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Briana Cohen's article on Hawaii...

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  1. 1. COVER STORY December 2009 The first issue The interview page 3 By: Briana Cohen Thanksgiving in Hawaii- the best meals! BY: BRIANA COHEN Thanks giving in Hawaii- the best meals Hau ‘oli la ho’o maika’i or happy thanksgiving. I hope you had a happy thanks giving because I sure did. All of the chefs at Hualalai’s restaurant Pahu i’a worked very hard to make a great meal and it turned out one of the best meals they presented so far. The meal included any drink you want (wine, smoothie, soft drink, etc…), seafood, turkey (of course!), ham, lamb, and much more. When you get to their desserts they had all different soufflés. They had chocolate, Kona coffee heath bar crunch, grand mange, caramel, etc…! The top picture is of Pahu i’a Chef Nicholas at Hualalai’s Beach Tree put together a great and the bottom picture is of meal. Even though it wasn’t a buffet it was still great. Everyone was Beach Tree out that night and if they weren’t at Pahui’a they were sure to be at Beach Tree. So if your not going anywhere next thanks giving, you should buy your plane tickets now! Don’t forget to work hard because maybe someday your work will pay off, just like these guys! Cover story page 1 | 592-3300 | Candelwood middle school
  2. 2. COVER STORY! PAGE 2 in at 8:00 am to feed the fish. Here is some information on what your kids could do during the day. First you make a project/ free time, Next you can do an activity or what the them is for the day. Third is rock climbing, golf, yoga, and tennis, which is $20.00 per Shocking person. Forth is kau kau, lunch. news at KFAS Fifth is swimming at the seashell pool. Hi I’m Briana Cohen. As you all Sixth is feeding the eagle rays (only know the week of thanksgiving was on week days). very busy, everyone was shopping Sixth / seventh is Ka Hui game for food and preparing for guests. In room. Hawaii, as people were on vacation Seventh / eighth is aloha. at Hualalai, even the kids were busy! “KFAS or Kids For All I hope you found that interesting. If Seasons had at least 27 to 40 kids it your kids are always bored on was a lot!” said Oweta one of the thanksgiving get plane tickets to counselors. One of the biggest Hawaii now! surprises for many kids was the fish tank toilet. Many kids would come
  3. 3. COVER STORY! PAGE 3 Q: “ What is the name of the Destination screenplay?” A: “ Destination Hawaii.” Hawaii- the Q: “ What are some names of the characters in the screen play?” exclusive A: “ Martin Linters, and The boss Samuel Green.” interview! Q: “ Who came up with the idea of the screenplay?” A: “ Everyone.” Hi I’m Briana Cohen. Today I I hope you found the interview held an interview with two of interesting. Here is a picture the guys that wrote the of the 2 guys I interviewed: screenplay Destination Hawaii. Here are the questions and the answers I gave and got for Destination Hawaii: Q: “ What is the screenplay about?” A: “ The screenplay is about 2 guys that fight. Then they have to go on a company retreat, then the plane crashes in the Pacific Ocean as they were on the way to Hawaii.”
  4. 4. COVER STORY! PAGE 4 RED WINE GOOD FOR YOUR HEART, WHITE WINE BAD FOR YOUR TEETH Hi I’m Briana Cohen. I’ve been the acid in the wine can leave rough reserching what is good for your teeth spots and grooves to appear on the and this might be interesting for many enamel leaving stains from food, tea, adults. White wine such as Chardonney and coffee. Other past studies show and Pinot Grigio wears the enamel off that orange juice, soda, and grapefruit your teeth and rot faster than red wine juice can also rot the enamel off your such as Merlot and Claret. When the teeth. So just remember that you enamel on your teeth rots away it should be careful of what you drink. makes teeth more sensitive to cold, hot, and sweet foods. Although red wine can leave some unsightly stains on your teeth white wine can make your teeth soft and if you brush your teeth a short period of time after they can get way more damaged. Here’s something to wonder about, when you eat cheese with wine the calcium in the cheese supports the enamel and the wine wont wear it away. Calcium enriched foods can off-set some damage the white wine will cause. Some teens showed a study in a university in Mainz, Germany. They looked at the effect on the teeth when the teeth are in white wine and red wine. They looked at pulled out teeth of men and woman ages 40-65. They soaked half the teeth in red wine and the other half in white wine. They use wines from Germany, Spain and Italy. The teeth were soaked for up to 24 hours and then carefully analyzed under a microscope. The studies show that white wine did more damage than red wine. The alcohol in the white wine doesn’t do any effect but