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C Store Shopper Close Up-2012 Brochure


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Brochure for Meyer\'s 2012 C-Store Close Up Study

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C Store Shopper Close Up-2012 Brochure

  1. 1. Meyers Research Center Take an In-DepthMeyers Research Center is a leading Look at Behaviors,retail sales and survey research Attitudes and Decisionsorganization with special expertisein conducting research in retail Making Patterns ofenvironments, and understanding Convenience Store Shoppersshopper behaviors and attitudesin-store.For more than three decades, MRC hasconducted primary research across all Convenienceclasses-of-trade in the U.S. and Canadafor major packaged goods manufacturers,retailers, advertising and sales promotionagencies and consulting firms.For More Information Contact:Jeff Friedlaender Store Convenience Store Close-Up 2012Lois 2012 Wave IXGeorge Brown IIGBrown@meyersresearch.comMeyers Research Center1440 Broadway 23 FloorNew York, NY 10018 Wave IX212.391.0166 An In-Store Intercept Insights Research Convenience Store Study 1440 Broadway 23 Floor Meyers Research Center Close-Up 2012 Prospectus New York, NY 10018 Wave IX MEYERS RESEARCH CENTER
  2. 2. BACKGROUND STUDY METHODOLOGY In-depth analyses on other targeted categories may also be available for sponsorship on aMeyers Research Center (MRC) launched the first MRC’s professionally trained interviewers will be custom basis. Please note that any categorywave of the Convenience Store Close-Up study in positioned at the exit of high-traffic Convenience sample may also be augmented for more1997. This in-store shopper insights research Store outlets and will intercept consumers detailed insights. For specific costs contact MRC.program utilized MRC’s Purchase Observation Study™ immediately after their shopping trip. Over 2,000methodology to successfully reveal consumer shoppers will be interviewed, including both a large In addition, we will once again intercept shoppersshopping behaviors, attitudes and decision-making random sample and key category over-sampling. at the gas pump to better understand the exposurespatterns in C-Stores. and mind set associated with the decision to enter Those consumers who agree to participate will be the convenience store and purchase merchandise,Subsequent waves have been completed every interviewed and will receive an incentive to thank with the objective of getting closer to key causalother year and the data has served to assist them for their time. The exit interview will address mechanisms that retailers and marketers can usecategory managers, channel/sales strategists the timely issues of their shopping experience that most successfully.and marketing executives to position their are best obtained at the point-of-purchase.brands within the C-Store environment. This methodology eliminates issues of denial and SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIESMRC fields the ninth wave of the Convenience recall and allows for a “real-world” integrationStore Close-Up study in 2012 to further bench- of store environments with consumer behavior, You can obtain a tremendous amount of infor-mark channel trends and to provide new attitudes and need states. mation at a fraction of the cost of undertakingshopper insights. this study independently.STUDY OBJECTIVE STUDY SAMPLE And if you act fast, you can submit a custom question that will remain proprietary to youThe research objectives of the Convenience Store Interviewing will take place in multiple markets at no extra cost!Close-Up are to describe who, how and why across the four broad geographical census regionsconsumers shop this class of trade, including the in order to achieve a thorough cross-section ofitems and services that persons are getting there shoppers. Traditional Convenience Stores and COSTand how purchase decisions are being made. Petroleum Retailers will be utilized for the sample.Behavior and state of mind are both part of the Sponsorships, which will include comprehensiveinvestigation. Further objectives are to provide More than 2,000 shoppers will be interviewed data tabulations, detailed analysis of totalevidence for strategists seeking to optimally position about their attitudes, perceptions and behaviors shoppers (N~2,000 ) and one category oftheir products and services in this channel. in Convenience Stores. Data will be reviewed choice, are available for $21,000. Bundled and analyzed for each of the key category multi-category reports may be purchased forAdditional objectives of this in-store shopper segments including: a discount.insights program are to develop an understanding of: • Beer ● Consumer attitudes and perceptions of • Bottled Water Convenience Stores • Candy/Gum/Mints NEW FOR 2012 - HISPANIC SHOPPERS ANALYSIS • Carbonated Soft Drinks ● The underlying dynamics of category and • Cookies/Crackers Discover how Hispanic convenience store shoppers brand purchase decisions in Convenience • Cigarettes compare to the general market in greater detail. Stores... • Food-services ♦ When, how and where specific category • New Age/Iced Tea/Isotonic Beverages and brand decisions are made • Juices/Juice Drinks ♦ Planned versus impulse purchases • Salty Snacks ♦ Products considered, purchased and rejected ♦ Influence of in-store and external factors MEYERS ● The category decision sequence hierarchy utilized by consumers to make their purchase decisions RESEARCH CENTER