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  1. 1. FESTIVAL TOUCHPOINTS POST Post Programme Performer Box office Corporate merchandise by post post tickets documents (contracts) SMARTPHONE Official Unofficial Official Unofficial mobile sites mobile sites mobile apps mobile apps PHONE Box office Festival Individual Venue number Edinburgh festival numbers phone numbers EMAIL Tickets by Newsletters email by email SPACES Box office Designated Public spaces One off venues (high street) festivals (Holyrood Park) PRINT Internal Event Performance Tickets Edinburgh Reviews in Full festival Tourist Posters per Unofficial Maps Tourist 3rd Party Industry advocacy programmes flyers Festivals newspapers programmes posters performance programme information media in delegate documents, Merchandise guides festivals material annual reviews WEB Cross 3rd party Unofficial Performer Venue Ticket Social media Edinburgh API listings Tourism Festivals websites websites website website website accounts Festival websites Website using an API Innovation Lab websiteWhat is your festival made of? Want to download this tool?Could you create a blueprint of Find it at: design.festivalslab.comyour own festival?
  2. 2. THE COUNCIL FESTIVAL STAKEHOLDERS THE PRESS AND MEDIA VENUES TICKET PROVIDERS TRANSPORT ACCOMMODATION PUBLIC SECTOR LOCAL BUSINESS FUNDERS What is your festival ecosystem?What is your festival ecosystem? Want to download this tool?What partners and sectors Find it at: design.festivalslab.comcould you collaborate with?
  3. 3. FESTIVAL CUSTOMERSTourist agencies Festival Edinburgh Team International Audiences UK Audience Who does your festival team serve? Could you describe 50 different peoplePart time artists/thinkers Full time individual artists Edinburgh Citizens, Local Promoters (Publishers, who engage with your festival?(not their job) and thinkers People Artist Representatives) Want to download this tool?Volunteer Staff Individual Givers Performing Companies Industry Delegates Core Festival Staff Find it at:
  4. 4. FESTIVAL YEAR 17 8 12 10Edinburgh International Science Festival Bank of Scotland Imaginate Festival Edinburgh International Film Festival Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival 30/03/12 - 15/04/12 07/05/12 - 12/05/12 20/06/12 - 01/07/12 20/07/12 - 29/07/12 31 23 25 24 Edinburgh Art Festival The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Edinburgh Fringe Festival Edinburgh International Festival 02/08/12 - 02/09/12 03/08/12 - 25/08/12 03/08/12 - 27/08/12 10/08/12 - 02/09/12 17 3 10 3 Edinburgh International Book Festival Edinburgh Mela Festival Scottish International Storytelling Festival Edinburghs Hogmanay 11/08/12 - 27/08/12 31/08/12 - 02/09/12 19/10/12 - 28/10/12 30/12/12 - 01/01/13
  5. 5. FESTIVAL DNA “How can I make a project happen?” “How do I get people on board with this?” ESTABLISH TOOLS Establish and collaborate tool Influence: Getting people on board  Stakeholder Map Tool  Alter Assumptions Tool  EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES Start a blog Brand your project  Project kick off meeting   EXIT Begin your project Exit tomers l eve s ce nl en us re tio e ri stival c Measu isa xp le an va org ering fe sti te and l ai al /fe n t de ta tiv s fes ge pa ld ui Evalua ur Discov en /b yo u all n ap si fs ch ie p Wr hip br ers ga g p e Bi gu n rit ow in g W hin blis en Op ta 4.5 1.1 4.4 1.2 Es n .3 horizo stival a 4 he fe your ide ning t 1.3 nicating Scan Commu 4.2 4 1 1.4 DELIVER DISCOVER 4.1 Exit Exit Establishing 2.1 Deliver 3.6 Prototy 3 2 opportunities /problems pe DEVELOP DEFINE 2.2 3.5 Def Ma 2.3 kin ine 4 3. Out gy 2. com our 4 Co De 3.3 es 2.5 pro 3.2 -d ve 3.1 2.6 tot ype lo es ign De pi Ra ng Te liv Ma pi s Eva yo tin er Developing d Laying ur g king Pr Pr lua id ot ea ot ot te P ot y yp yp our out you in rot e g pro o your idea typ to r idea o e typ e ptions Exit"Who can we collaborate with to provide a better festival "Where do we focus our efforts on developing the festival experience?" "Ive got an idea for the festivals, how can I bring it to life?" "How can we communicate this new service we are launchingexperience?" from our organisation?” "What do our customers want from the festivals?" "Were planning a new intervention into our festival, how do we know if"What is our festival experience like and how can we improve it?” it will work and people will use it?" “How do we make sure we able to deliver what we have "How do we focus our attention on one part of the festival designed?”"What other festivals/innovation is happening out there we can experience?"learn from?" DISCOVER DEFINE DEVELOP DELIVER 1 2 3 4 TOOLS TOOLS; TOOLS Idea Sketch TOOLS The Interview Lite Customer Journey Map Storyboarding Blueprint Lite (small) 50 Things Tool Persona Prototype Challenge lite Service Evidencing Poster Contextual Interview User Values Prototype Challenge (Take Prototypes to Users) Wwwwwh Observation Media Portrait Staging Service Blueprint Shadowing P.O.P.I. (Problems.Opportunity.Principles.Ideas) Desktop Walkthrough Service Evidencing Cultural Probe Principle Statements DEVELOP Mock Up DEFINE Relationship/Stakeholder Map Clustering EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES DELIVER Experience Prototyping DISCOVER Generative Tools Brainstorm Exhibition Vox Popping Idea Voting EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES Day in the Life Make Day EXIT Empathy Tools EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES Intervention Day Evaluation Tool after delivery Service Walkthrough Newsletter Hack Day All previous exit tools Co-design Session EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES; Showcase Event EXIT Customer Day Funding Bid Tech Day EXIT Brief Asset Map Class Evaluate and Measure Idea Options BookDISCOVERY STAGES DEFINITION STAGES DEVELOP STAGES EXIT; DEVELOP STAGES Brief (define) Brief (discover) Slide Deck Slidedeck of findingsDiscovering festival customersThis stage is about finding out who your customers Establishing opportunities / problems Developing stop onidea This stage is about your a napkin. Communicating your idea new idea to This stage is about taking all the research you’ve done An idea doesn’t This stage is about communicating theare and developing new customer segments. in the discovery stage and making sense of it. You will developing your initial ideas into fully formed concepts. your organisation and partners. It’s important to be able to define problems or opportunities to take get buy in at this stage with partners who have notBigthis stage to tackle those big challenges youUse challenges/festival experiences forward when generating ideas. Making is aboutprototype around how you are your making a plan been involved in the development process to ensure smooth implementation.face and look at the total experience of your festival. Define outcomes what you know and deciding This stage Establishing ownershipwho is responsible going to prototype your idea. How will you evaluate theIs there a wicked problem you should be solving or This stage is about taking success of your prototype?an experience you’ve always wanted to deliver? where you are going to take the work. Is this about It’s vital at this stage to considerOpeningisup gaps in yourwhere there are festival service improvement? A new service or product? Deliver is about building your prototypes and testing prototype for delivering the idea you have developed. Consider who might offer capital for assets thatThis stage about understandingsignificant gaps in your provision or problematic Co-design testing of the design process. Use Co-design is an integral part This stage them with your target audience. your project requires. Who will take responsibility for operational costs?areas. Tackle them head on rather than ignore them. this stage to work with people to generate ideas and test the work generated during the ‘Definition’ stage. Repeat is an iterative process. It doesn’t start and Write briefsbuilding any detail / build new channels/assetsScanning the festival understanding of what horizon Prototyping This stage is forUse this stage to develop youris happening outside of your festival experience. You Rapid prototyping mocking up some of the This stage is about quickly stop anywhere in particular. Repeat these stages, on a larger and more detailed scale until you feel you are ready to take your project to the next stage. v you have outlined in the delivery stage to make your concept a reality.might want to look at what others are doing both Wrap up at wraporganisationan an the project up at level ideas you’ve been working on to bring them to life.within and outwith a festivals context. Making your ideas physical helps communicate your project and develop your thinking. It’s important to organisational level. It is crucial to tell the story of Evaluate about reflecting on your prototypes and This stage is prototype your project to organisation and partners. Make sure you tell this story in an engaging, visual way what you learned from testing your idea. that will encourage reflection and learning. Laying out your idea all the ideas you’ve got options Evaluate and measure it is always A project should never be finished, This stage is about looking at and making decisions on how to move forward. changing and responding to new customers and new technologies. This is what designers call continuous improvement. This stage can be used to look at the impact of what you have delivered. You can gather both qualitative and quantitative feedback at this stage. Cvonsider yourself working in ‘perpetual beta’.