Clause modifiers


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Clause modifiers

  1. 1. Tell whether the underlined set of words is a clause or a phrase. Write P if it is a phrase; C if it is a clause. ___ 1. Talking during the test is strictly forbidden in Mr. Javier’s class. ___ 2. Our family made reservations in the hotel where we want to stay. ___ 3. The bus came late because the driver doesn’t know the way. ___ 4. The houses hit by the tsunami turned into ruins. ___ 5. I was given medicines to drink every morning.
  2. 2. ___ 6. The couch that mother bought two days ago converts into a comfortable bed. ___ 7. The students playing basketball in the gym are the best in school. ___ 8. Since there were no traffic lights, several cars bumped into one another. ___ 9. Mr. Estallo asked questions to check if the class listened. ___ 10. The students will remember more the lessons if the teacher discusses it enthusiastically.
  3. 3. Relative Clause Subordinate clause
  4. 4. Relative Clauses  -describe, limit or qualify nouns in sentences  -functions as an adjective  -always appear after the noun it modifies  - always begin with a relative pronoun which relates the whole clause to the main clause
  5. 5. Relative Pronouns Who Used to refer to persons Whom Used to refer to persons (object form) Whose Used refer to persons (possessive form) Where Used for places When Used for time That May refer to either person or things Which Used for inanimate objects, animals, or group of persons
  6. 6. 1. Summer camp is for students who like to learn something new. 2. Mr. Bernal is in the gym where the basketball camp takes place. 3. Henry bought a basketball which will be used for the tournatment. 4. I saw the player who took the three-point shot. 5. Paul, whom I met in the summer camp, is last season’s MVP. Relative Clause Exercise 1. Write the relative clause and the noun that it modifies.
  7. 7. Relative Clause Exercise #2. Complete the following sentences with the appropriate relative pronoun. Rewrite the whole sentence and box the noun being modified by the relative clause. 1. Juls _____ the clients favored is the top sales agent. 2. It was Mr. Torres _____ decided to cancel the activity of the class. 3. Special certificates will be awarded to students _____ participated in extra-curricular activities 4. The contestant _____ won the first prize in swimming is my classmate in high school. 5. FEU-EAC is an institution _____ offers engineering and information technology programs.
  8. 8. 6. Senator Drilon ___ was elected Senate President will lead the 16th Congress. 7. The schools ____ will be affected by the rallies suspended the classes. 8. After the SONA, many people criticized Pnoy’s Speech, ___ was applauded many times. 9. I am dreaming of day ___ Philippines is already a progressive country. 10. Rep. Imelda Marcos, ___ fell on her knees, is still in the hospital.
  9. 9. Non-Restrictive Adjective Clause -the modified noun is specific -doesn’t change the idea of the sentence even if omitted Example: Araneta Coliseum, which was built decades ago, was once the biggest dome in Asia.
  10. 10. Restrictive Adjective Clause -the modified noun is not specific -adds essential meaning to the sentence -if omitted the idea of the sentence changes Example: Antonio will submit his project that explains bullying in the university.
  11. 11. Let us study these sentences. 1. A. Malacanang Palace is in Manila. B. Manila is the capital of the Philippines.  Malacanang Palace is in Manila, which is the capital of the Philippines. 2. A. Patrick attended the meeting for the Freshmen Acquaintance Party. B. Patrick is the president of E04. Patrick, who is the president of E04, attended the meeting for the Freshmen Acquaintance Party.
  12. 12. 3.A. Henry bought a basketball. B. The basketball will be used for the tournament. Henry bought a basketball which will be used for the tournatment. 4. A. Paul is last season’s MVP. B. I met Paul in the summer camp. Paul, whom I met in the summer camp, is last season’s MVP.
  13. 13. Let us try these! Rewrite the following sentences using relative clauses.  A lion is an animal. It is the King of the jungle.  Jose Rizal is a novelist. He wrote Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo.  Anya speaks German. Her father is from Germany.
  14. 14. Relative Clause Exercise #3. Expand the following sentences by adding a relative clause that modifies the underlined word. 1. A group pushing for a garbage-free Philippines urged the LGUs to immediately adopt the “zero-waste” principle. 2. Ecological Waste Coalition said that LGU’s should focus on programs. 3. Quezon City required all establishments to use paper bags instead of plastic. 4. Francis actually works in a company. 5. The organization aims to reduce garbage production.
  15. 15. Subordinate CLAUSES -modifies a verb, an adjective, and an adverb -tells when, where, in what manner/how, to what extent, under what condition and why -introduced by subordinating conjunctions Subordinate clause=subordinating conjunction + subject + verb
  16. 16. Time after, before, when, while, as, by the time, whenever, since, until, as soon as, once, as long as Cause and effect because, since, now that, as, as long as, inasmuch as, so (that), in order that Contrast although, even though, though, whereas, while Condition if, unless, only if, whether or not, even if, providing (that), provided (that), in case, in the event
  17. 17. Subordinate Clause Exercise #1. Write the subordinate clause in the sentence. 1. The president waited until she heard the court’s decision. 2. After the mayor had cut the ribbon, he entered the gallery. 3. I will join the camping if my parents allow me. 4. I don’t eat before I exercise. 5. They will cancel the concert unless more tickets are sold.
  18. 18. Subordinate Clauses Exercise #2. Complete the given sentences with the appropriate subordinating conjunction. Rewrite the whole sentence, tell the relationship of the subordinate clause to the main clause. 1. Hockey players wear lots of protective clothing ________ they don't get hurt. 2. You will have to pay higher insurance ________ you buy a sports car. 3. You shouldn't drive ________ you drink alcohol. 4. ________ the dolphin lives in the sea, it is not a fish -- it's a mammal. 5. You may get dengue ________ you are bitten by a mosquito.
  19. 19. 6. I have to leave school early _____ I have a check-up with our family physician. 7. _____ many guests had arrived early, the celebration started at exactly 6:00pm. 8. James did not play in the last game _____ he was still suffering from ankle sprain. 9. Andrea is doing the assignement in Math ___ Denise is assisting their mom in the kitchen. 10. Students should submit all the requirements ____ they want to pass the course.
  20. 20. Subordinate Clauses Exercise #3. Expand the following sentences by adding an appropriate subordinate clause. Be guided by the relationship expressed inside the parenthesis. 1. Never touch a bare electrical wire. (cause and effect) 2. Coins sink in the water. (cause and effect) 3. My family will migrate to Canada. (time) 4. Paolo will get a high grade. (condition) 5. Pnoy is received the highest approval rating. (contrast)
  21. 21. Clause Modifiers Exercise  Write a 10-sentence reaction paper about the recent State of the Nation Address by PNoy. Use relative and subordinate clauses and underline them. Write your answer on a ½ cross-wise.