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2012 API User guide process v1


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Published in: Technology, Education
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2012 API User guide process v1

  1. 1. Listings API 2012Guide for users v1
  2. 2. The API contains listings data for the Edinburgh festivals whoselistings data are publicly available at the time. The twelveparticipating festivals in order of data being available on theAPI are:Imaginate FestivalEdinburgh International Science FestivalRoyal Edinburgh Military TattooEdinburgh International Film FestivalEdinburgh International FestivalEdinburgh Jazz&Blues FestivalEdinburgh Festival FringeEdinburgh Art FestivalEdinburgh MelaEdinburgh International Book FestivalEdinburgh International Storytelling FestivalEdinburgh’s Hogmanay
  3. 3. Please visit tosee the API schema & othertechnical & usage info.And similar to last year, accessto the API will work like this....
  4. 4. First of all you simply log on to,review the API usage licence terms and register your details.This gives you Use Type A status and an API key withautomatic access to data from all available festivals apartfrom the FringeThe reason we have separated out the Fringe data is that asyou will see from the API licence, the Fringe data hasdifferent terms of usage to that of the other festivalsThe API key that you will have at this stage will howeverinclude dummy Fringe data for development purposes.Details of this is explained at
  5. 5. So if you would like to also include the full,live Fringe data to your existing API keyyou will fall into one of two further usertypes:Press/media organisations approved by theFringe to have API access (Use Type B)Users who want to use the API to developnew applications or augment existing ones(Use Type C)
  6. 6. If you are an approved press/media user,access will be granted asap afterapplicationIf you are an app developer please and accesses will begranted following successful approval of acandidate app.Details of this approval process is
  7. 7. And remember, whatever type of useryou’ll be, PLEASE PLEASE make sure youreview the usage terms in the API licence.Thanks ;)And to help us with analytics, we arerequesting that you use one API key perapplication. Therefore pls use a differentemail address to register for more thanone key
  8. 8. Full details at festivalslab.comAny questions to api@festivalslab.comAnd thank you for your participation andwe’d appreciate your feedback