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Sms profile 2009 (3)


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Sms profile 2009 (3)

  1. 1. Tel: 0844 357 8629 Email: URL: In the UK one in five people suffers from stress at work This could be affecting your team’s wellbeing, undermining your company’s efficiency, productivity and profitability. However, there is an easy solution... How does stress affect you and your organisation? Stress is now recognised as a major problem affecting workers in the UK. Here’s why... The Health and Safety Executive says:  one in five people suffers from workplace stress.  stress is the number one reason for absence from work in the UK.  13.5 million working days are lost due to stress, at a cost of £3.7 billion. Senior HR practitioners say:  60% say it damages staff retention.  83% say it is harming productivity. And a Stress Management Society survey in 2009 showed that:  78% of people say stress is affecting their mood, health and sleep  yet 61% have not taken any steps to get professional advice. So what should you be doing? The Stress Management Society (SMS) is a leading authority on stress recognition and management. As a not- for-profit company established in 2003 by a team of health care and professional consultants, we are one of the most renowned resources of information, advice, support and guidance for stress, wellbeing and mental health issues. We pride ourselves on providing the latest knowledge, ideas, services and products that help to combat stress. At the Stress Management Society, our team of specialists have helped thousands of people and hundreds of companies tackle the problem of workplace stress. We are dedicated to helping people tackle stress at work and at home using time tested holistic techniques for natural stress management. We publish a valuable free guide and a regular newsletter filled with tips on stress management. The popular factsheets located on our website offer free downloadable stress recognition and management tools. Upon request, we also conduct on-site stress testing on individuals and explain how to address and reduce any damaging stress loads they carry.
  2. 2. Tel: 0844 357 8629 Email: URL: Our team offers the highest quality consultancy, staff training, event organisation and stress management services. We also offer a world-class Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and counselling services, and have recently launched an online health assessment and stress coaching tool. If you want to achieve the required standards in stress management - which might include conducting audits, writing a stress policy, or training – then contact us today. Our onsite workshops help individuals to understand how they are affected by stress, and what the physical, mental and emotional responses are and what we can do to increase their ability to cope with stress. We deliver our services in accordance with the Health and Safety Executives Stress Management standards. We advise employers and individuals about ways to reduce stress and we work with diverse companies, ranging from sole traders to those listed on the FTSE 100. We operate in the public and private sectors, offering everything from simple advice to company-wide stress audits. The great news is that by dealing with stress at work you get great benefits. For example, you can potentially do away with up to 20% of current sickness levels in the company. You can stop problems of staff turnover and poor morale. And you can even become an employer of choice, attracting a better calibre of employee. Our clients include: Allianz Insurance, City of London, Shell, NHS, The Home Office, The FA, Hackney Council, ITV and many others. The moment you or someone you know needs help tackling workplace stress, please contact us! We can reduce your stress levels immediately, because we have the answers you need to put stress in its proper place – SMS is committed to giving you the tools you need to reduce the stress in your life.