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Science Festival 2011 Programme


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Science Festival 2011 Programme

  1. 1. Festival della ScienzaGenoa, 21th october_ 2nd november 2011 www.festivalscienza.eu150 and beyond Partners Supporting partner Founding partnerUnder the patronageof the Presidentof the Italian Republic
  2. 2. USA – Guest Country Festivalscienzalive 150 anni di scienza A scuola con GalileoThe United States of America, The Telecom Italia’s multimedia Since April 2011 the Italian National Over 30 multidisciplinary meetingsGuest Country in 2011, celebrate with project for the Genoa Science Festival. Research Council (CNR) and the Genoa inspired by the outstanding characterItaly the 150th anniversary of one Science Festival have been starting a of Galileo Galilei and entirely focusingof the most outstanding scientific As in 2010 journey along the country to celebrate on 150 students, selected amongand cultural institutions of America: will give webbers and internet surfers 150 years of Science in Italy, going the last classes of High Schoolsthe Massachusetts Institute of the opportunity to experience and back to the roots of the Italian Science, all over the country. More than anyTechnology. The Genoa Science Festival interact with the Genoa Science Research and Technology to highlight other Italian scientist, Galilei gavepresents two Round Tables, organized Festival from live. A platform designed excellences of our recent past, a major contribution to thein partnership with the MIT, which to make contents and information granting for an relevant contribution development of modern science:is also involved in the L’Italia dov’è available to a large virtual community, to the development of our culture thanks to his unexhaustive curiosity(Where’s Italy) Project, supported by not necessarily specialized, but since 1861. Seven ‘Cities of Knowledge’ and his extraordinary versatilitythe MIT SENSEable City Lab and its actually including science amateurs, to celebrate a new Unification in he was astronomer, inventor,director, Carlo Ratti. students and social networkers. the name of Science: Milan, where essayist, philosopher, mathematician the Festival presented Mindstake, and physician. A series of outstandingMany events see the presence Awarded as Best Website Award, since a neuroscience lab (4th Brainforum, scientists and humanists metof American speakers: the Festival its launch in 2010, Festivalscienzalive April); Pisa, capital of the Web 2.0. the students to help them detectingopens in fact with William Colglazier, dramatically increased the Science generation (Internet Festival, May, 5-8); their personal wishes and aspirationsScience and Technology Adviser Festival’s web visibility, registering Naples, celebrating Genetics for to better identify their futureto the Secretary of State; up to 200,000 unique visitors. an entire week (La Ricerca Genetica professional careers.Waleed Abdalati, Chief Scientist a Napoli, May, 16-22), Florence andand Joe Parrish, Chief Technologist its long-lasting tradition in Optics www.galileo.festivalscienza.itat NASA; Rafael Reif, provost at MIT; (Sotto una nuova... Ottica - Uno sguardoClifford Saron, neuroscientist; sulle leggi dell’ottica, della percezione The project is supportedMichael Chorost, information e dell’Universo, May, 24-29); Bari and realized in partnership with thetechnology expert; Evgeny Morozov, and Foggia, capitals of the Agro Food Comitato Nazionale per le celebrazioniessayist; Stephen Hsu, physician; district (Made in Italy agroalimentare, del IV centenario dell’invenzioneDean Falk, anthropologist; Donal September, 21-25) and, last but not del cannocchiale di Galileo Galilei.Manahan, biologist; George Somero, least, Bologna, where the first Chairmarine biologist; Gordon Hurford of Chemistry was established (Questioneand Gordon Emslie, space scientists. di... Chimica - a tu per tu con leChildren and families are most meraviglie della chimica quotidiana,welcome and are invited to the September 23-27). An ideal itineraryHalloween Special Event Mima la along science, technology, traditionscienza! (Mime Science!), an event and innovation, which concludesorganized in partnership with at the Festival with five interactivethe San Francisco Science Festival exhibitions hosted in some of theunder the auspices of the U.S. Embassy most fascinating venus of the City.with the support of of IIT - ItalianInstitute of Technology.The Genoa Science Festival is held under the auspicesof Ministero della Gioventù and ISTAT - National Institute for Statistics
  3. 3. > October 21 to November 2, 2011 Festival della Scienza 150 and beyondIn memory of Enrico Bellone In the year of the 150th anniversary of Italy’s unification,Brilliant scientist and pioneer of science the Genoa Science Festival presents a wide array of hints,dissemination in Italy, deeply committedin a careful choice of wording to let experiences and excellences of the recent past able toreaders clearly and immediately project Knowledge into the future. The sense of a uniqueundestand his writings. A true fried country develops much earlier than March 17, 1861,of our Festival, always generous as 20 years before scientists from Pisa, Turin, Florence,in providing new ideas and contributions. Milan, Naples, Genoa, Venice and many other ItalianAs his beloved Galileo, Enrico made allof us understand our unlimited capacity cities had already gathered at the Congress of Scienziatiof increasing our knowledge and cultivate Italiani. Since then, Italy has been expressing its scientificthe intimate curiosity humankind excellences giving a remarkable contribution to theis entrusted with. Thank you, Enrico. development of Knowledge. Far from just celebratingThe Festival will remember you. the past, the Genoa Science Festival goes beyond and spots on today’s Italian Scientists who are fully committed in bringing our Country into new scenarios for a better Future. A mix of history, humanity, science, curiosity and fun to celebrate the International Year of Chemistry, the 100th Anniversary of Ernst Rutherford’s atomic model, the U.N. International Year of Forests and International Year for People of African Descent, as well as the 100th Amudsen and Scott’s Anniversary Race to the South Pole. No change in the Festival’s philosophy, definitely centering on its visitors, who are true protagonists of all events, picturing the past, the present and the future of Science. This programme contains all the Science Festival’s events which can be enjoyed by english speakers. Laboratories, exhibitions, events contains the initiatives in which the public can take part at various times throughout the day, while Lectures, shows and meetings take place throughout the Science Festival, with events organized day by day and hour by hour. The Festival della Scienza supports the International Year of Chemistry ( and the International Year of Forests ( proclaimed by the United Nations
  4. 4. Tickets and purchase Ticket offices and Information point Discounts, special offers, and privileges Affiliated bars and restaurantsDaily ticket You can buy the tickets and organize your visit Family packet For the duration of the Festival, the followingvalid till midnight on the day of issue with the staff’s help at every Ticket Office For families with at least four paying visitors, bars and restaurants will offer discounts toAdults: 12 euro, Concessions: 10 euro and Information point. Real time information one child ticket (available for children of up clients with tickets to the 2011 Science FestivalSchools: 8 euro, Young persons (6 to 14): service at the Infopoint to 14 years of age) is free. If you book 7 events8 euro, Children (0 to 5): free on the same day, you can get free booking Antica Cantina I Tre Merli Infopoint - piazza De Ferrari on all the other events of the day Vico dietro il Coro della Maddalena 26rFestival ticket Palazzo della Regione Liguria (subject to availability) phone +39 010 2474095entry for the duration of the Science Festival ground floor, piazza De Ferrari 2r, closed sundays and saturday at lunchAdults: 20 euro, Concessions: 17 euro, from October 17 to October 20 Genoa Acquarium / Galata Sea Museum Cambi CaféSchools:14 euro, Young persons (6 to 14): from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm Galata Sea Museum + Submarine vico Falamonica 9r14 euro, Children (0 to 5): free and from 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm, City of Children / Biosphere phone +39 010 9752674 from October 21 to November 2 3 euro discount if you show your Festival ticketPremium ticket Monday – Friday from 8:30 am to 6 pm, Di SopraThe fidelity ticket is valid for the entire Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays “Bigo” elevator Palazzo Ducale, mezzanineduration of the Festival with this ticket you and october 31 from 9:30 am to 7 pm, 1 euro discount if you show your Festival ticket piazza Matteotti 5can get limitless and free bookings: 30 euro open till 9:00 pm in case of phone +39 010 5959648 evenings conferences or lectures. Costa Edutainment facilities Eprie RosseThe following people are eligible for Cash cards and credit cards are accepted. (Genoa Acquarium, Galata Sea Museum, Via Ravecca 54 - 56rconcessions: groups of over ten people; City of Children, “Bigo” elevator, Biosphere) phone +39 010 2512591youths between the ages of 15 and 18; Ticket office – Biblioteca Universitaria 1 euro discount for student groups closed sunday at lunchuniversity students (upon presentation via Balbi 40, with the Festival ticketof a university card); senior citizens Monday – Friday from 9 am to 5:30 pm, HofBrauhouse(over 65 years of age); and disabled people. Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays Museums Palazzo della BorsaAll those who purchase on-line at and october 31 from 10 am to 6:30 pm All the museums that host events of the via Boccardo will have a discount. Science Festival offer reduced rates to visitors phone +39 010 542988For groups of over ten people: one free ticket Ticket office – Acquario di Genova closed sundayfor every twenty purchased. Teachers who (Important: no bookings or visit organizing Price agreements I Tre Merli Porto Anticoaccompany classes of children enter free in this ticket office), Reduced rates for visitors who show either Porto Antico, Palazzina Milloof charge, while parents accompanying Ponte Ambrogio Spinola, at the groups a Coop card, CartaPiù Feltrinelli card, phone +39 010 2464416schoolchildren will receive a concession ticket office of the Acquario di Genova a full price ticket of a museum or a museum Monday – Friday from 9 am to 6 pm, card 24h/48h, an annual AMT season ticket, La casa dei CapitaniFor the entire period of their validity, Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays an Acquarium ticket or any other Costa piazzalele Rusca 1the tickets allow you to participate in all and october 31 from 10 am to 7 pm Edutainment facility ticket phone +39 010 3727185of the events of the Science Festival (except closed mondayfor those events indicated on the program), E-commerce service to buy tickets and make Homo sapiens L’Osteria dei Bischeriwhile places at events are available bookings is available on the Festival website La grande storia della diversità umana via di Porta Soprana 31r Dall’11 novembre al 12 febbraio 2012 phone +39 010 9751052Purchases can be made on-line presentando il biglietto del Festival della closed sundayat or at the ticket Scienza a Palazzo delle Esposizioni di Roma,offices of the festival Performances not included biglietto ridotto della mostra Homo sapiens. Mcafé Reale in the ticket carnet La grande storia della diversità umana. Palazzo Reale, via Balbi 8 Per informazioni phone +39 010 8608200Bookings Some events in the program are indicated closed sunday afternoon as not included in ticket carnet: for this kind Mcafé RossoIndividual visitors of performances, those who have the Festival The Festival Bookshop Palazzo Rosso, via Garibaldi 18Booking is recommended but not compulsory ticket are entitled to a discount on the full phone +39 010 8697047except where specified. Booking fee for price ticket. For all the details on the ticket In De Ferrari Square, for the entire durationa single event: 1 euro. The bookings can be prices and the booking terms, see below of the Festival, from 10 am to 10 pm, Mentelocalemade on-line or directly at the info point you have the chance to buy the books written Palazzo Ducale, piazza Matteotti 5and at the ticket offices of the Festival Teatro della Tosse by the protagonists of the Festival as well phone +39 010 5959648 Information, bookings and purchase: as a selection of some of the most important Ostricheria InDarsena OysterBarImportant information Teatro della Tosse, piazza Renato Negri 4, popular scientific books. The Festival bookshop calata Dinegro 4 (nearby Galata Museum)Booking expires 10 minutes before the booked ph. +39 010 2470793,, is organized and realized by the bookshops phone +39 347 7139020event starts. Visitors are required to show up Tuesday – Saturday from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm “ElleDI2010” and “L’Albero delle Lettere” closed tuesdayat least 10 minutes before the event starts and from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm, Sundays fromin order to have their reservation guaranteed. 3 pm to 6 pm (only during performances days). SopranisAs for the conferences, the entry is possible For phone bookings: Tuesday – Saturday Releasing piazza Valoria 1rwhile seats last. There are two types from 3 pm to 7 pm. Ticket prices: if you have phone +39 010 2473030of entrances, one is reserved for visitors the Festival daily ticket or season ticket 5 euro When a photographer or videomaker Tifliswho made the booking: they are required reduced price ticket, 10 euro full price ticket; commissioned by Science Festival is present vico del Fico 35rto show up no later than 10 minutes if you do not have any other tickets 10 euro at any of our events, we may use the resulting phone +39 010 256479before the conference starts (for shows at 4:00 pm), 12 euro (for shows images on this website and in publicity at 6:00 pm), 18 euro (for evening shows) materials. By buying a ticket and participating Trattoria da Franca to one of our event you agree the permission vico della Lepre 8rInfoline of using any pictures or videos with you phone +39 010 2474473 or under 18s people coming with you. closed mondayfrom october 21 to november 1 Trattoria della Raibettaeveryday from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm vico Caprettari 10/12phone: +39 010 2345680 phone +39 010 closed monday Trattoria delle ErbeFestival on-line piazza delle Erbe 8r phone +39 347 Trattoria San Via David Chiossone 41r phone +39 010 closed Trattoria Tralalero via Arsenale di Terra 1App Festival della Scienza 2011 phone +39 010 2772827downloadable from AppStore Oltremodo Buffet Lounge Restaurant via al mare Fabrizio De Andrè (next to the Biosfera), Area Porto Antico phone +39 010 2534032 Self Service Pizzeria VELE Atlantide passage, Area Porto Antico phone +39 010 2475278
  5. 5. TableAmici del Festival della ScienzaThe Festival Friends share a true passionfor Science and welcome the Genoa Festivalas a unique opportunity to cultivate theirinterests and meet world-renowned experts. of contentsThe yearly individual subscription costs40 euros (25 euros for University students)and gives access to special events, scientific Every day, all day: 4dinners or meetings with international workshops, exhibitions, eventsscientists, conferences and workshops.The Premium Membership Card is valid for thewhole Festival and includes free and remote What’s on today?: 10booking service for all events. Schools can lectures, shows, meetingssubscribe free of charge to qualify their focuson science innovation and keep informedon all activities tailored for students only. October 21, Friday 11The Amici traditionally support the Festival by October 22, Saturday 11hosting scientists and speakers in their privatehouses, thus reviving the ancient tradition October 23, Sunday 12of the Genoese Rolli, when noble families were October 24, Monday 12hosting in their dwellings the personalitiestravelling to Genoa. Info at October 25, Tuesday 12/site/home/amici.html October 26, Wednesday 13 October 27, Thursday 13Scientific explainers October 28, Friday 13 October 29, Saturday 14A visit to the Science Festival stands October 31, Monday 14for a chance to increase your knowledge:since its very first year, university students, November 1, Tuesday 14graduates and young researchers explained Speakers at the Festival 15the misteries of science to the public.This year too, a crew of 700 explainers hasbeen recruited and duly trained by experts in Festival’s locations 16science, communication and drama to supportthe Festival’s visitors. This is an unvaluableasset and a strategic resource for the Festival:thanks to the skills, the reliability and theprofessionality of its staff, the Festival canmeet the public needs at best, by projectingand designing interactive activities which,year after year, deeply involve visitorsof any age and really make the difference! Key Exhibitions WorkshopsAccess to the Festivalfor disabled people ConferencesFor info on itineraries and infrastructures:Terre di Mare, Sportello informativo Showsdella Provincia di Genova, Palazzo Ducale,piazza Matteotti 72r, phone 010 542098, Special events339 1309249,, Recommended ageThe Associazione ONLUS Oltre le Parolewill translate the contents of some eventsin the language of signs (LIS).Info: Associazione Oltre le Parole,via Lomellini 4/2, Genoa, phone 010 691957,
  6. 6. > October 21 to November 2, 2011 Every day, all day: workshops, exhibitions, events4
  7. 7. October 22 to November 1 October 22 to November 1 October 22 to November 1 October 22 to November 11 | 150 and more... 2 | 150 humanoid robots 3 | 150 years of Italian genius 4 | 150 yearsa thousand actually (a landing) and more... Innovations that shape the world of mathematical modelsAn account of research in Italy Humanoids, human beings From the pseudosphere and the future of robotics The home, work, travel, health and to competitive marketsRaise your antennae, turn the cogs borders – real or abstract – becomeof your brain, observe, discover, Other than man, there are robots. the limits of a thematic route Mathematical models are not onlyinteract! This is what we ask of you Human beings, humanoids and of objects, photographs, scenarios, representations of objects,in this enormous chamber of the interfaces between man and machine fascination, which all describe phenomena or theories: starting frommarvels of science. Before you is are our companions in a journey at the the tale of Italian genius. From Marconi an interpretation of what exists, theya ship, loaded with neither men nor edge of the unknown. It’s not science to Viterbi, Barsanti to Matteucci, from provide a description of the possiblesoldiers: disembarking here are the fiction, but our immediate future. Giacosa, from Grassi to Rizzolatti... evolution of a particular system.1000 identity cards of Italian research. We will explore the world of humanoid the representatives of Italian excellence In the last 150 years, central figuresNamely? Photographs, illustrations, robots and the best examples of in scientific discoveries. Excellence in Italian mathematics from Eugeniotechnological equipment, documents artificial intelligence, and then move has produced results, methodological Beltrami and Federigo Enriques,and books belonging to the last 150 on to study the human body, sensory and organizational stimulus, schools to Giuseppe Peano and Vito Volterrayears of the history of science in Italy. perception and control of movement. of thought and ultimately, a better have been involved in the developmentA bridge between past and present Finally, we will project ourselves into quality of life. A story that comes from of mathematical models: followingto which you too are asked landscapes where machines and people’s needs, reflected in society this history and doing hands-onto contribute, leaving your imprint. people are easily connected: robots and the industrial world, and that sees experiments, by means of multimediaBecause Italian research cannot live stop being the baddies from science them as protagonists and the engine simulations of methods used andwithout everyone’s participation. fiction films, and become a helpful of progress and affluence the results obtained, brings you into support in the fields of medicine contact with a luxuriant passageGalata Museo del Mare and rehabilitation. Palazzo della Borsa of Italian and international science.10 am - 5 pm Monday to Friday, 9 am - 6 pm Monday to Friday,10 am - 7 pm Saturday, Sunday, October 31st, Biblioteca Universitaria di Genova 10 am - 7 pm Saturday, Sunday, November 1st, Galata Museo del MareNovember 1st / booking is required for schools (ex Hotel Colombia Excelsior) 10 am - 9 pm October 31st / booking is required 10 am - 5 pm Monday to Friday,and groups 9 am - 6 pm Monday to Friday, for schools and groups 10 am - 7 pm Saturday, Sunday, October 31st, 10 am - 7 pm Saturday, Sunday, October 31st, November 1st / booking is required for schoolsBy CNR-Istituto di ricerche sulla popolazione November 1st / booking is required for schools By Istituto Italiano di Cultura di New York, and groupsle politiche sociali, art direction and project and groups Fondazione Rosselli. In collaboration witharrangement by Fabio Fornasari. Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, Enel, By Matematita Centro InteruniversitarioWith the patronage of the Istituto Italiano By Robotics Brain and Cognitive Telecom Italia, Farmindustria per la Comunicazione e l’Apprendimentodi Cultura di Parigi Sciences Dept. IIT Informale della Matematica; Unità di Milano - Città StudiOctober 22 to November 1 October 22 to November 1 October 22 to November 1 October 22 to November 15 | 30x5. Maths fun-fair 6 | A question of... chemistry 7 | Arduino Sumo 8 | Astrophysics 2161: Face to face with the marvels Jewels of robotics challenge return to the futureHow can you celebrate together of everyday chemistry each other in the ring Contemporary research into the future150 years of the Italian Unity and the5th edition of MateFitness? You take 7 billion people will inhabit our Let’s build a robot and ...throw it into Astrophysics 2161 is a journey30 new maths activities, designed by planet in 2012 and 9 billion in 2050. the ring! An authentic competition of backwards in time. It starts from theyoung planners and science animators, With these forecasts, it is essential Sumo, the ancient Japanese wrestling future,150 years ahead: a path intowith the 5 years of experience of to be prepared and plan strategies: sport, that is also a teaching a past that has not yet happened, yetMateFitness, multiply these numbers new and less polluting energy sources, laboratory of robotics, programming we can get to know it better. 300 yearsand that’s it: 150 years to celebrate new, safe, ecological materials, new and creativity. The heart of our robots of discoveries, intuitions and goalsand a powerful exhibition, a fun-fair methods to conserve our past and our is Arduino, the all-Italian open source that have already been, and yet will be.for maths, to discover through 4 artistic heritage, drugs to face future hardware which, with its exceptional Astrophysics 2161 is a multimediacoloured paths, which lead to 5 play bacteriological challenges and today’s practicality and low cost, has exhibit, a maze of paths, a labyrinthareas. Mathematics activities on tables, and tomorrow’s diseases, systems revolutionised the world of robotics with plenty of blind futures and wherefreestyle exercises, blind calculations, to protect the environment and man. and didactics, giving even non-experts the only way out is the one indicatedspecial attractions… find the right In this scenario, chemistry will be a chance to have a try at real works by science. From a plausible tomorrow,maths for you. Be warned: one ride in the front line and our future of engineering. What are you waiting where man has colonized thewon’t be enough! will be A Question of...Chemistry! for? Grab your screwdrivers and let Solar System and found new ways the competition begin! of moving in space, back to the past,Palazzo Ducale, Munizioniere Piazza delle Feste to the dawn of Italian astrophysics.9 am - 6 pm Monday to Friday, 9 am - 6 pm Monday to Friday, Palazzo Grimaldi della Meridiana10 am - 9 pm Saturday, Sunday, October 31st, 10 am - 7 pm Saturday, Sunday, November 1st, 9 am - 6 pm Monday to Friday, Biblioteca Universitaria di GenovaNovember 1st / booking is required for schools 10 am - 9 pm October 31st / booking is required 10 am - 7 pm Saturday, Sunday, November 1st, (ex Hotel Colombia Excelsior)and groups for schools and groups 10 am - 9 pm October 31st / booking is required 9 am - 6 pm Monday to Friday, for schools and groups 10 am - 7 pm Saturday, Sunday, October 31st,By CNR - Promozione Sviluppo By Associazione Festival della Scienza, November 1st / booking is required for schoolsCollaborazioni, Progetto MateFitness. CNR-Promozione Sviluppo Collaborazioni, By DiScienza. In collaboration with and groupsIn collaboration with Giuseppe Rosolini Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna, CATTID, la Sapienza di Roma(Università degli Studi di Genova) Area della Ricerca CNR-INAF di Bologna, By INAF Fondazione Marino Golinelli, ASTER Beghelli, SOL group, Di Giovanni Bologna, Progetto Env-Europe, Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna 5
  8. 8. October 22 to November 1 October 22 to November 1 October 22 to November 1 October 22 to November 19 | Bee free! 10 | Chemistry 11 | Forensic Police: 12 | From a new ... perspectiveFrom pies to flying saucers, and the Unification of Italy a century on the crime scene A glance at the laws of optics,the physics of a frisbee An exhibition on the history History, Evolution and Future... of perception and of the Universe of chemistry from black and white to 3DA century ago, in a school The exhibition is an opportunity notin Connecticut, an upside down tin Do you think that everyday life Instruments of the time and to be missed for delving into a themepan of the Frisbie Baking Company would have been the same without innovative technologies in a journey of national excellence such as optics,pastry flew over the lawn of a quiet chemistry? You’re totally wrong! to discover the history of the Forensic Inspired by the figure of Galileo,American high school. A curious boy Follow the history of the development Police. Do you think you can manage you can follow an interactive didacticrealized that by throwing it upside of the atomic and molecular theory, as an investigator on the crime scene? itinerary to “throw light on light” anddown it flew very well: it had become the intuitions of Avogrado and the Challenge your detective instinct reveal some of the principal discoveriesa game for everyone. This is how Italian contribution to the periodic and plunge into one of the most made in the field of astronomicalthe Frisbie-ing, or Frisbee, was born, table. Find out how the colour industry controversial cases in the history of optics and the science of vision.a game that would become a real seconded the whims of Nineteenth- Italy: the Matteotti murder. In a virtual The visitor can discover how telescopessport in the postwar period; a flick century fashion. Let us explain why theatre, find out how investigators work, stating with the simplest onesof the wrist that brings up Newton, the structure of a modern state reacted at the time. Now try to solve developed by Galileo, up to theBernoulli, universal gravity, lift, fluid is based also on chemistry. Finally, the case with technologies that are very last generation telescopes whichdynamics, friction, the gyroscopic it meets Stanislao Cannizzaro, scientist available today to the Forensic Police. enable us to discover ever moreeffect. A tribute to the United States, and Sicilian patriot and a point Would the outcome be different? distant galaxies. An exciting galleryhost country of the festival, of conjunction between chemistry If all this makes you think of fiction, of optical illusions allows you toan explosion of colour profiles in the and the Unification of Italy. watch out: it’s real! investigate the foundations of thesky, the acrobatics of a disk that science of perception and of sight.made the history of entertainment Piazza delle Feste Ex Chiesa di Sant’Agostino 9 am - 6 pm Monday to Friday, 9 am - 1 pm, 2 pm - 6 pm Monday to Friday, Biblioteca Universitaria di GenovaTensostruttura presso i Giardini E. Luzzati 10 am - 7 pm Saturday, Sunday, November 1st, 10 am - 1 pm, 2 pm - 7 pm Saturday, Sunday, (ex Hotel Colombia Excelsior)9 am - 6 pm Monday to Friday, 10 am - 9 pm October 31st / booking is October 31st, November 1st / booking is required 9 am - 6 pm Monday to Friday,10 am - 7 pm Saturday, Sunday, October 31st, required for schools and groups for schools and groups 10 am - 7 pm Saturday, Sunday, October 31st,November 1st / booking is required for schools November 1st / booking is required for schoolsand groups By Sezione Liguria della Società Chimica By Servizio Polizia Scientifica, Gabinetto and groups Italiana. In collaboration with Università Regionale Polizia Scientifica per la Liguria,By ScienzAttiva, Federazione Italiana Flyng di Genova-Dipartimento di Chimica e Chimica Sede di Genova By CNR-PSC, CNR-INO, LENS, UniversitàDisc, Associazione Ultimate Torino Industriale, Università di Torino -Dipartimenti degli Studi di Firenze, INAF - Osservatorio Chimici. Thanks to Infineum Italia srl Astrofisico di Arcetri, OpenLABOctober 22 to November 1 October 22 to November 1 October 22 to November 1 October 22 to November 113 | How deep the sea is 14 | Information chains 15 | Internet Festival 16 | L’Italia dov’èGeophysics in water DNA detectives The Exhibition The ExhibitionHop on board and get ready for Going through 150 years of scientific What has most changed our lives Where is Italy? Beyond the border,a trip under water! In the depths discoveries, we must stop to look in the last 150 years? This is a difficult at times. An evocative multimediaof our Mediterranean Sea we at two very important contributions, question to answer. We can certainly installation shows how Italianexperiment geophysics, a science worthy of the Nobel Prize: the double mention the discovery of the electron scientific and technologicalthat has developed while Italy was helix model of a DNA molecule, and the electronic consequence, development reaches out and hastaking its first steps,and has been of James D. Watson and Francis Crick the computer, the start of the Internet effects which are far beyond itsaccompanying it for 150 years now. (Nobel prize for medicine in 1962), and of mobile communication. Let’s try geographical boundaries. The voicesThrough interactive exhibits, panels and the protocol named Polymerase to take a closer look at the calculations of Italian scientists, researches andand films, we discover the geodynamic Chain Reaction (PCR) of Kary B. Mullis, made by a computer when we play, thinkers tell us how they live and workprocesses that shake the depths Nobel prize for chemistry in 1993. programme a robot or see a “remotely in laboratories inside and outsideof our seas: earthquakes, eruptions Phenotype, genotype, hunting viruses, contolled” robot at work. Or we can of the country. In which fields do ourand seaquakes. Immerse yourself analysing the crime scene: all activities visit a whole museum without researchers work? If they’re workingin the exhibition and experience the for double helix detectives. Using moving from our living room, play abroad, what led them to leaveincreasingly sophisticated technologies a simple approach to these pillars with Hollywood style cinema special their home towns? And what couldwith which we observe and study of molecular biology, we can learn effects and ask ourselves what it encourage them to return?the seabed. Because knowing the sea the basic concepts of biology, genetics, means to work on the development Understanding the differences ofmeans planning a sustainable biotechnology and understand their of the Internet. being a scientist in Italy and abroad.development for all the peoples who impact on our lives.have always reflected themselves Biblioteca Universitaria di Genova Palazzo della Borsain its waters. Vico della Rosa, Quartiere Maddalena, (ex Hotel Colombia Excelsior) 9 am - 6 pm Monday to Friday, (corner via Maddalena) 9 am - 6 pm Monday to Friday, 10 am - 7 pm Saturday, Sunday, November 1st, 9 am - 5 pm Monday to Friday, 10 am - 7 pm Saturday, Sunday, October 31st, 10 am - 9 pm October 31stPalazzo Ducale, Loggia degli Abati 10 am - 7 pm Saturday, Sunday, October 31st, November 1st / booking is required for schools9 am - 6 pm Monday to Friday, November 1st / booking is required for schools and groups By Codice. Idee per la cultura,10 am - 7 pm Saturday, Sunday, November 1st, and groups carlorattiassociati - walter nicolino & carlo10 am - 9 pm October 31st / booking is By CNR-PSC, CNR - IIT, CNR- ISTI, CNR-IFC, ratti, Massachusetts Institute of Technologyrequired for schools and groups By Eduardo Losada Cabruja. Università di Pisa - Dipartimento di Informatica SENSEable City Lab. In collaboration In collaboration with TIB Molbiol S.R.L. e Facoltà di Ingegneria, Laboratorio Centro with Luca De BiaseBy INGV - Laboratorio Didattica “E. Piaggio”, Registro.ite Divulgazione Scientifica6
  9. 9. October 22 to November 1 October 22 to November 1 October 22 to November 1 October 22 to November 117 | Love a Forest 18 | Made in Italy, 19 | Mathematical bathroom 20 | National Geographic ChannelTo make a tree you need... agriculture and food The life on the surface – This is who we areDendrology? Dendrochronology? Agricultural and food innovation Which is the shortest route The National Geographic returnsWhat are we talking about? explored in an organized, interactive between two points? A straight line, to Genoa, in piazza Matteotti, offeringWe’re talking about botanics, trees itinerary : the future and Italian it’s obvious. In the same way it is the public a very special interactiveand forests. The UN’s General tradition interweave showing natural for objects to have a front experience concerning sensorialAssembly declared the year 2011 us a snapshot of a flourishing sector and a back and that our planet is perception: an apparently dismantledthe International Year of Forests, of Italian research. The Mediterranean spherical. But this is not always the installation takes shape. The participantswith the aim to raise awareness diet, typically regional sectors, case. Change your viewpoint, spend are photographed and the imageson conservation and respect of our know-how from the agricultural and a day on the top of a washbasin are uploaded in real time onto the web,Planet’s green lungs. Forests are food industry and again, the evolution or a night in the depths of a toilet: to be shared with friends, relatives andan ecosystem that lives in an intense and innovation of processes of change everything will be different! In our acquaintances. People can immediatelybalance between trees and animals in the rural and farming environment. “mathematical bathroom” you can use view themselves inside the wi-fiand is also a tool to understand The exhibition provides an opportunity a Moebius design bath towel, with lounge area, where touch screensclimate, predict the hydro-geological to better understand the nature only one side, demonstrate Pythagoras’ enable them to experiment in personbehaviour of the ground and prevent and origins of our diet and to follow theorem using the washing machine, with the contents proposed,landslides and floods. If you know it, the food chain from the producer apply the tiles using Penrose plugs join in the workshops and attendyou can’t help loving it! to our tables. and find the solution to the labyrinth the performances of guests invited that we call Euler diagrams. for the occasion.Museo di Storia Naturale “G. Doria” Magazzini del Cotone, modulo 110 am - 5 pm Monday to Friday, 9 am - 6 pm Monday to Friday, Palazzo Ducale, Munizioniere Piazza Matteotti10 am - 7 pm Saturday, Sunday, October 31st, 10 am - 7 pm Saturday, Sunday, November 1st / 9 am - 6 pm Monday to Friday, 9 am - 6 pm Monday to Friday,November 1st / booking is required for schools booking is required for schools and groups 10 am - 7 pm Saturday, Sunday, November 1st, 10 am - 7 pm Saturday, Sunday, November 1st,and groups / the exhibition is part of the project CNR 10 am - 9 pm October 31st / booking is 10 am - 9 pm October 31st per lo sviluppo del Mezzogiorno Conoscenze required for schools and groupsBy ADM Associazione Didattica Integrate per Sostenibilità e Innovazione By National Geographic ChannelMuseale Genova, Museo civico di Storia del Made in Italy Agroalimentare By Belgrade Science FestivalNaturale “G. Doria” by Associazione Festival della Scienza, CNR-PSC, CNR-ILO, CNR-ISPA, CNR-IAMC, CRA, D.A.Re. s.c.r.l, Cittadella Mediterranea della Scienza di Bari, IAMB-CIHEAM, Confindustria Bari, BAT. In collaboration with Regione Puglia, ARTI, Unioncamere, GTS Trasporti, GIEF BayerOctober 22 to November 1 28 to 29 October October 22 to November 1 October 22 to November 121 | Nucleus 22 | Put the bomb in the bag 23 | Quantum Race 24 | Race. Conquering the South PoleAll in 100 years of the nucleus Running wild, riding wavesof the atom Bombproof textiles. This is the solution One hundred years ago in the world’s for air transport proposed by FLY-BAG, Quantum Race is a role game coldest continent with an average1911. The great New Zealand a European project coordinated by where you experience first-hand temperature of -49°C, two teamsphysicist Ernest Rutherford discovers D’Appolonia and financed in the 7th some of the principles that rule fought one another in what was anthe nucleus of atoms. In those years Framework Programme. FLY-BAG’s quantum mechanics and its epic race. The amazing interactivenuclear physics and particle chemistry objective was to develop a blastworthy functioning. It’s almost unbelievable, exhibition re-enacts the exciting racebegin. Today, after a century textile-based luggage container you’re having great fun and for the conquest of the South Pole.of wandering between the infinitely to protect aircraft from explosions competition is challenging: in the The aim is to understand the meaningsmall and the infinity of space, caused by bombs concealed inside middle of the collapse of a wave of the race and to discover Antarcticaeven the weirdest questions about the checked-in luggage. Despite the function and a teleport, the hardest as it is today: a proper open-airthe structure of atoms and molecules advances in scanning technologies thing is to believe what’s happening. research laboratory for internationaland also about the principles of and the efforts carried out by The game, designed by Fabio Chiarello, cooperation.radioactivity and of nuclear reactions, governments and international bodies, CNR researcher, is full-size buthave found many answers. How big, small-medium explosive devices can be replicated as a board game. Palazzo Ducale, Sottoporticatoor small, is a nucleus? Why does may remain undetected. The FLY-BAG 9 am - 7 pm, October 31st 9 am - 9 pm / Complesso di Santa Maria di Castello booking is required for schools and groupsan old clock leave an impression on container is based on the use ofphotographic film? Is it possible to line innovative textiles and composite 9 am - 5 pm Monday to Friday, 10 am - 7 pm Saturday, Sunday, October 31st, The exhibition Race to the End of the Earthup atoms on a soap bubble? How do materials resulting in low weight and November 1st / booking is required for schools is organized by American Museum of Naturalelectrons move? Are you really ready a high resistance to blasting events. and groups History, New York, In collaboration with Muséeto discover the secrets of matter? A demonstration event will take place des Confluences, Lyon, France, Royal BC during the Festival della Scienza di By CNR-Istituto di Fotonica e Nanotecnologia. Museum, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.Palazzo Grimaldi della Meridiana Supported by Eileen P. Bernard Exhibition Fund, Genova where a FLY-BAG prototype In collaboration with CNR - Promozione9 am - 6 pm Monday to Friday, e Sviluppo Collaborazioni Marshall P. and Rachael Levine, Drs. Harlan B. will be showcased and the main and Natasha Levine, Government of the United10 am - 7 pm Saturday, Sunday, November 1st,10 am - 9 pm October 31st / booking is required working principles explained. Kingdom, National Science Foundation (Grantfor schools and groups No. ANT 0636639). The italian version Race. Area Mandraccio Alla conquista del Polo Sud is produced byBy Enrico Maraffino e Maghimatici Laboratori 10 am and 4 pm / in case of rain Codice. Idee per la Cultura, with Genova PalazzoScientifici. In collaboration with Istituto the event will be cancelled Ducale Fondazione per la Cultura, Acquario diNazionale di Fisica Nucleare (Sezione Genova, Costa Edutainment, Associzionedi Bologna), Museo di Fisica (Sistema Museale By D’Appolonia Festival della Scienza and In collaboration withd’Ateneo e Dipartimento di Fisica - Bologna) Università di Genova, Museo Nazionale dell’Antartide, CNR 7
  10. 10. October 22 to November 1 October 22 to November 1 October 22 to November 1 22 to 31 October25 | Science zip 26 | Smart grids, smart city 27 | Sound and harmony 28 | Stem cellsLaboratories and demonstrations in science and art The frontier between presentthat take inspiration from the One of the most innovative projects The contribution of science to and futureinvention and functioning of zips in the energy field: the electricity the understanding and development network of the future made up of of music in the last 150 years Biomedical sciences are constantlyYou say zip and you think of electronics, computers and moving on the frontier betweenan invention: problems and solutions communication, told through a Science and feelings: let’s give them research, in the present and theirfor every-day life, technology at contemporary artwork. The Spanish room with music. In a setting made application, in the near future.the service of people. Starting form artist and designer Jaimie Hayon with the contribution of the Academy For this reason, they have to makethe story of the most famous zip in interprets the complex technology of Fine Arts of Turin, we can test our important ethical considerations,the world, the audience is shown an that lies behind smart grids. hearing by exploring the nature of on the basis of which it is possibleunusual journey in copyright culture. The intelligent networks that in a not sound and the physical characteristics to decide in which direction to exploitCurious facts and anecdotes help too distant future, as the Internet has that belong to it: frequency, amplitude, new knowledge and which we allillustrate the various steps that been for information, will allow shape. On the basis of these principles, take part in defining, as membersled to a simply ‘ingenious’ discovery. everyone to interact and exchange it is easy to construct small musical of society. What is the real functionSpeaking of science with a zip in energy, increasing efficiency and instruments, by deepening the concept of stem cells ? What instrumentsyour hands is a bizarre idea, but less encouraging the spread of renewable of timbre, and then go on to explore do researchers use to recognise theirunlikely than one might expect. sources. A first important step to modern instruments, where sound nature and potential? An outlineWith a zip you can discover transform our cities into smart cities and electromagnetic waves of the current state of research andgeometrical properties, explore the and promote sustainable development. interchange and transform into one a panorama of a fascinating, turbulentworld of DNA, study the forces that another. So where is the pleasure and above all fundamental area ofregulate the functioning of a number Loggia della Mercanzia of listening? In our brains of course, research for the future of medicineof common objects. You only need 9 am - 6 pm Monday to Friday, in its way of perceiving things, 10 am - 7 pm Saturday, Sunday, Palazzo Grimaldi della Meridianaa zip to unleash the creativity October 31st, November 1st elaborating them and activating itself.and imagination of a scientist! In one word, by listening. 9,30 am - 5,30 pm Monday to Friday, 10 am - 9 pm Saturday, Sunday, October 31st By EnelBiblioteca Internazionale per Ragazzi Palazzo del Principe By European Molecular Biology LaboratoryEdmondo De Amicis 9 am - 5 pm Monday to Friday,9 am - 5 pm Monday to Friday, 10 am - 7 pm Saturday, Sunday, October 31st,10 am - 7 pm Saturday, Sunday, October 31st, November 1st / booking is required for schoolsNovember 1st and groupsBy Psiquadro. Thanks to Eurochocolate By Ottobre Scienza. In collaboration withand Eugenio Guarducci Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali, Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti di TorinoOctober 22 to November 1 October 22 to November 1 October 22 to November 1 October 22 to November 129 | The essential 30 | The Mathematics of the Mind 31 | The physics of music 32 | The red blouseis invisible to the eye When the brain is deceived The secrets of violins and pianos and turquoise trousersTraces of the Universe in the city A laboratory of light and colour, Little super-computers are incessantly To build a musical instrument is to the colours of the Unification of ItalyThe conquests of research in at work inside our heads. They help us create a work of art. People who givefundamental physics are about to to distinguish shapes, associate them shape to instruments though, are not What colour is Garibaldi’s red shirt?bring about an amazing revolution with objects and understand how only artisans, but also scientists. Red of course! But what does sciencein the way we see reality today. they behave in reality. They elaborate Many are the physical laws to be taken think of it? Will Garibaldi’s shirt be redNew representations of time and space everything in real time, without into account to make perfect pianos in the dark? And if we illuminatedaccompany technological innovations our having to worry at all. But these and violins. How does sound form? the shirt with coloured lights? And still,which have extraordinary applications internal calculators can be deceived... And how does it carry? Learn to know Garibaldi’s white horse... has it reallyin our lives. These images become and this is where the fun starts. the science that lies behind one always been white? Wearing a reddynamic, interactive metaphors, Join us for some interactive experiments of the most important phenomenons shirt, children become colourinstallations distributed throughout and discover how these near-perfect of our culture: music. A series of investigators, dealing with Garibaldi’sthe urban fabric of our city, places to machines work. What happens when experiments of the physics of sound story and anecdotes concerning hisexplore and recompose, to plunge into the brain, asking them for advice, take you through a world where notes life. With games and scientificand participate in the adventurous receives the wrong answer? and staves reign. Have you entered a experiments they create their ownchallenge of discovery. sound laboratory or rather a workshop favourite flag, but they still take home Palazzo Ducale, Munizioniere where musical instruments are made? a brilliant tricolour.Various venues 9 am - 6 pm Monday to Friday,9 am - 6 pm Monday to Friday, 10 am - 7 pm Saturday, Sunday, November 1st, Palazzo del Principe Palazzo Grimaldi della Meridiana10 am - 7 pm Saturday, Sunday, October 31st, 10 am - 9 pm October 31st / booking is 9 am - 5 pm Monday to Friday, 9 am - 6 pm Monday to Friday,November 1st required for schools and groups 10 am - 7 pm Saturday, Sunday, October 31st, 10 am - 7 pm Saturday, Sunday, November 1st, November 1st / booking is required for schools 10 am - 9 pm October 31st / booking isEdited by INFN Istituto Nazionale By Queen Mary University of London and groups / October 22 and 29 the exhibition required for schools and groupsdi Fisica Nucleare will open at 1 pm By Associazione Culturale GOOGOL By Laura Bonino. In collaboration with Strinasacchi snc Verona Rappresentante Generale in Italia di Steinway and Sons, La Liuteria di Danilo Gosti Liutaio in Genova8
  11. 11. October 22 to November 1 October 22 to November 1 October 22 to November 1 October 22 to November 133 | The science of cartoons 34 | The 6-legged dog: a symbol 35 | The thread of life 36 | Unit of measurementHow to become between memory and future From RNA to biotechnologies and the measure of Unitya successful film director Making Italy means measuring it: The itinerant exhibition Il cane Naples and Campania had a happy birthday, metre!Welcome to the cinema! For once, a sei zampe. Un simbolo tra memoria prominent role in the history ofyou won’t have to sit among the e futuro, curated by the historical genetics in Italy: here the first human In July 1861, Italy adopted the metrepublic... but you’ll take part in a real archives of ENI, traces the history of gene was discovered and the first as a unit of measurement. A choiceproduction. We need only a set, the company from 1953 to the present Italian oncogene; here a contribution which immediately made it possiblecreativity, a few notions of physics day, through the transformations of its was made to sequencing the human to develop the geological mappingand physiology and many characters logo. Original documents, memorabilia, genome, to identifying the causes of Italy, an instrument of physical asto animate with the stop-motion movies, cartoons, lead the visitor, of many hereditary diseases, and the well as political identity. The exhibitiontechnique. With “frame by frame” , allowing him to retrace the history mechanisms of DNA modification were therefore moves from the territory,ordinary objects and real people can of this company. In the background, discovered here. The exhibition shows looking in particular at Italy’s formation,be filmed frame by frame, thus making the 4 changes in the label always with you the initiatives that made Naples through the evolution of standardsa sequence of static images to be the distinctive six-legged dog, designed a protagonist. A story that starts of measurement, to the observationmounted so as to create a short in 1952 by the sculptor Luigi Broggini. with the researchers’ imagination and of the growth of connectivity, in termsanimation. Animation techniques The poster and graphic design of genius and becomes more and more of rail transport, which in the lastare based on both physical and the exhibition are signed by Agostino substantial, sharing together 150 years has obviously increased inphysiological science: - connected Iacurci , author of the latest revision the fascination of past discoveries importance and complexity. To celebrateto the perception of movement of the logo; part of the exhibition is and the exciting prospects opening the metre, the international Globo-and to phenomena linked with the dedicated to the new talents, who have up before us. Local project for the liberation of worldpersistence of images on the retina inaugurated ENI’s new communication maps has been invited: to understand- they are the secret ingredient season. Almost sixty years of history, Commenda di Prè time zones and also to think againfor a successful cartoon! deep roots that support a company 9 am - 6 pm Monday to Friday, about our own position on the globe.. 10 am - 7 pm Saturday, Sunday, October 31st, present in 77 countries, and that November 1st / booking is required for schoolsCoop di Sestri Ponente makes a point of being a historical Commenda di Prè and groups9 am - 5 pm Monday to Friday, name in relation to its identity 9 am - 6 pm Monday to Friday,10 am - 6 pm Saturday, closed on Sunday 10 am - 7 pm Saturday, Sunday, October 31st,and November 1st / booking required and culture By CNR-IGB, CNR-PSC, Fondazione IDIS-Città November 1st / booking is required for schools della Scienza. In collaboration with Stazione and groups Palazzo Grimaldi della Meridiana Zoologica “Anton Dhorn”, CNR-IBP, CNR-IEOS,By Matteo and Attilio Valenti, 9 am - 6 pm Monday to Friday, Università Federico II, Seconda Università diAssociazione Festival della Scienza, By Università Roma Tre - Laboratorio 10 am - 7 pm Saturday, Sunday, November 1st, Napoli, Tigem, CEINGE - Biotecnologie AvanzateCNR-Promozione Sviluppo Collaborazioni In collaboration with Università 10 am - 9 pm October 31st Roma Tre - Dipartimento di Matematica; Dipartimento di Scienze Geologiche e Facoltà di Architettura, Servizio di Polizia provinciale e Protezione civile della Provincia di Roma, Progetto Internazionale Globo LocalOctober 22 to November 1 October 22 to November 1 October 22 to November 137 | Water 38 | Web-Play 39 | Young naturalistsFrom the Sea of Galilee to our taps Learning with New Technologies around the world A journey following Darwin’s stepsThe water situation in Israel i Have you ever wondered how to discover the evolution of speciess truly unique: scarsity of resources, technology can help resolve conflicts,a constantly increasing population, take collective decisions or manage a Just as if you were little Darwins,citizens’ higher and higher living business? The answer may come from leap into a tour with five stops tostandards (and consumption). experiences that we propose in this follow the tracks of the great EnglishTherefore continuous innovation exhibition where, by interacting and nature scientist, tracing his journeysof the water supply, purification and communicating with virtual worlds, and studies. On board the royalrecycling systems is needed. This is you can draw your relationship profile, brigantine Beagle, finish a virtualan opportunity to try out for yourself recognize your ability to react expedition in time and space tothe purification techniques using to emergency situations or try to be discover the theory of evolution:sand and activated carbon, microfibres a good leader. Come face to face simulate the effect of naturalfor filters, reverse osmosis equipment, with “smart” technology, which allows selection, observe the species that livewater hardness tests. And to meet us to have new experiences, helps us in different habitats and build a treethe Daphnia, the tiny planktonic grow, makes us question how we use of evolution. This is an adventure thatcrustacean that helps us understand it every day. will make you think abouthow good the quality of our water is. observational science, studying andSpecial attention is given to how we Biblioteca Universitaria di Genova opening new horizons. Ready to sail?consume water and to the responsible (ex Hotel Colombia Excelsior) Heading for the Galapagos islands! 9 am - 6 pm Monday to Friday,use of water resources. 10 am - 7 pm Saturday, Sunday, October 31st, Galata Museo del Mare November 1st / booking is required for schoolsPalazzo del Principe 9 am - 5 pm Monday to Friday, and groups9 am - 5 pm Monday to Friday, 10 am - 7 pm Saturday, Sunday, October 31st,10 am - 7 pm Saturday / booking is required November 1st / booking is required for schools By CNR-Advanced Learning Technology and groups / dell’Istituto di Scienze e Tecnologie dellaBy Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem Cognizione, Università di Napoli Federico II By Fondazione Umberto Veronesi - Natural and Artificial Cognition Lab. per il Progresso delle Scienze. In collaboration with CodiCS - In collaboration with Pikaia il portale Comunicazione Scientifica dell’evoluzione ( 9
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