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MRC Consumer Insights Business Unit


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Meyers Research Center\'s Consumer Insights Business Unit Brochure

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MRC Consumer Insights Business Unit

  1. 1. Sensory Research Program Advanced Analytics Expertise Analytics for Business ApplicationsMarket Research provides answers to how people will askand react because of those perceptions. Sensory ♦ Shopper MarketingEvaluation information provides the decision support that ♦ Sales Forecasting A Brand New Day In Researchdetermines the next course of action at those pivotal points ♦ Consumer Decision Treein the journey to a successful new product. Meyers ♦ Shopper, Consumer, Product Segmentation ♦ Descriptive Analysis (Sensory) Meyers Research CenterResearch Center uses sensory research to evaluate arange of existing products, analyze a test sample for ♦ Derived Importanceimprovements, gauge consumer response to a product, Consumerand check that a final product meets its original Analytic Techniquesspecifications. In sensory market research consumersuse their senses; sight, taste, touch, smell, along with their • Conjoint/Choice Modelingemotions/perceptions and their judgment to decide which • Perceptual Mappingproducts, brands and services they prefer. • ANOVA • Covariance InsightTest Methods • Regression • Hierarchical Models• Discriminative Tests (Triangle Test, Duo-Trio Test, Two- • Discriminative Function Analysis Out-Of-Five Test, Paired Comparison Test, Ranking Test) • Factor/Cluster Analysis• Descriptive Tests (Structured Scaling, Unstructured • Correlation Analysis Scaling, Ratio Scaling)• Affective Tests (Paired Comparison Preference Test, What to Expect Business Hedonic Scaling Test, Ranking Test) ▪ Senior staff involvement in projectsType of Sensory Research ▪ Creative solutions to marketing and business issues♦ Fragrance Tests ▪ Long term partnership♦ Sniff Tests ▪ Best and most cost efficient pricing♦ Skin Tests♦ Food/Beverage Taste Testing Unit♦ Alcohol/Spirits Taste Testing Our pledge: Highest quality and service in every aspect♦ Wet Testing of our business*State-of-the-Art Fragrance Chambers, Commercial Kitchens, and Test Kitchens Sensory Panels Meyers Research Center• Highly Trained Experts 58 West 40th Street• Trained Panel New York, New York 10018• Laboratory Acceptance Getting Inside The Mind• Consumer Panel of The Consumer: 212.391.0166 Ext. 112 www.meyersresearch.wordpress.comGlobal Research Program Traditional Research and ServicesFor over 20 years, MRC has provided top quality international Find us on Facebook and Follow us onsensory research services. MRC has managed projects LinkedIn & Twitter @MRCInStoreacross Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, South, Central andNorth America. Our talents lie in the ability to organizewhatever resources are needed to execute a research projectsuccessfully.Global Test MarketsChina France Japan Germany PhilippinesItaly South Africa UK Australia RussiaThailand Mexico Vietnam Canada IndiaBrazil Korea Spain
  2. 2. MRC Excels in Sophisticated Research Design & Analysis Video (to enhance consumer insights) Research Methodsand Marketing Application Online (for follow-up or stand-alone studies ♦ TelephoneTraditional Market Meyers Strategic Virtual Shopping (simulate the in-store experience) ♦ OnlineResearch Firms Research Center Partner Eye Tracking (visual and emotional technology) ♦ PDA (Hand-Held Mobile Device) Smart Phones (engaging consumers in a whole new way) ♦ Mall-Intercept/CLT Testing ♦ Qualitative ( Ethnography, In-Dept Interviews, Category Expertise Focus Groups♦ Relied on for strategic research and strategic marketing ♦ Quantitative implications. Service Sectors♦ Collaborate with various end users, such as client brand Syndicated Research Services team, advertising agencies, PR firms and consultants. ♦ Financial/Insurance ♦ Health care Manufacturers of new products and promotions are♦ Frequent consulting assignments include designing new ♦ Media (TV, Magazines,etc.) often faced with the issue of understanding methodologies and being an outsourced MR department ♦ Restaurant / Fast Food their “source of business”. Syndicated is a cost- for Fortune 500 companies. ♦ Retail effective research alternative, designed to collect ♦ Telecommunications large amounts of primary information on a sharedMRC Mission Statement ♦ Publications cost basis.MRC provides the tools necessary for “mission critical” Non-Profit Sectors We offer proprietary Syndicated Research whichmeasurement of the impact on customers experience provides a wealth of channel specific shopper insightsresulting from your marketing programs. • Government Organizations at the fraction of the cost of a custom study. The 2010 • Industry Organizations Convenience Store Shopper Close-Up Study isOur dedication to the right research design, measurement • Social Agencies currently available. Later this year, we will be fieldingprocess, sampling methodology and advanced analytic wave five of the Dollar Store Shopper Close-Up Study,guarantees accurate and reliable answers for your decision- Product Sectors as well as the inaugural wave of the Warehouse Clubmaking. Shopper Close-Up Study. ♦ Apparel / Fashion / FootwearOur mission is to integrate data, models and analyses for the ♦ Durablesdevelopment of effective strategic marketing plans for and by ♦ Entertainment Other Syndicated Products:our clients. ♦ HBA / Personal Product ♦ Package Foods / Beverages Drug Store Shopper Close-UpAlthough Research Pioneers, We Have Evolved Cross-Channel Shopper Close-Up Agencies and ConsultantsMeyers PDA Technology *New Path-To-Purchase Research Services • Advertising Agencies, Management and MarketingDynamic programming Consulting Firms Qualitative• you can better automatic skips, routing,piping,rotation Research Expertise Meyers new Shopper Immersion Ethnographic ProgramsNightly transmission utilize our Shop-a-Long Research methodology to more• better field management and oversight Types of Research fully understand the functional and emotional influences that shape shoppers’ attitudes and behaviors throughoutPara data collected ▪ Attitude & Usage Studies the purchase cycle. These immersions start and end at• quality control validation ▪ Concept Testing / Copy testing the respondent’s home and also include visits to retail ▪ Market Segmentation outlets.Barcode Scanning ▪ New Product Testing• for accuracy ▪ Positioning Studies Quantitative ▪ Pricing, Product, Concept OptimizationOther Benefits ▪ Commercial, Print, Ad Testing Utilizing Meyers new Mobile Interviewing methodology we• Capture screening data within the main questionnaire ▪ Tracking Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty are able to collect quantitative data about pre-planning/post• Ability to interview anywhere ▪ Taste / Beverage / Fragrance Testing shopping activities and combine this with actual in-store• Meyers has the ability to monitor and validate interviews ▪ In-Store Testing behaviors --- directly from shoppers and without gaining as data collection is in progress retailer cooperation. We can also collect shopper data from• Self-Administered or Interviewer Administered Other Survey Research the same individuals as they visit multiple outlets or across multiple purchase occasions.Other Technology • POS ™ • TradeSmart ™ • Virtual Shopping • Fit Testing • Sensory Testing