRAVEL AND Glorielyn D. 262 HCC Compound St. Anthony Phase II Barangay ACTIVE Antipolo CityTOUR Sebastian Inarawan Antipolo City Mary Faith Atuel DeSOAR BEYOND TRAVEL & TOURS ON PROCESS Imus Cavite B2 L28 Terassa 1 Buhay na Tubig Imus Cavite Villa Unit 2102 Galleria Corporate Center EDSA corner OrtigasWE LEAD (NBI eClearance ONLY) ON PROCESS Arnel Lazaro Pasig City Avenue Quezon City On Going Romela Salazar 23 Road 3 Delos Angeles Subd., Dulong Bayan 2 SanPRIME CITY TRAVEL AND TOURS San Mateo Rizal Negotiation Adona Mateo Rizal
    39. 39. BECOME A PINOY PERA PADALA PARTNER… JOIN NOW!FOR INQUIRIES CALL US AT (02) 990-2728; (0906) 4958081:email us at