Ashford hca 421 entire course (health care planning & evaluation)


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Ashford hca 421 entire course (health care planning & evaluation)

  1. 1. ASHFORD HCA421 Entire Course (Health Care Planning & Evaluation) PLEASE DOWNLOAD HEREBasic Strategy. Describe the key dimensions of an organizational strategy aswell as how they would, or would not, be relevant to the “strategic mindset” or theability to think “strategically” of an organization’s management. Do you think theseare learned or innate traits? Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.Internal Audit of Strategic Assets. [Insert prompt]. Compare and contraststrategic “resources” and “competencies” and identify what role (if any) licensedhealth care providers in an organization play in the competitive advantage of ahealth care organization. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.Strategic External Assessment: Industry and Competition. Describe MichaelPorter’s Five Forces Model. What does he attempt to explain? How might theforces function and affect industry profits? Respond to at least two of yourclassmates’ postings.Market Segments. If the movement toward “consumer-driven health care”continues to advance, speculate on how a health care organization may want toimprove the way that it assesses and interacts with its market and customers,including providing health services and programs to meet the needs of a diversepopulation. Reflect on how this development may (or may not) affect those whoare already under-served in a market. Respond to at least two of yourclassmates’ postings.Competition in Healthcare. One of the trends marking the continuingtransformation of the U.S. health care industry is the dramatic increase in thepace of competition. The heightened competition is taking place among hospitals,among health plans, among physician groups, among drug companies, betweenphysicians and hospitals, and between hospitals and health plans.Prepare a three- to five-page paper (excluding the title and reference page). Acomprehensive paper will include the following:§ Describe the different forms of competition that take place in health careamongst the various types of health care organizations.§ Evaluate the benefits and pitfalls of competition in health care and suggestalternatives if competition were not the prime drivers of operations in the care system.
  2. 2. § Explain the essence of successful competition and the use of competitiveintelligence.§ Describe the influence competition has on the services offered by health careorganizations and the choices patients have.You should incorporate and cite a minimum of two industry related sources intoyour paper, with at least one from ProQuest, on competition in healthcare. Youmust follow APA guidelines.Organizational Mission. [Insert prompt]. Explain, in your own words, the terms"mission," "vision,” “goals,” and “values” statements. What is the practical purposeof a statement of organizational values? Under what circumstances should anorganization consider changing these – if at all? How do they play into thestrategic direction of an organization? If you are a departmental manager, how doyou implement and sustain these in your organization? Respond to at least two ofyour classmates’ postingsProfits and Revenues. Explain the four fundamental ways in which a businesscan grow its revenues and profits. Then, describe the five generic types of growthstrategy available to individual SBUs. Hypothesize what metrics a programexecutive might use to monitor these strategies. Respond to at least two of yourclassmates’ postings.Future Direction of Health Care. In a three- to five-page paper (excluding thetitle and reference page):1) Describe a minimum of five challenges from the list below that are definingthe future strategic direction of health care.§ Proposed health care reform and legislation§ Information technology advancements including the electronic medical, orhealth, record (EMR/EHR)§ Accreditation, quality of healthcare, and organizational compliance§ Economics, including third party payers, future funding, rising costs, theMedicare and Medicaid programs§ Access to health care including the uninsured and those in the poverty levels§ Public entities in controlling the demand aspects of health service§ Market shares and advancing age of population§ Maintaining a skilled workforce
  3. 3. § Pay for Performance2) Describe how an organization can adapt its direction and strategiesaccordingly.Incorporate and cite a minimum of two industry related sources into your paper,with at least one from ProQuest. You must follow APA guidelines.Implementing Strategy. Discuss which is more important - the formulation of astrategy or its implementation - as well as the tribulations associated with yourchoice. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.Communication in the Planning Process. Prepare a three- to five-page paper(excluding the title and reference page) exploring the role of communication in thestrategic and program planning processes in a health care organization. Considerthe topics discussed (both in the text and in the discussions) thus far and clearlyintegrate at least five of them into your presentation (with applicable referenceand citations) along with challenges and recommendations for any organization tosucceed in their strategic and program planning processes throughcommunication.Incorporate and cite a minimum of two industry related sources into your paperwith at least one from ProQuest. You must follow APA guidelinesFocus of the Final PaperThe Final Paper, 8-10 pages (excluding title and reference pages), shoulddemonstrate understanding of the reading assignments, class discussions, yourown research, as well as the implications of new knowledge.For your Final Paper, you will choose one of the health care organizations listedbelow and conduct an analysis of their strategic planning and evaluation of theorganization. You should utilize any and all information available about theorganization. Examples of valid resources can include but are not limited toorganizational websites, annual reports, personal interviews with organizationalleadership, investigative reports, government reports, and conference transcripts.Your paper should include a minimum of five of the key areas, concepts, andstrategies outlined throughout the text. These should include, but are not limitedto: internal and external assessments; competitive marketing analysis;identification of stakeholders; overview and assessments of services provided;competencies and resource; public entities and regulatory requirements;demographics served; strategic financial planning; financial and operationaloutcomes; current and future direction of the organization of choice, etc.Health care organizations of choice are:§ Hospital Corporation of America (HCA)
  4. 4. § Tenet Health System§ Mayo Clinic§ Henry Ford Health System§ Centers for Disease Control (CDC)§ Children’s Miracle Network§ Deborah Heart and Lung Center§ Medtronic§ Veterans Health Administration (VHA)§ National Institutes of Health (NIH)§ Planned Parenthood§ Indian Health Service (IHS)§ HealthMarkets