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List of vocabulary units 3 and 4


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List of vocabulary units 3 and 4

  1. 1. List of vocabulary Unit 3:MY BODYHead: cabezaEyes: ojosEars: orejasNose: narizMouth: bocaHair: peloChin: barbillaArms: brazosLegs: piernasFingers: dedos de las manosThumb: pulgarToes: dedos de los piesHands: manosFeet: piesTeeth: dientesEVERY DAY ROUTINES:Wash your hands: lavarse las manosWash your hair: lavarse el peloWash your face: lavarse la caraBrush your hair: cepillarse el pelo
  2. 2. Brush your teeth: cepillarse los dientesHave a shower: ducharseList of vocabulary Unit 4:CLOTHESCoat: abrigoGloves: guantesTrousers: pantalonesShirt: camisaT-shirt: camisetaJeans: vaquerosDress: vestidoSkirt: faldaShoes: zapatosTrainers: deportivasJumper: jerseySocks: calcetinesTracksuit: chandalWool: lanaCotton: algodón