2.7 2013 clrm brain studies


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  • What foods are high in protein?
  • How does protein help wake us up in the morning?
  • Other foods can have brain impacts as well. What makes something comfort food?
  • Does eating turkey make you tired?
  • So why do people get tired after Thanksgiving dinner?
  • 2.7 2013 clrm brain studies

    1. 1. Diet and stress
    2. 2. Barbeque, by Robert Earl KeenOooh when I was a little boy Now there was once this girl I knewOnly one or two She treated me so mean I offered her my BarbequeThe first thing I did enjoy She licked my platter cleanWas a plate of Barbeque Dont give me no broccoliBarbeque sliced beef and bread Or any Swiss fondueRibs and sausage and a cold Big Red Baby if you want to rock meBarbeque makes old ones feel young Give me good ole barbequeBarbeque makes everybody someone Dont send me to heavenIf youre feelin puny and you dont It aint where I should goknow what to do Cause the Devils got a charcoal pitTreat yourself to some meat eat some And a good fire down belowbarbeque Let your feet hit the street Find a good place to eat Get some Barbeque
    3. 3. We often hear the expression, “You are whatyou eat.” Well what did you eat for breakfast?Protein, it’s what’s for breakfast. Or rather, it’swhat should be for breakfast. Why?Protein is a diet pathway to alertness.What foods are high in protein?
    4. 4. Protein contains significant amountsof an amino acid (the building blocksof protein) called tyrosine.Tyrosine is an important ingredientin the neurotransmitter dopamine.Dopamine is associated with reward,energy, alertness, and excitement.
    5. 5. Comfort foods may be consumed topositively pique emotions, to relievenegative psychological effects or toincrease positive feelingsFoods that have a high content of theamino acid trytophan get used by thebody to make a neurotransmitter calledserotonin.Serotonin is associated with comfort,focus, being calm and relaxed.
    6. 6. Turkey is high in the amino acid tryptophan, somany people have erroneously thought that iswhy we get sleepy after eating Thanksgivingdinner.Turkey is also high in tyrosine. When bothamino acids are present the tyrosine producingthe dopamine overrides the tryptophan serotoninproduction and alertness ensues.
    7. 7. The Great Turkey MythYour ideas?Consider the carbs that they eat.Also as large quantities of food are consumedblood flow is directed to the digestive tractcausing us to feel sluggish and less awake.Consider the environment as well, home withfamily and friends.