FAMILIES & FRIENDS OF                                         Families & Friends of Murder Victims:MURDER VICTIMS, Inc.   ...
West End Chapter -Bi-lingual       Riverside Chapter                                nd                                    ...
Resources and Additional Support Services                      FFMV Fundraisers    San Bernardino County District Attorney...
JUNE BIRTHDAYS     Adam Brodsky   Adam John Rivera    Beatrice Hatfield       Bill Ickes   Bobby D. Stutson      Chris Wal...
June Memories   Adam Brodsky          Josslyn Dinoso-Brooks   Alfred Cabrera            Katie Brennar   Alicia Chagolla   ...
LOVE GIFTS       In Loving Memory of                                 In Loving Memory of                                  ...
CAMP GOOD GRIEF (SVP)Camp Good Grief-Special Victims Program (SVP) is a joint effort between the San Bernardino County Dis...
From Rose Madsen, Editor/Chair/co-founder of the                          Colton & Coachella Chapter of FFMV              ...
NEW 2012 Participant /Photo Release Form for slide show & picture boards               Families & Friends of Murder Victim...
Please help with this legislation, to either sponsor or co-sponsor this urgently needed bill.Write to your congressperson ...
FFMV June 2012 newsletter -
FFMV June 2012 newsletter -
FFMV June 2012 newsletter -
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FFMV June 2012 newsletter -


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Families & Friends of Murder Victims, newsletter for June 2012

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FFMV June 2012 newsletter -

  1. 1. FAMILIES & FRIENDS OF Families & Friends of Murder Victims:MURDER VICTIMS, Inc. A non-profit organization Dedicated to providing information, support, (FFMV) and friendship to persons who have experienced the death of a loved one Newsletter JUNE 2012 through the violent act of murder Share Sorrow….. Thank-you: Share Strength *Carol Anderson – Website Mission: To restore a sense of hope and to *Kaiser – Oakland provide a pathway to well-being to those who *Avaxat Elementary School- Murrieta have lost a loved one to murder and to those *St. Anthony’s Catholic Church-Upland who are victims of attempted murder. *Christ The Redeemer Catholic Church Grand Terrace Portola Community Center- Palm Desert Love Gifts *San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office of Love gifts are a specific tax deductible donation Victim Services/Victim Advocates made to the memory of a loved one’s birthday, *Riverside County District Attorney’s Office of Victim anniversary of a death, holiday, or just because Services/Victim Advocates which are posted in newsletter. They are also *Family of Kris Flores made by caring professionals, organizations to *Janet Garcia – facebook administrator help in the work that FFMV does with*Anonymous Donor for sponsoring newsletter for victims/survivors. These gifts help with the JUNE2012 expenses incurred in reaching out to others and operating expenses. When making out a check, please make payable to FFMV and note LoveFMV Newsletter is available via e-mail to Gift on check or envelope.reduce mailing costs. Love Gifts can be mailed toTo receive the newsletter and other FFMV- P.O. Box 11222 San Bernardino, Ca. -FFMV future events please send your e- 92423-1222mail address to mail4ffmv@yahoo.comand FFMV will e-mail you the newsletter Our Father…Who art in Heaven I come to you with a heavy heart today I know you know…but I have lost my child Need Someone to Talk To? And am feeling like I have lost my way. * Bertha Flores - Parent - Spanish speaking (909) 200-5499 (after 3pm) People seem to think I am so strong *Rose Madsen – Parent (909) 798-4803 I am not invincible…I am not superman. (after 4pm) I am just a grieving Father…missing my *Maxine Russell – (818) 378-2072 child Grief Counselor And could use a friendly helping hand. *Dawn Hall - (951) 757-4419 *Mary Stewart (951 698-5317) I have always been the typical fixer-upper Emergency Consult for Suicidal or type of Dad Homicidal Participants: I could fix anything…ever since I was ten * Linda Atencio -Parent – 760-490-7864 But I cannot fix the clock of time. * Ellie Rossi - 909-810-9133 Please God; can you help me wind it up again? Author unknownJoin Families & Friends of Murder Victimson Inmate Locator, Department of Corrections is now making it easier for people to locateThank-you Janet Garcia- prison inmates; it’s a free online searchMother of Jesse Garcia – 6/10/78 – 6/27/94 and is open to the general public. http://inmatelocator.cdcr.ca.gov
  2. 2. West End Chapter -Bi-lingual Riverside Chapter nd Meets every 2 Thursday of every month at 7:00pm-8:30pmMeets on the 3rd Wednesday of every St. Anthony’s Catholic Church month at 7pm Conference RoomAvaxat Elementary School, 24300 La 2210 North San Antonio Upland, CA 91786 Brisas Road in Murrieta, CA Participants have the option of the English & Spanish Meeting Contact Dawn (951) 757-4419 For directions ask for PJ at- Local Grupo Bilingue 951-696-1600 x2177 – Los participantes pueden escoger en Inglés o en M-F 9am-4pm (1-2pm lunch) Español Next Meeting – May 15, 2012 Se reunen cada Segundo Jueves del mes a las 7:00 p.m. Contact persons/ Personas de contacto: Rita Marin (909) 215-7063 rittaatffmv@aol.com Colton Chapter Next Meeting May 10th, 2012 1st Tuesday of every month Grief Support GroupChrist The Redeemer Catholic Church ALL are welcome at our monthly meetings. Robinson Hall – Room 6 Whether you are a parishioner or not. If you 12745 Oriole Ave Grand Terrace, CA are suffering the loss of a loved one and in 92313 need to talk to someone, we are here to New Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm listen and share emotions. Contact person for directions or Together and with the help of the Lord, we information Rose – 909-754-6969 can help each other heal. mail4ffmv@yahoo.com Meetings are held every 2nd Wednesday of the month 7 to 9 P.M. ~ Room 8 Next Meeting – June 5th, 2012 St. Anthony’s Church 1640 Western Ave. San Bernardino (909)887-3810 Contacts: Hope Morfin (909)820-6163 Coachella Valley Chapter Ralph & Arlene Payan (909)887-4387 New Address (FFMV Participants) We will continue meeting every Danny & Rose Equihua (909) 887-3744 3rd Wednesday of each month 6:00pm – 8:00pm I encourage you to send in your updated 2012 Portola Community Center Room 2 participant form which is attached to this 45-480 Portola Ave newsletter…my computer crashed in February (parking on Shadow Mountain) and I lost some newer e-mail addresses from one Palm Desert, CA 92260 of the FFMV e-mail accounts. Also lost were 760-568-2560- Call for directions some newer documents and pictures that I hadn’t Rose – 909-754-6969 transferred to a flash drive. A new hard drive has mail4ffmv@yahoo.com been installed and everything I lost is on the old Candy- 691-200-0547 hard drive which could not be recovered. I will Candyclb@aol.com be reviewing each participant form as I receive Next meeting is June 20, 2012 to ensure I have current contact information and then check that your loved ones photo was not lost. Thankfully I have a separate flash drive for Oakland Chapter pictures. This was a nightmare for me. Thoughtfully…Rose Kaiser in Oakland, Howe St. at Broadway, 12th floor Room 1200 East Contact Helene (510) 452-2553
  3. 3. Resources and Additional Support Services FFMV Fundraisers San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office of Cell Phones Victim Witness Centers: San Bernardino We ship your recycled phones, regardless (909) 387-6540 of age or condition of the phone. This will be Rancho Cucamonga: (909) 945-4241* Victorville/Desert an ongoing fundraiser, so we encourage area: (760) 243-8619 Riverside County District Attorney’s Office of Victim year round participation. Witness Centers: FFMV will receive between 50 cents and up Riverside: (951) 955-5450 to $30 per cell phone. Murrieta: (951) 304-5500 * Banning: (951) 922-7130 * Contact Rita Marin at (909) 215-7063 or Indio: (760) 863-8408 take your phone to your next chapter *Los Angeles County District Attorneys Victim Witness Assistance Program offices: meeting. Pomona: 909) 620-3381 *Life.After.Uncivil.Ruthless.Acts. Office Depot - Staples – Office Max 323-816-9651 www.laurala.org If you shop at Office Depot or Staples* WINGS OF JUSTICE – Websitewww.murdermislabeledsuicide.com/WingsofJustice please use FFMV’s Rewards Number for *Women Against Gun Violence – 310-204-2348 Office Depot which is 1139461170 Office www.wagv.org Max – 650756207, Staples- or use just *www.CrimeVictims.gov—public awareness Web site give them 909-798-4803 for all three. We * H.E.A.L. Helping Everyone Acknowledge Loss – 818- get reward points that help defray the cost 378-2072– RussellBliss21@aol.com * Crime Victims United of California – 916-928-4797 of printing, ink cartridges and office www.crimevictimsunited.com or supplies. mail@crimevictimsunited.com * North American Victim Assistance (NOVA) www.trynova.org Don’t throw away your old ink * Victims of Crime Resources Center (800) VICTIMS cartridges! Continue to bring them to us, * POMC - (888) 818-POMC www.pomc.org or take them to Staples and use 909-* Greater Orange County POMC – Marie – 714-999-7132 – 7984803 562-508-2397 It’s an easy way to help FFMV purchase * Citizens Against Homicide - (415) 455-5944 * Justice for Murdered Children - (310) 547-1367 office supplies. * The Crime Victims Assistance Network (iCAN) Foundation (916) 273-3603 * Memory of Victims Everywhere - (949) 248-5470 MOVE@cox.net I Never Got To... * Resource for the Grieving and © Emilee Reynolds Bereavedwww.griefcompanion.com I never got to give you a hug * Crime Survivors – 949-872-7895 before an angel took your hand and gave you a www.crimesurvivors.com Bi-monthly meetings held in tug Orange County * Adela Lavine~Medium: www.adelalavine.com I never got to give you a kiss * MADD – (909) 888-6233 www.maddsanbernardino.org before you made your final wish *JUSTICE FOR HOMICIDE VICTIMS - (310) 457-0030 - jhvinfo@justiceforhomicidevictims.com I never got to tell you I love you * Striving Towards Eradicating Violence In Ennercities - before you disappeared into the sky so blue S.T.E.V.I.E. stevieisunityandpeace@yahoo.com oneunikadvocate2@aol.com I never got to tell you Goodbye * www.psychic4themissing.com *Homicide Survivors Inc. before you got your wings and learned to fly todd.blumhorst@pcao.pima.gov 520.740.5729 all these things I wish I did whether by choice or fate I was too late...
  4. 4. JUNE BIRTHDAYS Adam Brodsky Adam John Rivera Beatrice Hatfield Bill Ickes Bobby D. Stutson Chris Walsh Gina Louise Perez Henry Vellore Lozano Herbert E. Seymour Jr. Jamal Mboya Johnson Jesse Garcia Jerry Angelo Sandoval Jillian Michele White Kelly Bullwinkle Larry Sorrough Linda Hesse Lori Renee Gonzalez Lorrain Lopez Mateo VillapandoMaureen “Marsy” Ramirez Melissa Sandor Officer David Ruiz Richard Lopez
  5. 5. June Memories Adam Brodsky Josslyn Dinoso-Brooks Alfred Cabrera Katie Brennar Alicia Chagolla Lacey Wheeler Alfred Cabrera Larry Sorrough Ashley Nicole Rivas Michael Lundin Bill Ickes Michael Ribaudo Carlos Mendoza Orlando Hurley Chad Jeffrey Norris Ross Elvey Charlie Martinez Russell Travis Dorff Daniel Perez Jr. Sean Gardhouse Doctor Fernandez Somer Clugston Edward A. Ortiz Steven Grant Elzie Elijah Winston Steven Paul MedranoJerry Angelo Sandoval Teresa Soto Del Rio Jesse Garcia Terese R. Stewart Jose Villalobos Yvonne Guiterrez “Gone But Not Forgotten”
  6. 6. LOVE GIFTS In Loving Memory of In Loving Memory of In Loving Memory of Adam John Rivera Terese Stewart Mario Quiroz 6/01/82 – 1/1/08 1/16/63 – 6/9/92 5/14/68 – 1/25/06 In Loving Memory of In Loving Memory of In Loving Memory of Jesse Garcia Teresa Soto Del Rio Sean Gardhouse 6/10/78 – 6/27/94 11/8/78 – 6/7/99 8/15/86 – 6/28/06---------------------------------------------------------------Love Gift----------------------------------------------------------------------------Donation $_______________Name (please print):____________________________________________________________________________________Address_________________________________________City/St.______________________________Zip______________Email address: ________________________________________________________________________________________Your Phone # ( ) _______________________________Relationship to Victim: _____________________________Name of Victim: _____________________________________________________________________________________Date of Birth: Date of Death: ______________________Please post my loved ones message and/or picture(s) for the month of: ___________# of pictures enclosed/attached ____________ Use picture on file_______________
  7. 7. CAMP GOOD GRIEF (SVP)Camp Good Grief-Special Victims Program (SVP) is a joint effort between the San Bernardino County District AttorneysOffice Bureau of Victim Services and Loma Linda University Medical Center Childrens Hospital. The 3-day grief camp isgeared toward homicide/suicide and is for children ages 10-16 who have experienced a violent death in their family.Campers board a bus at the Ronald McDonald House in Loma Linda and head to Camp Cedar Falls in the San BernardinoMountains for a three-day camp and grief therapy experience.At camp the children participate in game and team building activities and therapeutic group activities designed to helpthem learn and understand how to cope with the grief over the violent death of their loved one. This camp has been sosuccessful that it has been expanded to include Camp Good Grief - Special Victims Program Teen Retreat. It will be heldannually and provides grief services for teens ages 14-18 who previously participated in Camp Good Grief - SVP and whoselives have been positively impacted by camp. It will be a combination of learning advanced grief management skills as wellas a training camp for future Camp Good Grief Peer Counselors.Camp is free of charge to all campers and camperships are funded by unclaimed victim restitution. Therapists and internsfrom Loma Linda Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic, Loma Linda Child Life Specialists and District Attorneys Office VictimAdvocates donate their time to the camp.The Bureau of Victim Services and Loma Linda University Childrens Hospital have pledged to continue fundraising activities,presentations to service groups, and outreach events so they may continue hosting future Camp Good Grief-SVP programs.Contact: Dorothy Brooks 909-558-4073 FATHER’S DAY Warm and sunny day in June, Father’s Day, Children, small and grown, Give gifts to father Say thanks to father, Say I love you. But there are fathers Whose children are not here To give gifts and say thanks And I love you. Remember the fathers Whose children are gone, Because they will always be Fathers at heart.
  8. 8. From Rose Madsen, Editor/Chair/co-founder of the Colton & Coachella Chapter of FFMV In Memory of my daughter Jennifer LeAnne Balber 12/02/73 – 11/10/94 A 20yr. old SoCal Gas Co. Meter Reader, Fatally Shot in the Line of ServiceIt’s amazing we are half way thru the year…before you know it we will be preparing for ourChristmas Memorial.I was honored to speak at St. Matthew Catholic Church, a faith-based, inter-parish publicsymposium that examined the conditions in our prisons and their effect on society. Thissymposium was a thoughtful reflection on restorative justice from the perspectives of theinmate, the victim, families, former inmates and the community at large.I want to thank all who have sent encouraging e-mails and cards in regarding the work FFMVdoes for the community. I much appreciate your kind words and encouragement.I’m working on July memory board, so send me your loved ones picture.ThoughtfullyRose Thinking of Fathers on Father’s Day who have lost their children or father to violence. Have a Peaceful Fathers Day!!FFMV is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving survivors of murder victims & victims ofattempted murder. Our main purpose is grief support for those victim/survivors. All assistanceprovided to victims is given free of charge by volunteers. Contributions and/or questionsregarding the policies of FFMV may be addressed to: FFMV Executive Board at P.O. Box11222 San Bernardino, Ca. 92423-1222, e-mailed to mail4fffmv@yahoo.com or phoned to 909-798-4803. FFMV is a tax-exempt organization under the Section 501 (c) (3) of the InternalRevenue Service.The Organization depends largely upon private donations to cover operationalexpenses, but also seeks some funding. Tax ID #68-0299211 All Contributions Are Tax Deductible D
  9. 9. NEW 2012 Participant /Photo Release Form for slide show & picture boards Families & Friends of Murder Victims, INC (FFMV)Circle one: New Participant ~ Update my information ~ Agency/Non VictimPlease PrintDate________________ Relationship to Victim_______________________Victim’s First Name_________________________________________Victim’s Last Name_________________________________________Date of Birth _____________ Date of Death__________ Solved: Yes ( ) No ( )Permission to use photo(s): Yes ( ) No ( ) Just add me to e-mail/mailing list toreceive monthly newsletter and event informationI grant to Families & Friends of Murder Victims, Inc. (FFMV), the right to usephotograph(s) of the above-identified subject. I authorize FFMV to use andpublish the same in print and/or electronically.I agree that FFMV may use such photographs with or without his/her name and forany lawful purpose, including for example such purposes as publicity, illustration,advertising, and Web content.I have read and understand the above.Name of Agency/Non-Victim if applicable: ________________________________Signature _________________________________________________________Print Full Name _____________________________________________________Address___________________________________________________________City__________________________________ Zip Code____________________Phone with area code ______________________________________E-mail ____________________________________________________________ Mail or e-mail participant/release form to: mail4ffmv@yahoo.com FFMV ~ P.O.Box 11222 San Bernardino, CA ~ 92423-1222 I have included a picture ( ) Yes ( ) No use the one on file I have included a $_________ donation for 2012 Thank-you… if you have already sent your 2012 donation
  10. 10. Please help with this legislation, to either sponsor or co-sponsor this urgently needed bill.Write to your congressperson and Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne FeinsteinCongresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen as the Chair of the House Foreign Relations Committee and CongressmanHoward Berman as the Ranking Member.Chief of Staff Margaret Mott (mail wont be stalled thru radiation there as it is inDC)14546 Hamlin St. # 202 Van Nuys, California 91401 Phone (818) 994-7200 Fax: (818) 994-1050Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Chair of the House Foreign Relations Committee2206 Rayburn House Office Building Washington, DC 20515-0918 to either sponsor orCo-sponsor this urgently needed bill.Thanks, Maxine B. Russell - Mother of Darren - russellbliss21@aol.comOn the web: www.russellcase.net (UPDATED)On Twitter: @killed_in_chinaIn U.S. Federal Court: Case No. CV-09-06050