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  1. 1. ProjectLabguidance document version 3.0 for Round 3
  2. 2. New opportunities in 2012In 2012 the Innovation Lab brings you an exciting new way to directlyhelp your practice and understanding of innovation and newopportunities.It is called ProjectLab - a festivals-only funding competition forinnovation projects worth up to £5k per individual Festival projectproposal, or up to £15k for a cross-Festival funding proposal.This guidance document explains how to get the most of theseopportunities for you and your festival.If you ever have any questions or require any additional supportplease just email us at
  3. 3. What is projectlab?ProjectLab is an innovation funding competition for the EdinburghFestivals managed through the Innovation Lab.It will comprise of multiple rounds with successful proposals receivinggrants up to £5k per project for an individual Festival project, or up to£15k for a group Festivals project.Any festival or festival employee can submit a project proposal whichuses new thinking or new tools to make the festivals better - either forthem, their audiences, their talent or their partners.Successful proposals will be selected against published criteria by theInnovation Working Group.As well as the benefits of delivering stand-alone projects, ProjectLabalso provides a route for festivals to test project ideas ahead of largergeneral funding rounds in 2012/13.
  4. 4. What is eligible and in scope?Any project which brings new thinking and new tools to your festivaland results in a tangible deliverable is eligible for ProjectLab. Thisdefinition is deliberately broad and includes:• Digital projects (web & mobile)• Projects which have no digital component• Internal organisational or business process improvement• Projects which benefit any stakeholder type• Collaborations with other festivals or organisations• Trials and pilots as well as full scale projects• Research
  5. 5. What is out of scope?The following are out of scope for ProjectLab proposals:• Core programming• Core people costs• Core organisational costs• Professional development (see PD section below)• A proposal with no clear deliverable• A proposal with no champion within a festival organisation
  6. 6. What are the selection criteria?Ten criteria will be the basis of selecting the winning proposals perProjectLab round:• Clarity of proposal• Articulation of the Need• Likely Impact if delivered• What makes it Innovative• The project’s Deliverability• Longer-term project Legacy• Additionality to existing or core activity• Benefits to Other Festivals• Ownership within the host festival• Learning benefits to you and your festivalNB Project proposals will not be expected to fulfil every criterion.
  7. 7. Can you give me some “for instance” examples?ProjectLab will welcome project proposals as diverse as: software which saves design of new signage commissioning research small scale trial of a significant core time which improves flow at into a specific paperless ticketing through automation key site innovation opportunity solution creative new app or subscription of effective engaging a designer to digital distribution online tool to improve volunteer management improve your service for experiment event discovery software certain audience types online visualisation of subsidising incentives to test of new revenue festival programme or encourage less trial of new technology stream for festival other data environmental waste integration of content mobile site based on creative digital trial of personal festival into existing app e.g. Book festival open experience which concierge service Showgizmo source code augments a live event
  8. 8. Is there any help to work up a proposal?There are a couple of ways in which help is available to develop yourproject proposal which cover both coming up with the basic idea itselfand developing that idea to submission.1. Ideation tools - available online at Talk to people- sense check ideas with colleagues in your ownorganisation or other festivals.3.Email to discuss your proposal.
  9. 9. What is the overall process?
  10. 10. What are the timelines?Two successful rounds of ProjectLab have been completed for 2012,and the third round of funding dates are as follows:18th September 2012: Funding submissions open18th October 2012: Funding submissions closew/c 5 November : Announcements of final funding awards are made
  11. 11. How are submissions assessed?A ProjectLab assessment and selection meeting will be held followingthe submission deadline. Proposals will be assessed according to theselection criteria and up to three successful proposals selected perround.The selection meeting will be comprised of the Innovation WorkingGroup. Festivals not represented by the core IWG members will beable to send a representative if they wish.Feedback will be available for unsuccessful candidates asap after theselection meeting.
  12. 12. How does the submission work?Proposals are submitted online via submission form is designed to be as simple as possible while alsocapturing the key information required for assessment and selection.Copies of the questions asked are also available on the site.
  13. 13. Professional development delegationsAs a further investment in the innovators amongst the festivalcommunity, each successful proposal may receive an invitation to joina cross-festival delegation to a UK innovation conference.Details of the conferences in 2012 will be available upon application.If the original proposal was the result of a team effort, the candidatefor the delegation is to be agreed by that team.
  14. 14. What else should I know about the proposals?• Usage of the proposal support mechanisms is optional• Projects can be managed and/or delivered in-house or externally• Projects managed/delivered externally require a festival champion• Submissions can be made by individuals or by festivals as a whole• Unsuccessful projects can re-apply in later rounds if they act onfeedback• There is no limit on the number of submissions each festival can make• Individual festivals are limited to two grants after which they becomeineligible• All grantees must report progress & results via a simple template• Any code created is to be made open source unless a strong case for thecontrary• Projects must be completed and invoiced for by end of FY12/13
  15. 15. What are the details of the grant?• Successful proposals will receive 50% on award and 50% oncompletion• Successful proposals to invoice Festivals Edinburgh for draw-down• No match-funding is required• Projects will be reviewed at their midpoint and if no progress hasbeen made the award will be returned to Festivals Edinburgh
  16. 16. please for questions & support full details thank you.