Establish your festival project


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Part of the Festival Design DNA project from the Edinburgh Festivals Innovation Lab. See for full context & details

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Establish your festival project

  2. 2. WHERE HAS THIS COME FROMFestival Design DNA is a project produced by Snook for festivalslab. It is both a set of practical tools and an exciting new conversation about what happens when cultural professionals and organisationsstart to think like designers and work to make the experiences they create better from a person-centred point of view. festivalslab or the Edinburgh Festivals Innovation Lab works with and for the twelve Edinburgh Festivals on how to use new thinkingand new tools to the experience of the world’s festival city even better for audiences, creative talent and festival organisations. Snook is a Glasgow-based service design and social innovation agency focusing on transforming the way services are delivered in Scotland, ensuring people come first.
  3. 3. ESTABLISH YOUR FESTIVAL PROJECTPurpose Exit Tools;This pack is to help you to pull a project together Move into the part of the design process you thinkand get it off the ground. You may also want to use is relevant to you.this pack to help organise a co-design workshop orevent around design for the festivals.Time Frames + Re-framed QuestionEstablish and collaborate tool: 1/2 day(Run this as group activity for a couple of hoursbetween festival organisations to map spaces foropportunities to collaborate and create projects)Getting people on board: 2 hours(Take some time to think about how you can createan advert to get people on board)Stakeholder Map Tool: 4 hours(Work with your organisation and others to look atwho could be involved in your project)Alter Assumptions Tool: 1 hourThis should be a quick task, if you make it longer itwill become unproductive)Start a blog: 1 day(Blogs are quick and easy to set up, give yourself aday to get some basic graphics and copy together)Brand your project: 2 days(You don’t have to be proficient in graphics soft-ware. A photograph might help brand your project,or chunky thought. Give yourself some time tothink it through and create a logo/materials)Project kick off meeting: 1 day(Spend a day kicking off your project. Talk throughaims/objectives and invite everyone to make a con-tribution that day)
  4. 4. 4 1 DELIVER DISCOVER 3 2 DEVELOP DEFINE ESTABLISHESTABLISH & COLLABORATE “GETTING EVERYONE ON BOARD AT THE START IS CRUCIAL TO A USE ME TO: GOOD PROJECT”Establishing a project and gettingpeople on board is sometimesdifficult. • Create a project team.One way to find opportunities forfestival cross collaboration work is YOU WILL NEED:using the ‘Calendar tool’ to outlinewhere festival organisations could • A basic questionnaire template work together to collaborate on which you can tailorresearch or development of new • Email’sideas for Edinburgh festivals. • EventbriteCommonly most people will say‘I don’t have time’ or ‘My diary isfull this week’. Fighting againstbusy schedules and a lack of will isdifficult.Either (a) run a competition or call toaction around organisations relevantto your cause.Or (b) make it a compulsoryexercise, part of the daily to do.Look for people who are keen tocome on board with your projectand give time to it.Holding an event prior to launchor creating a sign up page on yourwebsite is an ideal way forward togenerate interest.
  5. 5. 4 1 DELIVER DISCOVER 3 2 DEVELOP DEFINE ESTABLISHGET OTHER PEOPLE ON BOARDNo matter how big or smallyour idea is it’s important you USE ME TO:gain support, enthusiasm andconfidence from your colleagues • Build a team of like minded and peers. Sometimes this is tricky people who are willing to so this is a tool to help you along invest time and energy in your the way. This is a blank template ideathat you can pin up on your officenotice board, mail around tocolleague or hand out over coffee. YOU WILL NEED: • Infectious enthusiasm and It asks you to specify exactly whatyour idea is in 140 characters and patiencethen complete a wanted ad. Forexample: “looking for individualswho are open minded, risk takingand excellent communicators.”It is your job to sell the idea of beingpart of this project - what will I getout of it? What will I learn? Howmuch of my time will it take up?It’s important in the early stages “WORK WITH PEOPLE WHO AREwhen trying new ways of working tohave an open minded team who arewilling to try things a bit differently. EXCITED TO BE PART OF YOURBuild yourself an engaging gettingpeople on board tool, and set aunique task (i.e draw yourself and PROJECT”see how people respond )
  6. 6. 4 1 DELIVER DISCOVER 3 2 DEVELOP DEFINE ESTABLISHSTAKEHOLDER MAP “WHEN WE MAPPED EVERYTHING(For starting projects, different from mapping stakeholders on project) AROUND THE FRINGE WE SAWA stakeholder map is usefulat the start of the project to USE ME TO: COUNTLESS OPPORTUNITIES”understand what other festival • Plan project relationships and cultural organisations and see the bigger picturecould be part of your project.Furthermore, it forces youto consider other influential YOU WILL NEED:stakeholders such as Trip • Post itsAdvisor and Stage Coach • PensTravel. • Open mindA map of stakeholders can bevisualised using concentriccircles with close relationshipsbeing mapped in the centreand distant relationshipstowards the outer circles. Thisis a great way to step backand look at who you want topull closer into the project andquestion how you will do this.
  7. 7. 4 1 DELIVER DISCOVER 3 2 DEVELOP DEFINE ESTABLISH “PUTTING YOUR THOUGHTS DOWN ON THE TABLE AS A GROUP HELPS YOUPROJECT START - ALTER ASSUMPTIONS UNDERSTAND WHERE PEOPLE ARE COMING FROM”We all make assumptions in our USE ME TO:daily lives and it’s difficult notto judge a book by it’s cover. • Create a mutual understand of viewsThis activity is about gathering • Start a projectthe team together and asking • Inform what needs everyone to share their discoveredassumptions around a topic inan open, frank and honest way.This is a great way for everyone YOU WILL NEED:to express their opinions and • Paper & pensprejudices around an idea. • The project teamIt helps the team understandwhat they need to focus on inthe next stage of the project.This is particularly good at thebeginning of a project or whenmore people are joining theproject team.
  8. 8. 4 1 DELIVER DISCOVER 3 2 DEVELOP DEFINE ESTABLISH EVENTS/PLATFORMS/TOOLSTART A BLOGDuring a project, a regularly updated attempting to use service designblog is a fantastic means of dynamic for the festivals, e.g. It is importantengagement with the rest of the to use service design to identify thecultural sector. It is also a great way fall through points from a customerto document the progress of your perspective to avoid focussingproject and communicate with other resources on unnecessary changes toteam members/interested parties. a particular process.You may have plenty to say but if your Don’t forget that you can embednot sure what to communicate, here images, quotations, links and videosare some things you could include: in your blog post, as this will make it more visually interesting (photographsSuccesses - and how you achieved of prototypes, workshops etc)them, e.g. Results of shadowing afestival customer. USE ME TO:Failures - and possible reasons/solutions, e.g. The single mum • People like to hear what you focus group was poorly attended, think. People like opinions. because it was held during the school Write with passion and holidays. everything else will fall into Learning - perhaps something youdidn’t know, e.g. That it’s important place. YOU WILL NEED: “A BLOG REALLY HELPED US GET EVERYONE ON BOARD ANDto find out if other festival teams aresurveying schools at the same timeas you. • A wordpress blog • ImaginationProgress - did you meet yourmilestones/targets this month? If not,why not? Or did you exceed them? REACH A WIDER AUDIENCE”Warnings - to help anyone else
  9. 9. 4 1 DELIVER DISCOVER 3 2 DEVELOP DEFINE ESTABLISH EVENTS/PLATFORMS/TOOLBRAND YOUR PROJECT “ONCE WE HAD BRANDED OUR PROJECT IT BECAME A REAL USE ME TO: THING TO SHARE WITH OTHERS”Branding a project gives theimpression and look and feel of itbeing a ‘real’ project. It brings it • Make a project look or feel to life! This can be useful before completethe project is at a finalised stage.It can also be useful for keeping YOU WILL NEED:consistency throughout thedifferent project documentation. • Your imaginationThis doesn’t always have to bedigital. You could, for example,get a stamp of the project titlemade online?Why not use the colour orangein everything you produce for theproject?Thinking about the brand atinitial stages is also beneficial asit saves time and resources at alater stage when other aspectstake priority.Think about how this brand tiesin with the brand of the festivalyou are designing for!
  10. 10. 4 1 DELIVER DISCOVER 3 2 DEVELOP DEFINE ESTABLISH EVENTS/PLATFORMS/TOOLPROJECT KICK OF MEETINGFace it. Projects are temporary designed festival programs for the pastorganizations. People come together 12 years”on projects as strangers. You’re notlikely to change that. What you can do Invite every person to say what theyis make sure people share a context, want from the project. Encourage themhave intentions that are aligned, and to be selfish. Set the example of sayinghave a relationship that allows them to what you want. Make no promises thatsuccessfully coordinate action together. each intention can be satisfied only thatThe best way to do this is to have a collectively you will look for ways toproject kick off meeting. explore those intentions.What would you do in those meetings? The kick-off meeting gets you startedHere’s a proposal for an agenda. well. The conversation you have that day provides the context for navigatingOpen the meeting with a statement of in the unfolding of the project. You’llthe value that will be realised by the find that you and your team memberscustomer. Why is this an important will frequently refer back to theproject for the customer? Seriously conversation you had that day. Howconsider having the customer in the about sharing your agendas on yourmeeting. If that is not practical, then project blog?get the customer on the phone. Forexample, “This project will enablecustomers to plan their day at theFestival more efficiently”. USE ME TO: “MAKING SURE WE SPENT ENOUGHReview the promise(s) to the customer. • Start your project • Introduce your team members TIME GETTING TO GRIPS WITH THEExactly what will you provide and bywhen? to each other PROJECT WAS SO IMPORTANT TO IT’SFor example, “We want to create anew web platform that integrates with YOU WILL NEED: SUCCESS”google calendar by the end of 2012.” • An agendaTell everyone on the team why each • The project teamperson is on your team. What talentsare you calling on? For example, “We • Space to meethave brought Ann in because she has
  11. 11. A range of tools to help you instigate projects & get the right people on board. Includes; Establish & Collaborate Get People On Board Stakeholder Map Alter Assumptions Start A Blog Brand Your Project Kick Off Meeting find out more at FESTIVAL DESIGN DNA An initiative of Edinburgh’s Festivals