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Eyeline Trading Opportunity Overview PDF 2018


Published on #EyelineTrading Opportunity Overview. Eyeline Trading Presentation PDF

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Eyeline Trading Opportunity Overview PDF 2018

  1. 1. SECRETS OF THE Wealthy
  2. 2. DISCLAIMER: This Presentation has been prepared solely for informational purposes and is not an offer to buy or sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any security, product, service or investment, nor is it intending to provide tax, legal or accounting advice. Investments in the Forex and Crypto markets should be considered high risk placements. The Opinions expressed in this Presentation do not constitute advice and independent advice should be sought from a suitable qualified professional relative to your personal circumstances.
  4. 4. It has been stated many times by experts that around, of people work for 3% of the population 97% while that own 97% of the wealth in the world. 3%
  5. 5. The secret according to Robert Kiyosaki, author of the Cash Flow Quadrant, is to get to the INVESTOR quadrant and use your money to create passive income
  6. 6. Second principle of wealth creation is COMPOUNDING A penny a day doubling each day becomes $5.3 Million in 30 days…the power of compounding!
  7. 7. The secrets of the wealthy are the following simple steps… • Put your money to work so it creates passive income • Compound your profits to accelerate wealth creation • Repeat the process
  8. 8. WHERE CAN YOU PUT YOUR MONEY TO WORK? $10,000 in the S&P 500 in 2010 would be worth approximately $24,800 now. One option is WALL STREET
  9. 9. WHERE CAN YOU PUT YOUR MONEY TO WORK? $10,000 purchased in July, 2010 would be worth approximately $8,900 today. What About GOLD?
  10. 10. The Same $10,000 tucked away in your favorite banking institution from 2010 NOW would be worth* $10,048.11 You Leave it in THE BANK * Estimate based on a 0.06% A.P.R. WHERE CAN YOU PUT YOUR MONEY TO WORK?
  11. 11. WHERE CAN YOU PUT YOUR MONEY TO WORK? If you had purchased $10,000 of Bitcoin in July, 2010, today it would be worth over* $812,500,000 IT’S BITCOIN! *Estimate based on 2010 Bitcoin price of $0.08 and current price of $6,500 Bitcoin.
  12. 12. HOW CAN YOU MAKE PROFITS WITH BITCOIN? • Buy Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin & Hold for long term gain (HODL) • Mining….can be expensive and profits vary • Trading….can be risky and requires knowledge, skill and time
  13. 13. • OR YOU CAN LEVERAGE AND AUTOMATE THE WEALTH CREATION PROCESS BY EARNING BITCOIN ON AUTO-PILOT… • Reduce your risk by utilizing experts who know how to generate profits in the crypto space • Grow your Bitcoin with the ability to stop any time and withdraw your capital
  14. 14. YOU CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE OF A NEW BITCOIN OPPORTUNITY OFFERING THE FOLLOWING… • Multiply your Bitcoin by up to 170% in a year • Can get started for as little as $40 in BTC • Earn returns paid daily in Bitcoin • Ability to withdraw your returns daily
  15. 15. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? • The “secret” to trading profits is to buy low and sell high • Leverage licensed traders and brokers using multiple strategies to generate trading profits • Main source of revenue is large “Off The Book” Bitcoin trades…higher profits, less risk
  16. 16. WHAT ARE OFF THE BOOK TRADES? • They are typically peer to peer transfers of Bitcoin • Billions of dollars of “Off The Book” trades occur monthly globally • Buy large quantities of Bitcoin from miners and other sellers at 2-10% below market value • Sell to buyers like Bitcoin ATMs, Online Gaming Companies, etc. at 5-20% above market value
  17. 17. INTRODUCING THE MARKETING COMPANY… • Founded by people who have created more than 10 companies in 16 years that have attracted 100,000’s of customers globally generating hundreds of millions in sales • Offices in North and Central America • In-house IT and marketing team with over 25 years’ experience.
  18. 18. INTRODUCING THE TRADING COMPANY… • Licensed professionals with over 15 years’ experience in trading forex and crypto working with high net worth individuals • Own their own Crypto Wallet, Exchange, Coin, and Trading Platform • Offices in Latin America and Mexico
  19. 19. INTRODUCING THE BTC PACK • $40 BTC Package paid with Bitcoin (purchase any quantity you want) • 50% (capital) goes to the Trading Company for trading in a segregated account, earning up to 0.66% a day for 365 days with the capital returned to you at the end of 365 days • 50% is allocated to affiliate commissions & operational costs of the marketing arm
  20. 20. DAILY RETURNS PAID IN BTC… • Returns are paid daily in BTC (7 days a week for 365 days) • Can withdraw returns daily (minimum $10 of BTC to execute a withdrawal) • Potential to earn daily returns on auto-pilot regardless of market conditions
  21. 21. LEGALITY AND REGULATORY COMPLIANCE… • Every effort has been made to create a model that is legal & compliant • You can STOP the trading anytime and withdraw your capital • Your BTC Pack trading allocation is held in YOUR own account with the trader (not a pooled account) • You are in CONTROL!
  22. 22. A LUCRATIVE AFFILIATE PROGRAM IS AVAILABLE… • FREE Registration, NO membership fees, NO monthly fees • Earn up to 20% commission on pack purchases of personal referrals • Earn up to 5% commissions on pack purchases of your team • Earn a share of monthly global sales revenue any time you have 5 personal sales in a month • No earning caps, NO commission withdrawal caps
  23. 23. POTENTIAL SCENARIO: 6 MONTHS TO 6 FIGURES • Buy a $40 BTC Pack • Refer 1 person each week for 3 weeks who also purchases a $40 BTC Pack (total 3 referrals) • Help your personal referrals to duplicate what you have done and repeat over 6 months • Compound at least 10% of your profits purchasing more packs N.B: This is a purely hypothetical scenario assuming that the price of Bitcoin never changes. No guarantee of income is promised
  24. 24. CREATE A GLOBAL INCOME FROM YOUR MOBILE PHONE… • Use our powerful APP based marketing system to share this opportunity with others • Simple to use allowing the creation of a full-time income in your spare time • Presents, follows up, and helps people get started while you work, rest & play
  25. 25. YOU CAN TRIAL IT FOR FREE TO SEE IT IN ACTION… • Attract people who are seeking out the product and opportunity on offer • Track and measure your progress for best results • Automate the majority of tasks giving you time freedom • Fast track the achievement of your financial goals
  26. 26. WHY IS NOW A GREAT TIME TO GET INVOLVED? • Get the first mover advantage • Get in on the ground floor with the comfort of knowing you’re working with seasoned professionals • New business model that addressed regulatory issues • Everyone is talking about Bitcoin
  27. 27. YOU CAN CHOOSE HOW YOU WANT TO BE INVOLVED… • Simply choose how many packs you wish to buy and begin earning daily • Compound a percentage of your returns to fast track your wealth generation • Share this exciting wealth generation model and be rewarded • Choose any OR all of the above
  28. 28. GET STARTED TODAY! • Get back to the person who shared this with you • They will share the details of the company we chose offering the opportunity • Register for a FREE account • Upgrade by purchasing at least ONE $40 USD BTC pack • Enjoy your daily earnings • Share the good news and receive commissions paid in Bitcoin
  29. 29. THANK YOU