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It's a Mobile and Touch World


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A compilation of my notes from sessions I attended at SXSW Interactive 2012 about user experience for mobile and touch devices.

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It's a Mobile and Touch World

  1. 1. “it’s a mobile & touch world”Frank GarofaloUI / Human Factors Engineer,Esri Professional Services
  2. 2. credit This presentation is based on a keynote and a break-out session at SXSW Interactive 2012. Keynote “Ambient Location and the Future of the Interface” presented by Amber Case ( Session “Teaching Touch: Tapworthy Touchscreen Design” presented by Josh Clark (Global Moxie)
  3. 3. overview & objective Perspectives on mobile / touch devices and location sensitive applications.
  4. 4. move away from point and click interfacesImage source:
  5. 5. focus on the content within the interface & interact with the content directlyImage source: (Photo credit: Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times)
  6. 6. Fitt’s Law: further away a target, the harder it is to hitReference source:
  7. 7. same concepts apply to touch interfacesImage source:
  8. 8. gestures “Gestures are the keyboard shortcuts of touch” • 5 fingers • Swipe right / left • Pinch the entire screen
  9. 9. gestures • Gesture-based Passwords • Slide content panels in and out with gestures • Gesture conventions are still evolving / refining - don’t rely on just gestures (offer as shortcuts)
  10. 10. instead of changing the brush size, change the drawing canvas sizeImage sources: / /
  11. 11. touch interfaces • Remove visual clutter • Challenge: “finding what you cannot see” - Needs to try to resemble physical action - Needs to provide cues
  12. 12. touch interfaces • With a little help, people will learn to use your app • Follow social conventions when providing cues
  13. 13. visual cuesImage source:
  14. 14. visual cuesImage source:
  15. 15. visual cues …why have a “label” when you can see the contentImage source:
  16. 16. touch interfaces • Embrace the interface… if it looks like a physical object “make it realistic” • Nature doesn’t have an instruction manual / help-doc
  17. 17. Image source:
  18. 18. just-in-time assistance Providing in context help /assistance just as a person is about to perform the task / action for the first time. Think about playing a video game as a novice….
  19. 19. just as your about to take on a challenge, the games provides a suggestion for a new actionImage source:
  20. 20. teach as you go …novice to expert to master 1) Coaching - Active discovery, mentoring - Temporary overlays, animations, visual cues 2) Leveling Up - People are most prime to learn a skill when its needed - Level 1 introductory, show skills 3) Power Ups - Evolving to expert - “Unlock” shortcut with explicit animation or message
  21. 21. this generation is growing up with touch devices (as a baby sitter), not desktop mouseImage source:
  22. 22. Mobile …and location sensitive interfaces
  23. 23. location sensitivityImage source:
  24. 24. location sensitivity + relevant informationImage source:
  25. 25. proximity to things around you Geo-fencing! - Provide relevant options based on location & proximity
  26. 26. actions to trigger interactions
  27. 27. “smart house” - Setup a geo-fence around your house - When you are within x miles from your house, turn on lights and raise temp - When you leave the geo-fence, turn off any lights that are on and lower temp - Your mobile device becomes a remote control for the world
  28. 28. “smart bus stop” - Setup a geo-fence around a bus stop - Automatically notified of the next arriving bus
  29. 29. “real game of pac-man” - Setup geo-fences randomly around a cityImage source:
  30. 30. …an interface that responds to your actions - Formulate some parameters to be responsive - Who are you - What do you need / want to do - Where are who - What is around you - Here and now (ie. physical buildings, current events) - In the future or past
  31. 31. shift fromhuman-computer interaction
  32. 32. shift fromhuman-computer interaction to human-data interaction
  33. 33. shift fromhuman-computer interaction to human-data interaction (especially in a mobile & touch world)