2011 Shopper Insights Brochure


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Shopper Insights Research Provided by Meyers Research Center

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2011 Shopper Insights Brochure

  1. 1. ■ Shopper Immersion Research - designed to provide highly- Visual and Emotional Technology (Eye Tracking) detailed explorations of why and how consumers think and behave. Our researchers become immersed in the subject’s Cost-Effective Method to Screen Packaging, Shelf Sets, lives by meeting in their homes (pre-purchase), in the store (during purchase) and after a shopping experience (post POS and Advertisements Conducting Research At Retail: purchase). These studies help to reveal fundamental ■ ■ Optimize Design Optimize Message There’s No Denial In The Aisle changes in consumer attitudes, elicit emotional perceptions to get to the “moment of truth” and provides all- ■ Optimize Graphic Appeal pervading insights into how consumers’ thoughts and feelings ■ Optimize Emotional Engagement sway behavior.■ Evaluation of Plan-O-Gram Alternatives/New Shelf Sets/ New Standardized Eye Tracking labs in 12 Key US Markets Meyers Research Center Merchandising Scenarios ■ Labs employ identified best practices in emotion and Shopper■ Buyers Conversations Research- to understand why neuroscience research and technological innovation to shoppers are not buying selected categories in specific stores. optimize research ■ Eye Tracking Labs operate with global market leading eye■ Integrated Research- combining sales and consumer survey tracking Hardware and Software data to provide the who, what and why analysis that retailers ■ Labs utilize validated and efficient methods to enhance are looking for. traditional researchSpecialized State-Of-The -Art TechnologyAdvanced Mobile Technology (PDA Hand-Held Device)We use new mobile computing technology and advancedsoftware for most of our data collection (enabling better Analysis Platform ■ Eye Tracking- Movement of the eye, Gaze & Fixations to decode an image ■ Reading Metrics- Gaze & Image recognition to determine Reading patterns on text Insight Businessquality of data and speedier reporting): ■ Emotion Metrics- Pupil Dilation, Blink Rate Saccadic (rapid■ Dynamic programming---you can have automatic skips, eye movements), plus five other eye behaviors to model routing, piping, rotation emotions arousal, the unconscious impact of an image■ Nightly Transmission---better field management and oversight Other Technology■ Para Data Collection---quality control and validation Unit■ Barcode Scanning--- for accuracy Video (to enhance shopper insights) Online (for follow up or stand-alone studies)Advanced Mobile Technology (Smart Phone) Virtual Shopping (simulate the in-store experience)We use smart phones to engage consumers in a whole newway, not only for traditional information gathering, but also ‘on Meyer Research Centerthe-go’ and ‘in the moment’ research that meets the unmet 58 West 40th Streetneeds of almost every researcher and every industry. New York, NY 10018 Exploring Research Industry■ Eliminate recall Trends and State-Of-The-Art 212.391.0166 Ext. 112■ Gather information at point of: decision/experience/ www.meyersresearch.wordpress.com In-store Interviewing Techniques consumption www.meyersresearch.com■ Enrich the data: associate information with photos and GPS Find us on Facebook and Follow us on LinkedIn & Twitter @MRCInStore■ Understand consumers over time (diaries or ethnographies)■ Recognize that engaging with people in the way they want to be engaged is a means to getting closer to their behaviors, attitudes-mobile is the place of choice for many Americans.
  2. 2. Consumers Do Not Shop In A Focus Group, Shelf Plan-O-Gram And Shop-Ability Issues We offer proprietary Syndicated Research which providesSo Where Do Manufacturers Find Real World a wealth of channel specific shopper insights at theInformation For their Brands? As retailers look for the best in their stores and SKU fraction of the cost of a custom study. The 2010 rationalization becomes a major issue in many categories, Convenience Store Shopper Close-Up Study is currentlyWhen it comes to research “retail issues”, manufactures understanding consumer perceptions toward a chain’s available. Later this year, we will be fielding waveare quickly learning that one place consumers do not current shelf plan-o-gram (or a manufactures’s new five of the Dollar Store Shopper Close-Up Study, as wellshop is in focus groups. In fact, brand marketers have proposed plan-o-gram) is of paramount importance. as the inaugural wave of the Warehouse Club Shopperrecognized that some of the more standard methodologies Close-Up Study.utilized by researchers, such as diary panels and These day’s, manufactures are providing their retail partnerstelephone or mall interviewing, do not accurately with the key insight necessary for a “win win” evaluation Other Syndicated Products:represent how consumers interact with the retail of shelving alternatives by combining controlled store Drug Store Shopper Close-Upenvironment. test (Did we increase category and brand sales?) with Cross Channel Shopper Close-Up in-store consumer interviewing programs (To what degreeThat is why, consumer in-store intercept interviewing has do category shoppers approve of the changes that have Evaluate Account-Specific Merchandising Strategiesbecome the research methodology recognized as the been made?).standard for addressing questions associated with a How do retailers stand out in the crowded competitivevariety of retail situations. What better way to understand Test New Packaging, Products, or Promotions market?consumer purchase decisions and shopper attitudes thanin a “real world” setting. Retail chain buyers are faced with a plethora of marketing New merchandising strategies such as aisle architecture, and product alternatives from manufactures on a daily basis. store-within-a-store formats and interactive displays areMRC Purchase Observation Studies™ are designed to Many progressive manufactures understand that fact-based being created to enhance the overall image of chains.intercept consumers “in the act” immediately following quantitative research can provide an edge that allows thethe moment of product selection. This in-aisle intercept manufacturers new product or merchandising strategy to Evaluate Retail Concepts In A Real-Life Environmentmethodology will allow you to delve into consumer stand out in a competitive arena.behaviors while the purchase decision is still fresh in the A recent MRC client was faced with a variety of options forshopper’s mind and at the same time bypass many of the Evaluate New Products Quickly a new product concept and needed to pinpoint the bestproblems associated with other research methodologies. offering. Interviewing consumers at the point-of-sale, A major brand manufacturer was recently faced with a tough immediately following a category purchase, would provideHow Can Manufacturers Successfully Utilize decision about the packaging of a new product. Two options the most accurate scenario for capturing “real-life” attitudes.MRC’s In-Store Interviewing Methodology? were being considered and the company wanted a “real-life” in-store measure of which was the best, prior to making a Today more than ever, with category management, tradeCategory Management major monetary commitment to a new packaging facility. marketing and account specific initiatives, manufacturers Unfortunately, the need for an immediate decision did not and retailers are working together more closely to takeWhether you are looking to supply account-specific or leave enough time for a classic test market. responsibility for all aspects of a product category includingchannel-general information, understanding consumer pricing, promotion, shelf management and productpurchase decision behavior is a critical area of today’s Meyers Research Center contacted an appropriate retail assortment.manufacturer-retailer relationship. account, within two weeks was able to stock each product alternative in a matched panel of stores and interviewing Knowledge From Research To Improve Your BusinessConsumer in-store intercept interviewing programs are buyers at the point-of-sale on a wide variety of packagingbeing conducted as part of category management initiatives attributes. Meyers Research Center provides Shopper Insight forto understand impulse versus planned purchasing, brand planning, shelf strategy, new product developmentswitching behavior and purchase decision Syndicated Research Services and retail account penetration. Our areas of expertisehierarchies (decision-trees) and how they may differ by include:class-of-trade or by individual retail account. Manufactures of new products and promotions are oftenThis methodology provides the answers by integrating faced with the issue of understanding their “source of ■ Purchaser Decision Behavior Research- incorporatingobserved behaviors, consumer responses and elements business”. Syndicated is a cost-effective research in-store observations and interviews to understand shopperof the store environments to provide “real world” consumer alternative, designed to collect large amounts of primary behavior and how shoppers think at the point of purchase.insights. information on a shared cost basis. ■ Consumer Decision Tree Research- a proprietary product segment methodology based on shopper needs which provide insights into developing more effective marketing and merchandising strategies.