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Wild Romance: A Tale of Digital Passion


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A visual exploration of my history as a hacker, mostly focusing on systems I've owned and how girls and boys of all ages can lose themselves in digital pursuits

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Wild Romance: A Tale of Digital Passion

  1. 1. Wild RomanceA Tale of Digital Passion
  2. 2. prologuepre-1981 computers were for technicianspost-1990 computers were for professionalsbut in the 1980s they belonged to children
  3. 3. i. in the beginning
  4. 4. colourful graphics
  5. 5. low-fi sound
  6. 6. cheap offline storage
  7. 7. system in ROM
  8. 8. booted into BASIC
  9. 9. ii. words & pictures
  10. 10. Elric sent his mind into twisting tunnels of logic, acrossendless plains of ideas, through mountains of symbolism and endless universes of alternate truths; he sent hismind out further and further and as it went he sent with it the words [...] words that few of his contemporaries would understand... - Elric of Melniboné, Michael Moorcock
  11. 11. I love BASIC
  12. 12. simple but powerful
  13. 13. looks a bit like English
  14. 14. easy to think about
  15. 15. not an operating system
  16. 16. but fakes it well
  17. 17. easy to think about
  18. 18. iii. let’s get serious
  19. 19. iii. hackers & gamers
  20. 20. iv. teach the children
  21. 21. v. hackety hack hack
  22. 22. vi. a slice of raspberrypi