R2M Capital Private Label Brochure


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R2M Capital Private Label Brochure

  1. 1. Competition in the financial industry is fierce. Firms are facing ever increasing challengesmanaging clients’ assets. Research has shown that many clients desire:  Reasonable risk-adjusted returns  Investments not correlated to the S&P 500Volatility in the global financial markets makes these goals difficult to consistently achieve;NovoDyn’s products deliver a true alternative. NovoDyn Advisors offer a Private Label Solution for you and your clients. We offer two products: • Private Label Funds • Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) BENEFITS Private Label Funds and SMAs are proven tools that work well for RIAs, Broker-Dealers, Family Offices, and Charities. A Private Label Product:  Provides a unique competitive advantage  Promotes your firm’s brand / Increases your firm’s visibility  Significantly increases revenue  Expands your firm’s investment offerings beyond its core competencies  Provides flexible investment strategy blends including your own  Attracts new clients and additional assets from existing clients  Provides your client a profitable alternative to “Long-Only”  Distinguishes your firm’s offerings from the competition’s stale products  Low set-up cost
  2. 2. PRIVATE LABEL FUNDS  Private Label Funds are customized investment funds created for your clients  Fund name is completely up to you  You select the appropriate blend of NovoDyn’s product offerings based on your clients’ investment preferences  Our offerings include R2M Equity Quant, R2M Futures Quant, and CSO Micro  You can also blend other 3rd party offerings or even your own strategies  Performance and Management Fees are completely discretionary  Qualified clients only  Low set-up cost  NovoDyn provides compliance and administrative supportSEPARATELY MANAGED ACCOUNTS (SMAs)  SMAs are customized investment strategies created for your clients  Client funds never leave their brokerage account  Strategy name is completely up to you  You select the appropriate blend of NovoDyn’s SMA offerings based on your clients’ investment preferences  NovoDyn SMA quant offerings: R2MSB - Equities and R2MSB - Futures)  Performance and Management Fees are completely discretionary  Qualified clients only  No set-up cost
  3. 3. The Boston Consulting Group just released its ninth in aseries of analyses of the global asset managementindustry. This year’s is called Building on Success: GlobalAsset Management 2011. Our solutions bring a fresh newBCG’s conclusion: the industry is in long-term decline, approach that evokes immediatedespite a bounce-back in profitability during 2010 caused by prospect reaction and thoughtfulrising markets and an investor shift out of low-fee money dialog on relevant investmentmarket funds into better performing products. strategies.Reasons: NovoDyn allows you to craft solutions that explicitly address– The industry is mature everywhere except in emerging markets, so growth is not going to come from finding your clients’ demands! new customers.– Existing products are not good enough, with active managers typically offering one-size-fits-all products that do not outperform their benchmarks.– Competition is intensifying. It takes two forms: 1) price competition among industry participants and 2) the development of competing offerings (like hedge funds or private equity that siphon assets under management away from the industry). Our Reversion-to-Mean signal processing tracks large and mid cap U.S. market stocks, ETFs, and futures creating high probability statistical quants with average hold times less than 10 days. Our blending tools allow you to create customized products. NovoDyn Advisors – Leveraging Artificial Intelligence NovoDyn Advisors – Leveraging Applied Mathematics NovoDyn specializes in managing alternative funds that deliver superior, risk-adjusted returns with low correlation to the S&P 500 Index. Our funds utilize quantitative mathematical models to exploit market inefficiencies. Neither market direction nor the frailties of human decision-making are factors in our investment Blending risk and return in liquid, strategy. market neutral, non-correlated . strategies provides your clients Our private label clients benefit from the following: impressive results with low correlation to market indices.  High liquidity  Low correlation to the major market indices The resulting investment vehicle is  High alpha coupled with low standard deviations clearly distinguished from your  Solid return history father’s hedge fund approach.  Low fund costs
  4. 4. SOLUTIONSNovoDyn Advisors possesses the resources, track-record, proprietary investment techniques,and custom-blending models that allow your firm to address your clients’ needs in trulyinnovative ways.Our RIA clients have a wide variety of aspirations. Some are looking to enter the fundbusiness, while others seek greater efficiency in selected activities. Their aim may be torealign their fund products, offer funds as part of a fund-based asset management approachor develop an investment organization based on assets under management. Our priority is toemploy innovative concepts to identify the best possible solution for every client’s needs. Fact Sheets Product Blender Performance Reports