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Strategies for Vacant Properties - John Mills, Camelot Property Management


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Strategies for Vacant Properties - John Mills, Camelot Property Management

  1. 1. The Vacant Property Specialists Strategies for Vacant properties John Mills, COO, Camelot Property Management
  2. 2. The European Vacant Property Specialists
  3. 3. Make Space Pay• What is Make Space Pay?• How can it generate revenue for you?• Case Studies• Summary & Questions
  4. 4. Make Space PayGenerating revenue from vacantproperty•Innovative, professional service thatcreatively makes use of vacant space.•Maximises returns during periods ofvacancy.•Extensive expertise in the world offilming, photo shoots, advertising &events•Camelot manage every aspect ofincome generation from inception tocompletion.
  5. 5. Income Savings With Make Space Pay Camelot have generatedincome for one of our clients to the sum of £129,215 in the 9 months we have managed their property
  6. 6. How do we do it?• Film Locations• Photo Shoots• Advertising• Unit Base• Event Space• Professional Training• Mitigation of Empty Commercial Property Rates• Workspace
  7. 7. Film Locations Channel 4 Paralympics promo shoot BBC series ‘Some Girls’ by Hat Trick Productions Channel 4 series ‘Threesome’ by Big Talk Productions Counter Terrorism for Westminster Council
  8. 8. Photo Shoots Fashion photo shoot for the Sunday Telegraph’s ‘Stella Magazine’ Photo shoot ‘Hero Magazine’ Photo shoot for Linda Brownlee
  9. 9. Commercials Virgin TiVo Commercial
  10. 10. Commercials V05 Shampoo Commercial
  11. 11. Advertising
  12. 12. Film Unit Base Samsung Commercial
  13. 13. Event Space• Book Launch – ‘In TheShadow of Things’ by LeonieHampton
  14. 14. Professional Training High access rope training S-A-S  Theatre rehearsal space
  15. 15. Other Services Include:
  16. 16. Professional Management Peace of Mind
  17. 17. Project Overhoeks (City of Amsterdam) Squatted medio 2011 NL Occuoy HQ Coppertheft Drugs labs Illegals immigrants Totally vandalized
  18. 18. Project Overhoeks
  19. 19. What we found
  20. 20. What we found:
  21. 21. The Eviction: 27th January 2012■ Joint effort with Police■ 20 Camelot employees on site■ Dog patrol security■ Cleaning of entrance■ Making the building safe to enter■ Starting repairs
  22. 22. The Eviction
  23. 23. Security 24 hours guards Dog patrol Gated the premises Alarmsystems
  24. 24. Cleaning & Repair
  25. 25. 1st February: first results
  26. 26. June 2012:Temporary Workspaces
  27. 27. June 2012:Music studio & Photoshoots