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FFOFR Yearly Progress Report - 2012


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FFOFR Yearly Progress Report - 2012

  1. 1. FFOFR Progress Report for the Year 2012The following is the progress report for the first year of operation of the Foundation ofOral Facial Rehabilitation (FFOFR). Your generous support has enabled us to have avery productive first year and we have been able to accomplish many of our objectives.As you may recall, the objectives of the foundation are to:Provide free online programs of education in ProsthodonticsDevelop outreach programs devoted to rehabilitation of patients with congenitaland acquired defects of the head and neck.Support research in the field of Maxillofacial RehabilitationSupport the predoctoral and residency programs of the Division of AdvancedProsthodontics, UCLADuring the first year we have concentrated primarily on the first two objectives. Ouronline lecture series has been a great success. We began posting lectures on the website( last summer. Lectures were developed and posted in four categories,complete dentures, removable partial dentures, implant dentistry, and maxillofacialprosthetics.Complete dentures (33 lectures posted)Removable partial dentures (13 lectures posted)Implant dentistry (17 lectures posted)Maxillofacial prosthetics (24 lectures posted)FFOFR web site access data-monthly statistics. The numbers of individuals accessing the site has steadilyincreased during the last 6 months. During the third week of January the number of views approached 2000per week.The number of individuals accessing these lectures has grown steadily and the site nowapproaches 2000 views per week. We are deeply indebted to Quintessence Publishing Co.for posting an advertisement announcing our free online course offerings in their
  2. 2. November issue of the International Journal ofProsthodontics. Since that posting our sitehas continued to grow at a comfortable rate.Forty per cent of our users are based in theUnited States and the rest are international.Members of the Prosthodontic faculty fromNanjing Medical University and the FourthMilitary Medical University have justcompleted translating 18 of these lectures intoChinese (all 13 devoted to Removable PartialDentures and 5 devoted to Implant Dentistry)and as a result, we anticipate a substantialincrease in interest in our site from Chinesepractitioners. We plan to eventually translateall of our lectures into Chinese. Dr. WilliamPagan has translated 30 of the lecturesdevoted to complete dentures into Spanish andwe will post these in the near future.We have expanded our list of facultycontributors and are pleased to announce thatwe have commitments from several wellknown international lecturers in the field ofProsthodontics and Implant Dentistry toprovide additional lectures for the site. Theyinclude Ken Malament, Clark Stanford, EdMcLaren, Robert Faulkner and Alan Carr.Our goal is to provide a complete repertoire offree online lectures in Prosthodontics to ourusers.Our first outreach program was conducted inMumbai, India at Tata Memorial Hospital,November 26-29, 2012. Tata MemorialHospital and Medical Center is exclusivelydevoted to the care of patients with cancer andthey have the largest census of oral cancerpatients in the world. India has a very highrate of oral cancer and so the need to trainMaxillofacial Prosthodontists is great. TheFFOFR team was composed of John Beumer,UCLA, Arun Sharma, (UCSF), Jim Kelly(UCLA), Kumar Shah (UCLA), Ryan Wallace(UCLA) and Don Prodroche (UCLA). Theprogram consisted of four days of lectures,live clinical and laboratory demonstrations.3. Implant ComponentsHistory, New Developments and BasicProsthodontic ProceduresGeorge R. Perri DDSDivision of Advanced Prosthodontics, Biomaterials and Hospital DentistryUCLA School of DentistrySeveral lectures have been posted discussing thevarious occlusal schemes used in completedentures. This is one of our most accessed lecturesin the complete denture section.This lecture is devoted to implant components andhas been one of our most popular of the implantdentistry lectures.Occlusal Schemes - LingualizedOcclusionJohn Beumer III, DDS, MSandMichael Hamada DDSDivision of Advanced ProsthodonticsUCLA School of DentistryThis program of instruction is protected by copyright ©. No portion ofthis program of instruction may be reproduced, recorded or transferredby any means electronic, digital, photographic, mechanical etc., or byany information storage or retrieval system, without prior permission.!!  ! ()! 10mmSeveral of the lectures have been translated intoChinese. This is a slide from one of the implantlectures. These lectures have been translated byfaculty members of the departments ofProsthodontics from the Schools of Dentistry of theFirst Military Medical University and NanjingMedical University.
  3. 3. Dr. Wallace conducted clinical demonstrations of thetechniques used to make master impressions for amaxillary obturator prostheses and Dr. Beumerdemonstrated the sculpting of an orbital prosthesis, viaclosed circuit television. Mr. Don Pedrochedemonstrated a number of laboratory techniques used inMaxillofacial Prosthetics for the course participants. Inaddition a poster competition was conducted and Dr.Kelly and Dr. Wallace acted as judges for the 40posters presented by the delegates.More than 200 prosthodontists and general dentistsfrom all over India, Southeast Asia and the Middle Eastattended the meeting. Dr. Kanchan Dholam and thefaculty and staff of the Maxillofacial Prosthetic Clinicat Tata Memorial were charged with local arrangementsand helped make the meeting a wonderful experiencefor all participants. Post conference evaluations fromthe participants were universally positive and plans arebeing made to hold a followup event in southern Indiain 2017.Our next outreach program is planned for SoutheastAsia in December of 2013. It will be devoted toMaxillofacial Prosthetics and will be conducted incooperation with Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok,Thailand. The local arrangements chair is Dr. PravejSerichetaphongse, Deputy Dean for Hospital Affairsand Quality Assurance, and Head of the MaxillofacialProsthetics Unit at Chulalongkorn University( sincerely thank our sponsors and supporters foryour wonderful support. Because of you, our first yearhas been very productive and a great success. We planto continue our quest to upgrade the quality ofProsthodontic care internationally through our outreach activities and free onlineprograms of instruction. We will be contacting you during the next several weeks to askfor your continued support for activities planned for the coming year.Best regardsJohn Beumer III, DDS, MS, PresidentNeil Garrett PhD, TreasurerIchiro Nishimura DDS, PhD, SecretaryFoundation for Oral Facial Rehabilitation (FFOFR)Dr. Wallace is demonstrating thetechniques used to make an impressionfor an obturator prosthesis. It wasbroadcast to the lecture hall via closedcircuit TV.Forty posters were presented by thedelegates. Dr. Kelly and Dr. Wallace,seen here, served as judges of the postercompetition.The auditorium at Tata Memorial wasfilled to capacity. This lecture waspresented by Dr. Beumer and Mr.Pedroche and was devoted to“Restoration of Facial Defects.”