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Cutting A Dash


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This one was done in the heat of the moment, in the week we finally implemented one of these. "Wickedly seditious" said a colleague.

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Cutting A Dash

  1. 1. Policy Police Special issue: Cutting a dash Project completion. Dontcha just hate it? I’ve gotta deliver the enhanced Dashboard to the Implementation Director. So he holds all the cards. And he knows it. Gives you that deep-down sick feeling. You know what I mean?
  2. 2. There‟s no way outta this is there? C„mon. You‟re supposed to be a grown-up.
  3. 3. Would you rather I did it on my own? No. There‟s no need for that. I thought not.
  4. 4. Before we go, put these on. Why? One. It hides the black eye. Two. It stops them seeing the fear in your eyes.
  5. 5. What if they can smell the fear? Speak for yourself.
  6. 6. Good to see you. Is this it? Let‟s have a look. You know Geoff, don‟t you? Geoff from the CDM? I met him last night and he asked, “Any jobs going at the Agency?” “There‟s plenty going,” I said, “but there‟s none staying!” Let‟s check the Oh, ho, thing out. It let‟s ho. me know the RAG status of all my projects, right?
  7. 7. … and their impact on the outside world. …”none staying.” Oh, ho, ho.
  8. 8. And you won‟t have to read the annual Research Review any more. … I never did.
  9. 9. We know.
  10. 10. We‟ve enhanced the interface to give it a more real-world feel.
  11. 11. It‟s Dave! He‟s gone red in the face and he‟s scowling at me! It‟s cuz his projects are not meeting their targets.
  12. 12. …and Mike looks kinda green. Mike always looks kinda green. Come to think of it, that‟s true.
  13. 13. It‟s just like real life! It is real life.
  14. 14. You know, it‟s a But it‟s structured shame we didn‟t according to the have this before strategy. we wrote the strategy. That‟s what I mean. It would have saved a heck of a lot of time. Pity…
  15. 15. And we‟ve added these… There‟s more?
  16. 16. The levers of Power…
  17. 17. …and the Wow…. joystick of Strategy.
  18. 18. What about sound? Just pull the levers and say “Vroom!” Right!
  19. 19. Now you can catch the bad guys. There are bad guys? You know who they are. Yes. I do.
  20. 20. And how many years of my life have I spent on this? Gotta keep looking on the bright side. Vroom! Vroooom! Keeps them off …hangin‟ out in the streets, I bus shelters suppose… …niffing glue …having visions.