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Can SOA Save Legacy Applications?
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Soa & Application Development Summit


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SOA: If you are starting a project, if you want improve your skills or even only learn how to demonstrate the value of SOA to your company, this Summit is the best place for you.

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Soa & Application Development Summit

  1. 1. Register by 24 April 2009 and save €500 The 12th Annual Gartner SOA & Application Development and Integration Summit 2009 SOA Health Check: In Tough Times Reconsider Everything, Evolve, Enable Change Keynote Address Dr. Thomas Kiessling Chief Technology Officer, bwin Thought Leaders and Summit Co-Chairs Paolo Malinverno Massimo Pezzini Research VP VP & Gartner Fellow
  2. 2. 2 Register today at Introduction COnTEnTS SuMMARy Your Summit – Your agenda! Page 3 Plenary Sessions With a wealth of sessions, it is helpful to have Page 4 – 11 Summit Agenda: The Tracks a tool to build your personlized agenda focusing and Sessions on your own needs. The online Agenda Builder helps you select the relevant sessions and Page 12 Gartner Research: Meet the Analysts schedule them in your calendar, and to build Page 13 Your Summit Experience networking and reflection time into your schedule. Page 14 Solution Showcase Go to to view the full agenda and plan your days. Page 15 How to Register Introduction to the Summit — Overview Key Benefits you will gain The “perfect storm” hitting the worldwide economy forces from attending the Gartner SOA organizations to reconsider everything in their IT strategy. & Application Development and Including their approach to service-oriented architecture. Integration Summit: IT departments are asking themselves: What can SOA do for me right now? Is there real value in SOA or was it just hype? • Find out how SOA has changed in the current economic climate and how it can come to your Can SOA help me get through the mayhem or is it a luxury rescue by delivering greater operational efficiency I cannot afford anymore? and reducing the cost of staying in business. The SOA & Application Development and Integration Summit • Learn how to master SOA by gathering practical answers these critical questions by discussing how SOA and tactical information you can action right away. related technologies — middleware, application integration, • Discover how SOA helps exploit discontinuities BPM, BAM, governance technology, application platforms, in the market, and how to take advantage of application development tools, data integration, MDM, a disruptive innovation wave. multienterprise B2B tools and services, Web 2.0, cloud and others — can help organizations efficiently support • Learn how to efficiently and cost effectively link together your ERP, CRM, SCM packages, legacy the challenges ahead, but also take advantage of the systems, new Web-based and other applications opportunities manifested in times of profound changes. through message-oriented middleware, ESB suites and other application integration As organizations realize that mastering SOA is critical technologies. to survive the economic turmoil, learning the “how SOA” becomes paramount. The summit addresses this by • Discuss how the impact of XaaS, Cloud Computing, WOA and slowly maturing Web discussing methodologies, governance, organizational services will be felt in applications as well as and skills issues, best practices, “how to” patterns, platforms and services and learn what this technology and product evaluations and case studies. means for you. But sooner or later the perfect storm will die down. • Understand how SOA and other technologies Companies that have weathered the turmoil by building can help you tackle the “doing more with less” challenge through modernization and leverage innovation will have a competitive advantage. The summit of your legacy applications overviews emerging IT paradigms and technologies that will help organizations benefit from the new cycle of growth • Hear end user case studies on how your peers by analyzing topics like social software, cloud computing, tackled and overcame their challenges and what lessons they learned and how these benefited XTP and event processing. their businesses. IT organizations attending the SOA Health Check will be better • Discover how to frame SOA to hit business equipped for the navigation through the troubled waters so value, in the context of a broader application that they can see the land before their competitors. strategy, how to coordinate SOA with Enterprise Architecture, how to align business and IT, how to tackle the relevant organizational and governance challenges. • Harness the Gartner vision and market overview, keeping you up-to-date on latest developments and trends. • Roll up your sleeves and benefit from the many track session focusing on How To, Do’s and Don’ts, and Best Practices.
  3. 3. 3 Plenary Sessions Gartner Opening Keynote: SOA Health Check: In Tough Times Executive Keynote: bwin Raises the Stakes for Online Poker Reconsider Everything, Evolve, Enable Change with SOA Despite SOA adoption being the highest in Europe (nearly 70% of Europe’s No.1 online gaming provider has built its poker platform European organizations), few companies master the art of building empowering 25 international poker operators to implement SOA, and the more difficult art of using it to a company’s advantage. unique white label/SaaS solutions. “Next Generation Poker” (NGP) In times when it is absolutely vital to prove the value of every has accomplished platform decomposition and modularization initiative, this session will introduce the content of the summit and unsurpassed on the market. It is built on a single underlying poker start unveiling how SOA can contain costs, get more out of your integration platform based on SOA and EDA architectural best existing assets, exploit discontinuities in the market, and simply ride practices. This foundation supports an increasing range of multi- a disruptive innovation wave. national regulatory gaming requirements enabling various integration scenarios for large scale cost efficiency. Key principles include • How tough are the times we live in? functional decomposition, environment abstraction, encapsulation • What value does SOA bring to the rescue, and how do you of core business logic, flexible packaging and first class operational measure it? excellence. These efforts have increased the scaling capability • Why and how does SOA help? of the IT organization by a factor as well. Paolo Malinverno, Gartner bwin’s business strategy is to promote bwin gaming brands (bwin. com, bwin poker,,, etc.) to its 13 million registered Gartner Closing Keynote: There is Life After the “Perfect customers, as well as building strong IT platform capabilities for Storm”: Technology Trends to Watch gaming operators. The strategy is supported by an IT organization Even the worst recession in decades will eventually finish and of 600 staff, including 300 Java and .net application developers. enterprises will enter a new cycle of growth. But meanwhile the “Perfect Dr. Thomas Kiessling, Chief Technology Officer, bwin Storm” will have changed everything in business and IT. The economic and social implications of the profound transformations we are going Gartner Open Research Meeting through are still unknown, but one thing is certain: IT will be asked Gartner Open Research Meetings are lively affairs, with direct and to support new business models, new regulations and new ways of sometimes wild exchanges of ideas and perspectives: come and listen managing relationships. As they help the business side of the house to (or, if you have a strong opinion, challenge!) a dozen Gartner analysts “tighten the belt”, savvy IT departments will have to prepare for the next debating live three provocative assumptions related to the summit wave of change by rethinking their application infrastructure strategy. topics. Don’t be surprised if the interactive dialogue opens a few eyes, • What will be the key business and IT challenges hatched up by bringing new and important ideas to the forefront. the perfect storm in the economy? The SOA & ADI Analyst Team • How will the application infrastructure middleware market look in five years? • What are the key technologies that will enable organizations to quickly start over as soon as the economic uproar has subsided? Massimo Pezzini, Gartner End-user Case Studies The Summit features several end-user case study presentations from senior IT and business executives from leading P organizations from various industries and countries. The case Practical Guidance: We understand your need for studies bring the practitioners’ own valuable experiences to the tactical information you can action straight away. Please audience and highlight the technologies and solutions adopted look out for sessions marked with a “P” icon for content focused on How To, Do’s and Dont’s and Best Practices. in their own environments, as well as a description of strategy and approach, choice of technologies, mistakes to avoid and G Gartner Vision: Business and technology leaders turn how to measure success. to Gartner for strategic insight, market overviews and information on upcoming trends. Sessions with a particular Keep updated as the case studies are added to the agenda — focus on visionary thinking are marked with a “G” icon. see Register Now and Build Your Agenda at
  4. 4. 4 Register today at Summit Agenda Presented by both Gartner analysts and invited guest speakers these sessions offer the very latest topical updates and actionable insights on the subjects most critical to your organizational development and innovation. Track 1 The Business and the Governance of SOA Nowadays and more than ever, embarking on an SOA initiative requires careful evaluation of business benefits, prudent planning and staffing and the appropriate level of governance. Discover how to frame SOA to hit business value in the context of a broader application strategy, how to coordinate SOA with Enterprise Architecture, how to align business and IT, how to tackle the relevant organizational and governance challenges and how to derive value for the most advanced architectural approaches such as events processing, BPM and multienterprise B2B. Business Alignment in a SOA World If You Had an Application Strategy, G Achieving Excellence with G P Business alignment is a perennial challenge What Would It Look Like? EA — the Present and Future The typical “de facto” application strategy of Enterprise Architecture for IT, and it’s getting even harder now that different business areas must rely approach works in a slow-changing Life has never been more challenging than on shared capabilities enabled by SOA, environment, but cannot support today’s it is for enterprise architects today. One the extensive integration, and enterprise portals. radical and rapid changes needed for one hand, enterprise priorities are changing And for many organizations, the business SOA, BPM and advanced integration. so quickly that it’s hard to keep up. On the is independently pursuing solutions Organizations need to build a coherent, other hand, the opportunity to deliver value (e.g. Software as a Service), or are able to modern, vision-focused strategy, but few has never been greater. In this presentation, create solutions using models and mashups. know where to start and how to craft the we’ll explore the behaviors of leading EA right objectives, structure and content. programs that are delivering value to their • Examine critical elements of business This session will present a framework for enterprises in the current challenging alignment constructing a modern application strategy, climate. We will define how you can leverage • Provide a method to assess business and will provide practical advice on how the best practices to increase value delivery alignment across application disciplines to create and evolve one. in your own organization. • Introduce a framework to achieve greater • What is an application strategy, and how • What is the current state of EA? unity. do you know you need one? • What are the key indicators for enterprise Susan Landry and Anne Lapkin • How do you create an application strategy architecture maturity? that will evolve? • What are leading EA programs doing today The Evolving Market for BPM G • What do you need to do to bring the that will be in the mainstream tomorrow? Technology — The SOA Connection strategy to life in day-to-day practice? Anne Lapkin Many BPM disciplines (such as discovery, Susan Landry analysis and performance management) are best supported by BPM technology. What’s Between You and the Cloud G Riding the SOA Tiger: Practical — Multienterprise SOA Governance Competence in these skills must become P engrained in the work habits of business Governance for SOA Whether exploring the Cloud for B2B professionals. Today’s Business Process OK, governing an SOA is difficult. OK, if you integration, or extending Web services, Management Suites (BPMS) represents don’t govern the growth of an SOA, it will interoperability across domains continues state-of-the-art technology for business degenerate and implode. But practically, to be a challenge because of various managers to explicitly manage daily what needs to be done to govern an security, management, and visibility operations, leveraging an enterprise business SOA? Come to this session to learn which issues. The methodologies (ICC and process platform (BPP). One of the four use governance processes should be put in CoE) and technologies (service registries cases that the products support is ‘redesign’ place, which roles should act in them, and policy enforcement) associated with for a process-based SOA. and get a hands-on, practical, down-to- SOA governance will allow companies to earth guide to put just enough reins on successfully interoperate in a well managed, • Who will be BPMS leaders? your SOA Tiger, and steer it firmly towards value-driven way. This presentation will • How can users leverage today’s BPMS business value. reintroduce the notion of B2B Web services technology for tomorrow’s BPP? and SOA, present the challenges involved, • What does a SOA governance process • How will BPM and SOA evolve during look like? and examine how various vendors are the next five years? developing and delivering technology • What roles are needed in an IT to fulfil promises made a decade ago. Marc Kerremans organization to run SOA Governance processes properly? • How will companies share their internal services and applications with their • What are the most fundamental SOA business partners? Governance processes to put in place? • Which emerging and existing technologies Paolo Malinverno will enable this style of service-centric multi-enterprise collaboration? • Which vendors currently offer software and services for service-centric multi- enterprise collaboration? Frank Kenney
  5. 5. P Practical Guidance G Gartner Vision 5 Governing and Managing Applications In a SOA World To succeed with SOA, BPM and advances like EDA, application organizations must P EDA and Event Processing Scenario: Two Ways to Capture the Value of Events “By 2010, general, holistic supply-side governance solutions will begin replacing discipline-specific solutions.” Gartner Predicts Business processes and application G P 1 Architects and Developers Are at War — And SOA is Caught In the Middle The drive for business agility, shorter cycle times and increased emphasis on business transform and must be run like a business. systems that incorporate event-driven value have given rise to greater use of And because applications make up the architecture (EDA) principles are more agile and lean development methods, majority of IT staffing levels and up to half effective than traditional IT systems creating tension between the architects of most IT budgets, their effectiveness is because they reflect the way people and – who want to enact a grand plan – and coming under scrutiny. You need a set organizations actually operate. Companies agile developers, who just want to get it of common governance frameworks and use business events for two reasons: to done. Unplanned SOA can lead to the management processes to consistently engineer more flexible application software, proliferation of siloed applications, poor and effectively allocate resources. and to improve situational awareness and reuse, unrationalized information and higher • What application governance, real-time response through business activity total cost of ownership (TCO) – but totally management and business alignment monitoring (BAM). architected solutions just take too long. disciplines will be required? • Where will organizations derive tangible • What are the common misconceptions • How do you assess your organization’s benefits from business-event processing? that cause SOA projects and EA to work capabilities and prioritize steps for • Which tactics and best practices will poorly together? advancement? mainstream companies employ to pursue • How should enterprise architects and • What approaches and tools help deliver successful event-processing strategies? development teams collaborate, and the best mix of business capability, speed • Which strategies will vendors use to what supporting techniques are there? and quality? pursue the event-processing market, • How can we inject just enough planning Susan Landry and how can user companies pick the to support the need for speed without approach that fits them best? giving in to chaos? Bill Gassman Anne Lapkin Gartner Analyst/user Roundtables Moderated by a Gartner analyst, these sessions are a great forum for hearing what your industry peers are experiencing on issues similar to those you face. Be prepared to join the discussion and share best practices and practical advice. All end-user attendees at the event are invited to register for Gartner Analyst/User Roundtables by reserving their place at the Gartner One-on-One Booking Desk. AUR 1: Managing the Data Side of SOA: AUR 3: Best Practices for B2B SOA AUR 5: How to Implement a SOA Dos and Don’ts Infrastructure: ESBs, Appliances, Flow Managers Andreas Bitterer Benoit Lheureux Jess Thompson AUR 2: Lessons Learned in Enterprise AUR 4: Best Practices in Using SOA AUR 6: Next Practices: Getting Mashups Governance Technologies Application Infrastructure Services From the Cloud David Gootzit Frank Kenney David Mitchell Smith
  6. 6. 6 Register today at Summit Agenda Track 2 Application Integration and SOA Technology At the core of SOA and other modern SOA-derived approaches like BPM lies application integration enabled by a variety of middleware technologies framed in an “SOA Backplane”. Proper selection and implementation of application infrastructure technologies is critical for the success of integration-enabled SOA initiatives. Learn how to leverage application integration for SOA and BPM, how to effectively evaluate, select and implement the components of the enabling application infrastructure and what are the most appropriate development methodologies and tools. Do’s and Don’ts for Cost P How to Make Agile Waterfall: P The Rise of the Agile Software G Effective SOA Breathing Life into Prescriptive Factory When everybody talks of cost cutting Practices The lines between agile development and SOA looks like a nice to have. However, The 80’s and 90’s saw a rush to implement methods that are considered more formal, experience says that gradual and wise software improvement programs to add rigor such as model and metadata-driven adoption of SOA coupled with BPM, SaaS to chaotic and uncontrolled development development, are blurring. Principles of and other disciplines can lead to greater discipline. This has left a legacy of waterfall iterative delivery, team focus and engaged business efficiency without compromising development, in which prescriptiveness wins customer are common in most modern agility and innovation. This presentation out over agility. This session looks at how methods. Agile teams have synergy with discusses the “do’s and don’ts” for organizations can achieve the right balance teams organized around more-formal lines, successful enterprise-wide SOA in a time of control and agility by weaving new such as a software factory’s and product of shrinking IT budgets. practices into the existing software life cycle. line development. Agile teams can focus • What will be the drivers to SOA adoption • Why do plan-driven and prescriptive on developing solutions using assets that in a time of belt tightening? processes look enticing, but are often are developed and maintained using more smoke and mirrors? formal approaches. Agile software factories • How will organizations deploy their SOA • How are BPM, SOA and Web 2.0 will become increasingly popular both infrastructure by minimizing costs and stressing old-style waterfall application in-house and off-shore for SOA and non maximizing benefits? development and do they require SOA solutions. • Which are the key hurdles on the way a new approach? • What are the potential benefits to the to cost effective SOA, and how can • How to integrate lean and agile business and IT organization of the Agile organizations get over them? principles and practices into an existing Software Factory? Massimo Pezzini development process? • Why the Agile Software Factory is more David norton than the sum of its parts and the natural Selecting Backplane Infrastructure evaluation of high and low ceremony Technologies to Support Your SOA P process i.e. CMMI meets Agile. and BPM Initiatives XML Gateways To Application Integration: Hardening Your Appliance • Principles, practices and roles for getting Complex initiatives such as service-oriented started and maintaining the factory. architecture (SOA) and business process Strategy management (BPM) increase the need for All appliances aren’t equal and in many David norton integration. This presentation examines the cases solve a myriad of technology issues. role that integration technology will play in Regardless whether your need is XML 21st Century Application G addressing the needs of those initiatives. processing, faster than light messaging Development Tools, Environment or SaaS integration there is an appliance and Platforms • How are modern application systems evolving? that fits your needs. Development tools are the foundation of Frank Kenney any IT strategy. These technologies make • What features are needed for your SOA up the core of any application development backplane and what types of products (AD) strategy, and dictate the scope and supply these features? stability of all IT long-term investments. • How do vendors of these products Here we examine the latest trends in AD compare, and what must an organization tools, the environments they are leveraged do to select the products that best suit within, and the technology platforms they their requirements? support. We pay particular attention to the Jess Thompson ones best capable of supporting next- generation service-oriented architecture (SOA) challenges. • How do we assess and measure the market viability of application development tools? • Which application development environments and platforms offer the optimal foundation for next generation AD challenges? Joseph Feiman
  7. 7. P Practical Guidance G Gartner Vision 7 2 “In 2012, more than 50% of advanced, new enterprise application systems will incorporate commercial CEP technologies to support near-real-time operational intelligence, intelligent flow management or automated sense-and-respond capabilities.” Gartner Predicts Integration Practices for P Application Platform Scenario: G Composite Applications: How P Advanced SOA From the Trenches to the Cloud Modern Architecture Will Help The confluence of trends occurring today is Oracle’s acquisition of BEA leaves IBM, You Leverage Your Packaged Application Assets unprecedented. Service– and Web- oriented Microsoft and Oracle as a “triopoly” architectures, event-driven systems, of dominating giants in application Composite application integration helps context-aware computing, and extreme infrastructure markets and beyond. Red Hat, organizations that are building new transaction processing are contributing, SAP, SpringSource, Tibco, applications by leveraging custom and to profound changes in how integration Software AG, Progress and Sun are some of purchased assets. This session explores the is done, how systems are designed for the notable challengers competing to offer a changes to packaged applications, analyzes integration, and what technologies are comprehensive, alternative technology stack key vendors’ strategy and discusses how used to accomplish integration goals. for new SOA-style business application organizations should prepare for SOA and projects. To help users make the right composite applications. • How is IT changing? choices in the changing vendor landscape, • What is the nature of composite • How do those changes affect integration? we examine the application platform application integration and how will • What should you do about it right now? scenario, including the industry trends it provide you with benefits? Dan Sholler guiding the users’ and vendors’ strategies. • How will packaged application users • How do changing IT practices affect the leverage composite application integration best-of-breed application platform stacks? and SOA? • How does Oracle’s acquisition of BEA • How will Oracle, SAP and other packaged change the market landscape? application vendors support SOA and • How do users choose the application composite applications? platforms for new business application Jess Thompson projects? yefim natis Pre-Summit A Advanced Tutorials and Workshops B Beginner Jump-start your Summit experience with our pre-Summit interactive sessions. Use these valuable sessions to deepen your understanding of the vital issues and emerging trends and opportunities which will be central to the Summit content. A separate payment is required to attend these sessions. Track 1 Track 2 Workshop: Application A B Understanding ESB Suites and B Development Agility Maturity Other SOA Technology Alternatives Stages and Practices Jess Thompson Workshop length: 2 hours David Norton Patterns and Guidelines for B Starting with SOA and Moving to Advanced SOA For more information on Divide and Conquer: Taming SOA A the Tutorials and Workshops Complexity Through Federation Yefim Natis Massimo Pezzini please visit SOA Meets BPM B Marc Kerremans
  8. 8. 8 Register today at Summit Agenda Track 3 Operational Efficiency through SOA The primary goal of any IT project nowadays is aimed at gaining greater operational efficiency and reducing the cost of staying in business. Reducing IT expenditure is imperative. Investments must be justified through short-term cost efficiency benefits. False starts are most dangerous. Reacting swiftly is vital. Find out why MDM and BAM play a role in this picture; how middleware technology, application modernization, modern transaction processing techniques and data integration enable “doing more with less” and how to address the associated security and management challenges. Initiating the SOA Effort P When the Software Outlives the Best Practices and Technologies P Developers: Market Forces Driving IT for Data Integration Service-oriented architectures (SOAs) are Modernization Solid practices and technology for data complex constructions. Many enterprises What happens when your software integration are required to achieve reliable are uncertain about how to start the journey outlives your developers? The impact of consolidation, synchronisation and delivery to SOA. Gartner’s best-practice approach demographics, technology and expectations of data throughout the enterprise. Data will enable an SOA effort to take off, while are dramatically affecting an organization’s integration architectures, tools and markets also limiting the initial technological and ability to deliver. What plans has your are morphing as they become integral organizational investment. organization developed to respond to the functions in an enterprise’s information • How can companies avoid SOA false inevitable and undeniable market forces on infrastructure. starts? the horizon? This presentation will describe • Where do data integration techniques these forces and awaken attendees to and technologies add the most value • Which is the ideal SOA starting point to the importance planning will have on their help ensure SOA success and longevity? in the broader context of information application portfolio and infrastructure. management? • Which milestones will help you keep the • Which market forces are driving SOA momentum going? • What comes next in data integration IT modernization decisions across adoption and technology, particularly Dan Sholler the globe? in SOA? • Which options are available to clients to • What is the state of the data integration Achieving Real-time Awareness P move their application portfolio forward? tools market, and how will it evolve? with Business Activity Monitoring • What technologies represent the future Andreas Bitterer Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) is a of AD? style of Business Intelligence application Dale Vecchio that provides real-time access to critical Why Bother Managing SOA business performance indicators. The result Applications? is improved speed and effectiveness of Cheaper, Faster, Bigger, Easier: G Application architectures have continued business operations. Common applications Transaction Processing is Back to move at a rapid pace to keep up with in Vogue of BAM show how business processes the demand from the business for greater are performing, and issue alerts which Even in the era of cloud and SOA, flexibility and agility. Thus in the current grant additional time to manage threats transaction processing (TP) technology phase of its evolution, SOA has become or opportunities. remains pivotal to ensure high calibre quality one of the most popular application of service. TP core principles are immutable, architectures. As IT operations is usually • How does Business Activity Monitoring but their implementation is radically blamed for any production downtime, work? changing due to technology innovation, should it take SOA applications at face • Where are the value and the challenges business requirements for cost efficiency value or how should these applications be in deploying BAM? and emerging cloud-enabled computing supported in production? Is it too late to • Which technologies are used to build paradigms. think about manageability when SOA hits BAM applications? • How will open source, SOA, event the production shop floor? This presentation Bill Gassman processing, cloud computing and other explores various options. trends impact the evolution of transaction • What are the challenges in managing processing architectures? applications in a SOA environment? • What will be the key enabling technologies • How is the IT operations management for the next generation of SOA and cloud- technology evolving in the area of SOA enabled extreme transaction processing and application management? (XTP)? • What best practices should IT • How will organizations take advantage organizations follow to improve SOA of XTP technologies to improve their and application management? efficiency, reduce their costs and Milind Govekar ultimately stay in business? Massimo Pezzini
  9. 9. P Practical Guidance G Gartner Vision 9 Can SOA Save Legacy Applications? Composite applications represent a more agile way to meet ever-changing business demands. Composite applications do “Through 2012, 70% of SOA projects in complex, heterogeneous environments will fail to yield expected business benefits unless MDM is included.” Gartner Predicts Master Data Management — Does SOA Need MDM, or Does MDM Need SOA? The focus of business process management initiatives and service-oriented application 3 Application Security in the SOA World — Technologies, Methodologies and Practices How AD processes for SOA should not require completely new development. development initiatives are to create a be changed to meet modern security Reusing existing systems as the source of more-agile and reusable set of processes requirements? A myriad of applications business functions provides a low-cost, in the form of services. But, the majority have already been built without those low-risk way to get started. Service-oriented of services will only be as agile as the security considerations and yet they are architecture is becoming the next great hope availability and consistency of data used by an asset for enterprises, source of Web for success. This presentation highlights the them. This will require a focus on the design services, and players in SOA. Could they issues with reusing legacy applications as and management of an agile information- be made secure enough to withstand services and describes technologies and driven architecture where master data modern attacks? techniques that can be used today. management disciplines can be a key • Why do AD organizations build • Which techniques can be used to contributor. insecure applications? modernize legacy applications as • What impact does service-oriented • What application security issues services? architecture have on the agility and is SOA facing? • Which tools wrap applications and management of the information • Which vendors, tools, methodologies provide building blocks for composite architecture? and concepts enable higher-level applications? • How will organizations leverage the ability security assurance? • Which vendors provide the most viable of master data management disciplines Joseph Feiman solutions for reusing applications in more to capture and track data rules and modern application architectures? specifications for the next generation of processes and what best practices Dale Vecchio will they use to implement them? • What must organizations do in terms of transitioning people, process and technology to be able to ensure adequate levels of information agility for business process redesign initiatives? Andrew White Register Now and Build Your Agenda at
  10. 10. 10 Register today at Summit Agenda Track 4 Enabling Growth Through Multienterprise SOA A time of rapid and unpredictable change offers several opportunities for growth to companies able to exploit them without delay. Reaching out to clients and citizens more effectively, focusing on core business, more closely integrating with business partners and leveraging new Internet and cloud-enabled business models are ways to innovate and reinvent the business enabled by available technology. Explore the opportunities for innovation associated with multienterprise B2B integration patterns, e-commerce, cloud computing and software as a service, Web 2.0, mash ups and Web-oriented architecture. Multienterprise Integration G Application Platform as a Service: G The Promise of Portals, and G P Scenario An Emerging Alternative Its Fulfillment with Mashups Companies have been doing business- Transition from computing “in the closet” and WOA to-business (B2B) integration for decades, to computing “in the cloud” promises The value proposition of portals has always typically for e-commerce projects involving a liberation from many IT burdens. With included the capability for creating strategic, EDI. These projects are still common, APaaS, developers can create and execute enterprise-grade solutions at tactical but many new B2B projects involve SOA, applications with little or no on-premise tools speeds. This has often unfortunately been cloud-computing, SaaS, and Web 2.0 or application middleware. This capability more vision than reality. There has been a style provisioning. Does your company will increasingly be a part of emerging Web similar value proposition for systems built have a strategy and infrastructure to platform ecosystems. However, blindly with SOA, and likewise there is a falling support both traditional and innovative turning your application platform over to short of expectations. New approaches forms of B2B projects? the cloud is as dangerous as ignoring this based on mashups and WOA (Web-oriented • In addition to traditional e-commerce, important trend. architecture) revitalize the original vision what new styles of B2B projects are • What is APaaS, and how does it differ of agile strategic systems. Will they also companies implementing, such as from conventional application platforms? fall short? SaaS integration? • What are the platform vendor APaaS • How do portals and SOA enable agility? • What architectural styles and best strategies? • What are mashups and WOA and how practices will companies use to implement • Which user projects will benefit from the will these evolve in the enterprise? B2B projects? APaaS model and which should avoid it? • How can organizations gain business • What IT technologies and solutions will yefim natis value from portals, mashups and WOA? be necessary to successfully implement David Gootzit all forms of B2B integration projects? E-Commerce and Procure-to-Pay Benoit Lheureux Web 2.0 and Beyond: How it Procure-to-pay and e-commerce solutions G Continues to Impact Business continue to develop and mature. Some Cloud Computing Scenario: and Innovation G P are adopted one module at a time, some Extracting Business Value via a platform-oriented approach. This Although the Web 2.0 name is popular and from the Hype represents the Web of today, the world presentation will look at the state of the Cloud computing has become the latest market today and highlight best practices seems hungry for the next big thing, whether in a series of hot industry terms and as users are adopting to make their efforts it be Web 3.0, cloud computing, or other such, is used in many contradictory ways. successful. terms. While Web 2.0 suffered from being Underneath the fog, there are very real perhaps overly broad, the special interests • What is a procure-to-pay solution? driving 3.0-mania have the opposite trends such as global class architecture, Web platforms, scalable and elastic • How are procure-to-pay solutions being problem - they are often too focused. We’ll processing, and the Internet itself that implemented today? look at the future of the Web with a focus on are converging to fuel this phenomenon. • When should organizations consider business value and the direction of Web 2.0 Impacts will be felt as related applications procure-to-pay over more traditional forms innovation. evolve to deal with the changes, both real of B2B? • What discontinuities are driving the Web? and resulting from hype. This impact will Andrew White • What is Web 2.0, and is it only for Internet be felt in applications as well as platforms addicts? and services. • What’s beyond Web 2.0 (hint: it isn’t • How will cloud computing be defined Web 3.0)? and evolve? David Mitchell Smith • How will platforms be impacted by the cloud computing phenomenon? • How can IT and business leverage cloud computing? David Mitchell Smith
  11. 11. P Practical Guidance G Gartner Vision 11 The E-Invoicing Steamroller Finally G Picks Up Speed This session will highlight how a company should assess and plan for an e-invoicing “From 2008 to 2013, multienterprise (B2B) traffic will at least triple.” Gartner Predicts Best Practices in Multienterprise (B2B) Business Process Execution Many IT projects seek to model and deploy business processes and BPM P 4 Enterprise Mashups: Building Applications as Fast as the Situation Changes Mashups have exploded on the public Web G deployment. The focus will be on technologies within one company or IT delivering composite application capabilities multinational strategy versus one off-country organization. Much fewer IT projects directly to the public for extremely rapid type deployments. It will highlight specific model processes and deploy them across application development. Enterprises are nuances in various geographic regions and company boundaries. Do process models beginning to take mashups from Web give high-level guidelines for looking for and technology need to change when entertainment to an enterprise application a solution. implemented in B2B scenarios? delivery disruption. IT leaders and architects • What is e-invoicing, and why is it so • What are common styles for business must investigate this growing space for the complicated? process execution in multienterprise (B2B) transformational potential it can offer their scenarios? enterprise. • How do the economics of e-invoicing work? • How will BPM technology be leveraged • What are mashups, and what should in B2B projects, and how will that change enterprises do with them today to deliver • Why is e-invoicing finally taking off? business value? in five years? Paolo Malinverno • What is an enterprise mashup system • What are business process networks and multienterprise business process architecture? platforms, and how will companies use • What does the vendor landscape look them? like? Benoit Lheureux David Gootzit Gartner for IT Leaders Applications Every day you’re faced with decisions that will determine success or failure-that could influence your organization’s financial results, customer retention rates or Business Intelligence ability to compete. & Information Management Getting information is easy, but is it insightful and relevant? Your time is scarce. Spend less time searching for information and more time applying Business Process Improvement relevant insight to your IT initiatives that need effective solutions-right now. Ensure your success as an IT leader. Get the insight you need – when you CIO need it. With instant Web access to exclusive Gartner research that’s relevant, insightful and tailored for IT leaders in SOA & Application Development and Enterprise Architecture Integration. Infrastructure & Operations your Role. your Event. Insightful and relevant events aligned to your role, your priorities and your Program & Portfolio Management challenges. Security & Risk Management Interested in our role-based events? Visit for further information. Sourcing & Vendor Relationships Register Now and Build Your Agenda at
  12. 12. 12 Register today at Gartner Research Independent, unbiased, trustworthy, impartial and objective advise – the Hallmark of Gartner Research Worldwide Expertise at Your Fingertips — Your Questions on SOA & Application Development and Integration Answered! Gartner analysts draw constantly from the real-life challenges and solutions experienced by more than 45,000 clients worldwide. The value of this resource, combined with our deep analysis of technology vendors, is unrivalled. Meet the Gartner Analysts Andreas Bitterer Joseph Feiman Bill Gassman David Gootzit Research VP VP & Gartner Fellow Research Director Research Director Focus Areas: Business Intelligence, Focus Areas: Application Focus Areas: Business Activity Focus Areas: Enterprise Portals, Data Integration, Data Quality Security, Vulnerability Assessment Monitoring, Web Analytics, Business Enterprise Mashups, Web 2.0 and Management, Application Intelligence Development Susan Landry Milind Govekar Frank Kenney Marc Kerremans VP Distinguished Research VP Research Director Research Director Analyst Focus Areas: SOA Management, Focus Areas: SOA Governance, Focus Areas: Business of IT, Focus Areas: Application Maturity, Performance Management and Managed/Secure File Transfer, XML Business Process Management Application Staffing, Skills and Capacity Planning, Job Scheduling Gateways and Appliances – Technology, Business Process Organization, Application Strategy, Management – Organization, Governance and Management Business Rules Management David Anne Lapkin Benoit Lheureux Paolo Malinverno Mitchell Smith Research VP Research VP Research VP VP & Gartner Fellow Focus Areas: Enterprise Focus Areas: B2B and SaaS Focus Areas: SOA Governance Focus Areas: Cloud Computing, Architecture, EA and SOA, Context Integration, Application Integration, and Value, Multienterprise B2B in Web 2.0, Consumerization, Aware Computing Middleware Europe, Organizing for and Running Microsoft SOA Projects yefim natis VP Distinguished David norton Massimo Pezzini Dan Sholler Analyst Research Director VP & Gartner Fellow Research VP Focus Areas: Platform and Focus Areas: Application Focus Areas: Platform Middleware, Focus Areas: Application Design Integration Middleware, Service- Development Methodologies and Service-Oriented and Event Driven and Architecture (Service-Oriented Oriented and Event-Driven Software Life Cycles Frameworks, Architectures, Integration Middleware Architecture and Web-Oriented Architectures, Cloud Computing, Service-Oriented Architecture and Application Integration, Architecture), Open Source, Open Source Development Platforms and Transaction Processing and Cloud Application Integration Practices, Development Metrics Computing and Measurement Practices Jess Thompson Dale Vecchio Andrew White Research VP Research VP Research VP Focus Areas: ESBs, SOA and BPM Focus Areas: IT Modernization, Focus Areas: ERP and Supply Integration, Application Reusing Legacy for SOA, Mainframe Chain Management, Master Data Infrastructure, Cloud Computing Migrations Management (Multienterprise) Business Process Platform
  13. 13. 13 Maximize your Summit Experience Depth, Discipline, Decisiveness Gartner Summits are unique in the experience that they bring to attendees. A mixture of session formats brings extended opportunities to interact with Gartner analysts, with fellow attendees and focused solution providers. Networking at the Summit Market Share — Validate Connecting with your peers is a key element of your Summit experience. Leading Providers Take advantage of the networking opportunities to meet fellow delegates, Gartner analysts and sponsors to share ideas, best practices and future plans. Understand where and how you can take advantage of shifts in market share, both now and in the future. Personalize Your Experience Your Summit — your agenda! With a wealth of sessions, it is helpful to have a tool to build your own agenda focusing on your own needs. The online Agenda Builder helps you select the relevant sessions and schedule them in your calendar to build in networking and reflection time into your schedule. Magic Quadrants — Speed-Up Your Knowledge of Competing Technology Hype Cycles — Interpret Technology Hype Providers When new technologies make bold promises, how do you discern the Who are the competing players hype from what’s commercially viable? Gartner can help! in the major technology markets? How are they positioned to help you over the long haul? Gartner Gartner Analyst One-on-One Meetings can help. Don’t you think you deserve a little private and focused time? Assessing a market and its Meeting face-to-face with a Gartner analyst is one of the key participants is a daunting task. Vendor benefits for attending this Summit. Twelve Gartner analysts specializing in differentiation caused by differing sizes, various aspects of SOA & Application Development and Integration will be levels of complexity and strategies at the Summit. Bring your issue, select the relevant analyst, set the agenda can inhibit comparisons of vendor and walk away with invaluable, tailor-made advice. offerings, and the market’s overall direction is often murky. The Magic Gartner Analyst/User Roundtables Quadrant presentations will solve these Learn from your peers. Moderated by a Gartner analyst, these challenges by offering snapshots of Roundtables are a great forum for hearing what your industry peers markets and their participants, enabling are experiencing on issues similar to those you face. Be prepared to join you to map vendor strengths against the discussion and share best practices and practical advice. All end- your current and future needs. user attendees at the event are invited to register for Gartner Analyst/User Roundtables by reserving at the Gartner Analyst One-on-One Booking Desk. Solution Provider Session Selected technology providers will give their advice on the latest technologies Vendor Ratings — Track and and best practices. The providers, and in many cases their clients, will explore Monitor Vendor Performance best practices, key learning’s and future trends and technologies. These sessions Manage the risk of your provider give you a unique opportunity to learn from the organizations that will shape the portfolio while you keep an eye on future of technology and to benefit from the real-life experiences of their clients. up-and-coming players and potential alternate providers. Register Now and Build Your Agenda at
  14. 14. 14 Register today at Solution Showcase Sponsorship Opportunities If your organization is interested in sponsoring this event, please contact Babita Maria for further details. Telephone: + 44 (0)1784 269431 E-mail: Meet the technology and service providers at the forefront of SOA & Application Development and Integration Summit The Summit helps you develop a “short list” of technology providers who can meet your particular needs. We offer you exclusive access to some of the world’s leading technology and service solution providers in a variety of settings. Visit the Solution Showcase, attend the Solution Provider Sessions and join in the Networking Reception for informal relationship building. Premier Sponsor Software AG is the world’s largest independent provider of Business Infrastructure Software. Our 4,000 global customers achieve measurable business results by modernizing and automating their IT systems and rapidly building new systems and processes to meet growing business demands. Our industry-leading product portfolio includes best-in-class solutions for managing data, enabling service-oriented architecture, and improving business processes. By combining proven technology with industry expertise and best practices, our customers improve and differentiate their businesses — faster. Platinum Sponsors Axway recently merged with Tumbleweed Microgen provides solutions and vertical applications Sterling Commerce helps companies optimize Communications to become the leading global based on its high performance Business Process and transform their Business Collaboration Network provider of multi-enterprise solutions and Platform; Microgen Aptitude, to global customers in to accelerate revenues and reduce costs. More infrastructure, serving over 11,000 organizations in the Financial Services, Energy & Utilities, Commercial, than 30,000 customers use Sterling Commerce more than 100 countries. Powered by Synchrony™, Media and Entertainment Sectors. This UK public applications and integration solutions to connect, a service-oriented architecture (SOA), Axway’s company (founded 1974) has offices in Europe, communicate, and collaborate inside and outside customers can “start anywhere, use anything” North America, South Africa and the Channel Islands. their enterprise. An AT&T company headquartered i to complement their existing infrastructures. n Columbus, Ohio, Sterling Commerce has offices Axway is headquartered in Arizona. in 24 countries. Silver Sponsors Fiorano is a leading provider GT Software is a global provider of Primeur specializes in Managed File Sun Microsystems offers a proven of enterprise class business mainframe integration solutions that Transfer and End-to-End Security for portfolio of software for enterprises process integration and messaging enable companies to maximize the multi-enterprise collaboration in ESB/ to evolve their software architecture infrastructure technology. value of their technology investments SOA environments. to a standards-based SOA to deliver without significantly increasing costs. services and business growth. Sponsor listing correct at 6 March 2009
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