Space	  Marke*ng:	      	  Successful	  Marke-ng	  Plans	  for	  Advocacy	  Groups                                        ...
Outline	  •    About	  ASX	  and	  SGAC	  •    Current	  Situa;on:	  SGC	  Workshop	  Analysis	  •    ShiH	  in	  the	  Sp...
About	  ASX	  •  Astronomy	  &	  Space	  Explora;on	  Society	  in	  Toronto	  •  Established	  in	  2003,	  rapidly	  gro...
Select	  ASX	  Symposium	  Speakers	  Anousheh	  Ansari	  (First	  Female	                                                ...
2011	  ASX	  Symposium	   Theme:	  Astrophysics	  &	  Cosmology	   Date	  &	  Time:	  Friday,	  January	  28,	  2011,	  7P...
About	  SGAC	  •  Space	  Genera;on	  Advisory	  Council	  •  Non-­‐profit	  organiza;on	  of	  advanced	  students	  and	 ...
About	  SGAC	  •  Has	  held	  permanent	  observer	     status	  in	  the	  UN	  COPUOS	  since	     2001,	  and	  has	  ...
Current	  Situa*on:	  SGC	  Analysis	  •  Society	  perpetuates	  stereotypes	  about	  space	      –  intangible	  &	  ha...
Current	  Situa*on:	  SGC	  Analysis	  Effect:	  Space	  tends	  to	  not	  be	  a	  priority	  for	  authori;es,	  media,	...
ShiEs	  in	  the	  Space	  “Market”	  •  Space	  ac;vi;es	  led	  by	  gov’ts	  -­‐>	  private	  sector	  driven	  •  Spac...
ShiEs	  in	  the	  Space	  “Market”	  •  Educa;on	      –  More	  courses	  offered	  in	  secondary	  and	  post-­‐seconda...
Marke*ng	  Framework	  3 Cs                   Customer	                                Company	                           ...
Analysis	        Situa;on	  Analysis	  –	  3	  C ’s	  (or	  5	  C ’s	  with	  Context	  &	  Collaborators)                ...
Strategy	  Choosing	  segments	  to	  target	  -­‐STP	  Analysis:	             Segmenta*on	                               ...
Planning	  &	  Implementa*on	  Plan	  for	  posi;oning	  -­‐	  the	  Marke;ng	  Mix	  (“4	  P’s”):	  	   	  	  Create	  Va...
Marke*ng	  Strategies/Tac*cs	  Successes	  from	  ASX	  (1000	  afendees	  at	  2010	  Symposium)	  •  Basics	  (revisit):...
Marke*ng	  Strategies/Tac*cs	  •  Bold	  well-­‐designed	  posters,	  eye-­‐catching	  to	  the	  general	     public	  (v...
Marke*ng	  Strategies/Tac*cs	  •  Strengthen	  brand,	  image	  and	  reputa;on,	  e.g	  via:	      –  Professional	  MARC...
Marke*ng	  Strategies/Tac*cs	  •  Leverage	  partnerships	  to	  cross-­‐promote	  events,	  and	         collaborate	  on...
Recommenda*ons	  from	  SGC	  •  Space	  Social	  Network:	  global	  sharing	  of	  idea/solu;ons	  •  Ac;ve	  Training:	...
Promo	  Video	  Produced	  by	  the	  SGC	  2010	  ‘Outreach’	  working	  group	       YouTube	  ‘Space	  is	  not	  just	...
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Space Marketing


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This presentation was presented at the Canadian Space Summit in Nov. 2010 in Ottawa, Canada. It provides knowledge, tools, guidelines, and tips for any organization (be it advocacy/outreach groups, educational entities, or private corporations) to successfully market Space. It includes an overview of the fundamentals of marketing – including “the 3 Cs”, STP Analysis, and “the 4 P’s” of the marketing mix – and how they pertain to the Space industry.

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Space Marketing

  1. 1. Space  Marke*ng:    Successful  Marke-ng  Plans  for  Advocacy  Groups   Canadian  Space  Summit   Educa*on  and  Outreach  Session   November  20,  2010   By:    Farnaz  Ghadaki  –  Marke;ng  Consultant;     Advisor,  ASX;  Member,  SGAC  
  2. 2. Outline  •  About  ASX  and  SGAC  •  Current  Situa;on:  SGC  Workshop  Analysis  •  ShiH  in  the  Space  “Market”  •  Fundamentals  of  Marke;ng   –  P1:  Analysis  &  Strategy  -­‐  The  3  C ’s,  STP  Analysis   –  P2:  Planning  &  Implementa;on  -­‐  The  4  P’s  •  Marke;ng  Strategies/Tac;cs  (lessons  from  ASX)  •  Recommenda;ons  from  SGC  Workshop  •  Promo  Video  Clip   Page  2  
  3. 3. About  ASX  •  Astronomy  &  Space  Explora;on  Society  in  Toronto  •  Established  in  2003,  rapidly  grown  to  over  2100  members  •  Organize  variety  of  events  throughout  the  year:   Film Viewing Faces of Space (FoS) Talks ObservingPanel Discussions•  AND  hosts  the  LARGEST  one-­‐day  space  event  in  Canada:   The  Annual  ‘Expanding  Canada’s  Fron;ers’  Symposium   Page  3  
  4. 4. Select  ASX  Symposium  Speakers  Anousheh  Ansari  (First  Female   Dr.  Bob  Richards     Private  Space  Explorer)   Chris  Hadfield   Dr.  Firouz  Naderi   (Odyssey  Moon,  ISU)   (Canadian  Astronaut)   (NASA  JPL)   Dr.  Carolyn  Porco   Prof.  Mike  Brown   (Space  Science  Ins;tute)   Prof.  Jaymie  Mafhews   (Discoverer,  10th  Planet)   (MOST  Satellite)   Dr.  Darlene  Lim  (NASA)   Page  4  
  5. 5. 2011  ASX  Symposium   Theme:  Astrophysics  &  Cosmology   Date  &  Time:  Friday,  January  28,  2011,  7PM   Loca;on:  Convoca;on  Hall,  University  of  Toronto  Prof.  Alexei  Filippenko   Prof.  Gil  Holder  (Canada   Dr.  Michel  Lefebvre   (U  of  California  at   Research  Chair  in   (Deputy  Team  Leader  of   Berkeley)   Cosmological  Astrophysics)   LHC’s  ATLAS  detector)   Page  5  
  6. 6. About  SGAC  •  Space  Genera;on  Advisory  Council  •  Non-­‐profit  organiza;on  of  advanced  students  and  young   professionals,  age  18  –  35  •  Conceived  at  the  3rd  United  Na;ons  Conference  (1999)  on  the   Explora;on  and  Peaceful  Uses  of  Outer  Space  (UNISPACE  III)  •  Over  90  countries  are  represented  by  60  Na;onal  Points  of   Contact  as  of  2010,  w/  volunteer  network  of  ~4,000  members  •  Yuri’s  Night:  spin-­‐off  from  SGAC    •  Hosts  annual  Space  Genera;on  Congress   6
  7. 7. About  SGAC  •  Has  held  permanent  observer   status  in  the  UN  COPUOS  since   2001,  and  has  been  a  member   of  the  UN  Economic  and  Social   Council  since  2003  •  Headquartered  in  Vienna,   Austria  &  hosted  by  European   Space  Policy  Ins;tute  Purpose:  •  Create  a  global  volunteer  base  of  advanced  students  and  young   professionals  in  the  space  sector  •  Connect  them  to  each  other  and  to  top  space  professionals   and  organiza;ons  •  Give  the  youth  a  voice  in  global  space  policy   7
  8. 8. Current  Situa*on:  SGC  Analysis  •  Society  perpetuates  stereotypes  about  space   –  intangible  &  hard  to  understand   –  all  about  engineers  &  scien;sts,  it’s  rocket  science   –  expensive,  open  only  to  elite   –  It’s  more  for  men  •  Today’s  role  models  for  children  come  from  the  world   of  Hollywood,  sports,  music,  business  men  etc  •  Limited  space  coverage  in  mainstream  media;  Space   organiza;ons  not  always  have  right  media  approach  •  Limited  resources  for  parents  &  educators  to   encourage  children  to  pursue  interests  in  space   Page  8  
  9. 9. Current  Situa*on:  SGC  Analysis  Effect:  Space  tends  to  not  be  a  priority  for  authori;es,  media,  the  general  public,  parents  and  children  in  terms  of:  funding,  coverage,  educa;on  and  career  choice.   Media   School   Peers   Children/ Family   Youth   Society   Page  9  
  10. 10. ShiEs  in  the  Space  “Market”  •  Space  ac;vi;es  led  by  gov’ts  -­‐>  private  sector  driven  •  Space  more  in  mainstream  media  and  entertainment   –  Films:  “Le  Voyage  Dans  La  Lune”….  “2001:  A  Space  Odyssey”   –  Celebri;es  taking  interest  in  Space,  e.g.  those  rumored   to  have  bought  ;ckets  to  Virgin  Galac;c  Flights     Page  10  
  11. 11. ShiEs  in  the  Space  “Market”  •  Educa;on   –  More  courses  offered  in  secondary  and  post-­‐secondary   educa;on  in  areas  of  space  sciences  and  astronomy   –  Space  camps,  workshops  and  compe;;ons  offered  –   e.g.  from  local  community,  SGAC,  NASA,  …  •  Space  careers  becoming  more  mul;-­‐disciplinary:  e.g.   Astrobiochemistry,  geomicrobiology,  space  law,...  •  Digital  age  enabling  more  &  faster  sharing  &  exchange   of  ideas  via  blogs,  social  media,  cell  phone  apps,..  Effect:  opportuni;es  to  market  &  REBRAND  space  in  ways  that  are  effec;ve  and  appeal  to  the  general  public   Page  11  
  12. 12. Marke*ng  Framework  3 Cs Customer   Company   Compe**on   S    -­‐    Segmenta*on  STP T    -­‐    Targe*ng   P    -­‐    Posi*oning   Create Value Capture Value Communicate Value Deliver Value4 P’s Place   Product   Price   Promo*on   (distribu;on)   Page  12  
  13. 13. Analysis   Situa;on  Analysis  –  3  C ’s  (or  5  C ’s  with  Context  &  Collaborators)   Who:  past,  poten;al,   Who  are  we?  current  &  compe;tor’s   What  known  for?   Demographic  &   psychographics   Customer   Company   (needs  &   (skills,  assets   What  good  at?  Needs,  interests,   trends)   &  culture)  decision-­‐making   Who  do  we  want   to  become?   Sa;sfac;on,   brand  percep;on   What  opportuni;es   Compe**on   given  our  strengths?   (weaknesses/ What  &  who  –   vulnerabili;es)   Customer  percep;on  –   internal  &  external   value,  brand,  quality   Compe;tors’  strengths   Compe;tors’  reac;ons   &  weaknesses   to  our  offering   Page  13  
  14. 14. Strategy  Choosing  segments  to  target  -­‐STP  Analysis:   Segmenta*on   Posi*oning   Targe*ng   Iden;fying   Implemen;ng  chosen   Selec;ng  which   meaningfully  different   image  and  appeal  to   segment(s)  to  serve   groups  of  customers   chosen  segment  •  Demographic  Variables   •  Is  the  segment  most   •  Conduct  perceptual        (gender,  age,  educa;on..)   prevalent/profitable?   mapping,  and  write  a  •  Geographic  Variables   •  Does  it  have  enough   posi;oning  statement    (country,  culture,  urban..)   growth  poten;al?   •  Execute  via  4  P’s  •  Psychological  Variables   •  Does  it  fit  w/  our  goals   RESULT:     &  core  competencies?   •  Create  consistent  focus    (wants,  exper;se,  who  are   early  adopters..)   •  Is  the  Segment   &  iden;fy    •  Behavioural  Data   ac;onable?   •  Help  strengthen  brand   •  Op;mized  team  work   Page  14  
  15. 15. Planning  &  Implementa*on  Plan  for  posi;oning  -­‐  the  Marke;ng  Mix  (“4  P’s”):        Create  Value            Capture  Value   – What  is  offering   – Set  strategy  (skim,   (talk,  workshop,   penetra;on)   design  contest,..)     – Price  levels  based  on   – What  are  values   different  benefits   and  benefits   – Compe;;ve  pricing   – What  is  quality   – Discounts:  group,         and  brand  name   partner    Deliver  Value      Communicate  Value     – Loca;on   – Promo;on  strategy   – Access  (mass  vs.   (push,  pull)   exclusive)   – MarComm  material   – Online   – Public  Rela;ons   – Distribu;on   – Media  incl.  online   channels   – Adver;sing   Page  15  
  16. 16. Marke*ng  Strategies/Tac*cs  Successes  from  ASX  (1000  afendees  at  2010  Symposium)  •  Basics  (revisit):  vision,  mission,  goals,  elevator  speech  •  Develop  and  use  VALUE  PROPOSITION  to:   –  Afract  target  (type  &  number)  audience   –  Get  sponsors  (incl.  media)     –  Develop  partnerships   –  Afract  resources  and  volunteers  •  Hold  mul;-­‐disciplinary  &  variety  of  events  in  synch  with:   –  Interest  of  audience  (current  &  target)  +  survey  data   –  Internal  resources  &  goals   –  Current  news  and  other  calendar/cultural  events,  e.g.   Black  history  month,  Interna;onal  women’s  day/wk,  …   Page  16  
  17. 17. Marke*ng  Strategies/Tac*cs  •  Bold  well-­‐designed  posters,  eye-­‐catching  to  the  general   public  (vs.  techie  &  crowded)   Page  17  
  18. 18. Marke*ng  Strategies/Tac*cs  •  Strengthen  brand,  image  and  reputa;on,  e.g  via:   –  Professional  MARCOM  material  (brochure,  newslefer,   sponsorship  pkg,...)     –  Enhanced  website:  professional  look/feel  and  ;mely   updates.  Website  =  online  brochure   –  Use  exci;ng  words  to  describe  space   –  High  quality,  but  targeted,  events/projects     –  Use  media  partner  and/or  PR  firm  to  strengthen  brand  •  Develop  a  strong  marke;ng  plan  by  having  a  dedicated   marke;ng  director/manager  •  Register  as  NPO  to  expand  sponsorship  opportuni;es   Page  18  
  19. 19. Marke*ng  Strategies/Tac*cs  •  Leverage  partnerships  to  cross-­‐promote  events,  and   collaborate  on  other  events/projects  •  Afend  conferences/other  events:  learning  and  promo  •  Leverage  University  and  community  resources  to  do   promo;on  and  public  rela;ons  •  Use  social  &  online  media  for  promo;on,    networking  and  exchanging  ideas  •  Use  surveys  to  gather  data  and  measure  success    *me  +  planning  +  resources  +  $  =  marke*ng  success   Page  19  
  20. 20. Recommenda*ons  from  SGC  •  Space  Social  Network:  global  sharing  of  idea/solu;ons  •  Ac;ve  Training:  targeted  lesson  plans  for  teachers  •  Social  Events:  afract  those  who  wouldn’t  o/wise  be   interested  in  Space  (Yuri’s  night,  Blue  Marble,  World   Space  Week,  etc);  increase  awareness  in  a  fun  way  •  Break  myths  &  stereotypes  about  space  &  jobs     –  Prac;cal,  fun  &  engaging  exercises  for  children/youth   –  Invite  women  and  other  ‘non-­‐tradi;onal’  speakers  to   events  to  set  as  role  models  &  showcase  mul;-­‐ disciplinary  aspect  of  space  •  (Viral)  videos  (Space  is  for  everyone):  visual  impact   Page  20  
  21. 21. Promo  Video  Produced  by  the  SGC  2010  ‘Outreach’  working  group   YouTube  ‘Space  is  not  just  rocket  science’   hfp://