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How eyeworks diseases


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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How eyeworks diseases

  1. 1. Eye Structures
  2. 2. How the Eye WorksThe eye works like a camera. Light is focused through the cornea and thecrystalline lens onto the retina. The central part of the retina, called macula, isresponsible for sharp vision. The rest of the retina caters for peripheral visionand navigation.How vision is affected by eye diseasesA normally working eye generates a sharp central image (central vision) withwell visualised surrounding features (peripheral vision).Macular diseases affect the sharpness of the central vision and distorts it.
  3. 3. In neovascular AMD (nAMD also referred to as wet AMD) leaky blood vesselscause accumulation of fluid into the macula (macular oedema) and/or bleeding.Effect of fluid accumulation in the macula in early stages of wet AMD andmacular oedema.Neovascular (wet) AMD, more advanced leakageNeovascular (wet) AMD, advanced and severe leakageEffect of bleeding in the macula in Neovascular (wet) AMD
  4. 4. Effect of bleeding in the macula in Neovascular (wet) AMD, more severestage
  5. 5. Effect of early cataract on visionEffect of more advanced cataract on visionEffect of glaucoma, early stages on visionEffect of glaucoma, more advanced stages on vision
  6. 6. Effect of glaucoma, very advanced stages on vision