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Line card 2013

  1. 1. 1 1 1 5 L i e b a u R o a d , U n i t 1 5 0 • P. O . B o x 6 1 0 • M e q u o n , W I 5 3 0 9 2 P h o n e : 2 6 2 - 2 4 3 - 0 1 0 3 • F a x : 2 6 2 - 2 4 3 - 0 1 0 8 • w w w . a u t o s o l w i . c o m • Sensors • Pneumatics • Vacuum • Hydraulics • Vision Systems • Motion Control • Electric Actuators • Profile Systems The mission of Automation Solutions of WI, Inc. is to be an indispensable asset to its customers and vendors through its innovative application of automation and motion-control technology. Our creativity, innovation, quality, and integrity guide all facets of our Innovative Solutions by Design philosophy.
  2. 2. Alpha Technologies ASI Value-Added Automated Vision, LLC Canfield Connector Cool Muscle Daman Deltrol Fluid Products EDCO USA Enerpac Festo GERWAH Couplings GO Switch HTM Electronics Intelligent Actuator Lenz Flow Controls • Quick Disconnect Couplers • Push-to-Connect Fittings Nylon Tubing • Check Valves • Mini Ball Valves • Quick Exhaust Valves Control Panels • Custom Assemblies • Custom Manifolds • PLC Programming Pneumatic Panels • Start-Up Assistance • System Design Turnkey Vision Solutions • Vision Consulting • Vision Systems Conveyor Controls • Cylinder Proximity Sensors • DIN Solenoid Valve Connectors Electronic Circuits • Proportional Drivers • Round Connectors • Timers Gearboxes • Integrated Linear Servo Actuators • Reli-a-Flex™ Couplings Servo Motors with Integrated Controller • SR Joints Cover Plates • Header Blocks • Junction Blocks • Hydraulic Manifolds • Subplates Tapping Plates • Valve Adapters Air Valves • Hydraulic Valves • Cartridge Valves • Check Valves • Flow Control Valves Pressure Control Valves • Quick Exhaust Valves • Solenoid Valves Grippers and Accessories • Modular Automation Tooling • Rail Systems Vacuum Cups • Vacuum Generators • Vacuum Pads • Vacuum Pumps Control Valves • Linear Cylinders • Power Sources • Swing Cylinders System Components • Work-Holding Components • Work Supports Air Preparation Components • Electro-Mechanical Components • Handling Pneumatic Actuators • Pneumatic Connection Technology • Positioning Systems Sensors • Vacuum Generators • Valves • Valve Terminals Line Shaft Couplings • Magnetic Couplings • Metal Bellows Couplings • Safety Couplings Servo Insert Couplings • Torque Limiters Cylinder Sensors • High-Temperature Sensors • Position Sensing Sub-Sea Sensors • Wash-Down Sensors Inductive Sensors • Capacitive Sensors • Metalhead Sensors Weld Field Immune Sensors • Long-Range Sensors • Photoelectric Sensors Laser Sensors • Temperature Sensors • Safety Light Curtains • Cables and Boxes Cartesian Robots • Electric Actuators • Linear Servos • Mini Robo Actuators • Robo Cylinders SCARA Robots • Single-Axis Robots • Single-Axis Controllers • Multi-Axis Controllers Adapters • Hose Fittings • Hydraulic Filters • Hydraulic Fittings Hydraulic Tank Accessories • O-Ring Seal Tube Fittings M a c h i n e B u i l d i n g S y s t e m s • E l e c t r o - M e c h a n i c a l A c t u a t o r s • S e r v o M o t o r s M o d u l a r A u t o m a t i o n • M o t i o n C o n t r o l • M o d u l a r R o b o t i c s • S y s t e m D e s i g n
  3. 3. Milwaukee Cylinder Monnier, Inc. Neugart NGT, LLC Parco, Inc. Paletti USA, LLC Pneumatic Cyl & Couplers Pressure Components Pneumatic System Saver Renco, Inc. Robo-Tool, Inc. SensoPart Spartan Scientific Transducers Direct Universal Components Custom Cylinders • Cylinder Accessories • Industrial Manipulators • Pneumatic Cylinders Hydraulic Cylinders • Position Sensing Control • Motion Control • Power Units Custom Valves • Pneumatic Filters • Pneumatic Regulators • Pneumatic Lubricators Pressure Relief Valves • Modular Air Preparation Assemblies • Stainless Steel Units Servo Gearheads • In-Line Planetary Servo Gearheads Right-Angle Bevel Planetary Servo Gearheads • Rack and Pinion Systems Cartridge Valves • Pilot-Operated Check Valves • Pneumatic Counterbalance Specialty Valves • Vacuum Blow-Off Valves T-Slotted Aluminum Extrusion: Metric and Inch Sizes • Fasteners • Ergonomic Lifts Machine Guarding • Kit and Machining Services Conveyor Systems • Linear Actuators • Machine Building Components Machine Guarding Components • Profile Systems • Work Stations Custom Cylinders • Cylinder Accessories • Round Body Stainless Steel Cylinders Tie-Rod Aluminum Cylinders • Stainless Steel Cylinders • Air-Oil Tanks Check Valves • Flow Control Valves • Diagnostic Products • High-Pressure Ball Valves Quick Disconnect Couplings • Pipe Clamps • Tube Clamps • Hose Clamps Cost-Effective, Energy-Efficient Integrated Pneumatic Assemblies Leak-Free Design • Ultra Versatile • Unique Modular Design Pneumatic Two-Hand, No-Tie-Down Controls Electronic Two-Hand, No-Tie-Down Controls Clamp Blocks • Precision Aluminum Tubes • Level Compensators Nipper Clamps • Robotic End-of-Arm Tooling • Swivel Flange Blocks Capacitive Sensors • Inductive Sensors • Optical Sensors • Smart Plugs Ultrasonic Sensors • Vision Lighting and Lenses • Vision Sensors and Systems Air-Piloted Valves • Diaphragm Process Valves • Direct-Acting Solenoid Valves Drain Valves • Media Separated Valves • Solenoid Operators Cables • Digital Displays • Flow and Liquid Level, Pressure, and Temperature Switches Linear Position, Melt Pressure, Pressure, and Vacuum Transducers In-line Filters and Strainers • Pressure Gauges • Mufflers • Thermometers Actuated Ball Valves • Check Valves • Manual Valves • Relief Valves S t e p p e r M o t o r s • C l o s e d - L o o p S t e p p e r M o t o r s • L i n e a r S e r v o M o t o r s I n t e g r a t e d M a n i f o l d S y s t e m s • P n e u m a t i c s • H y d r a u l i c s • V a c u u m
  4. 4. ACTUATORS Ball Screw Cool Muscle, Festo, IAI, Paletti Belt Drive Festo, IAI, Paletti Electric & Servo Cool Muscle, Festo, IAI, Paletti Multi-Motion Festo Rotary Pneumatic Festo Rotary Servo Festo, IAI AIR-OIL TANKS Milwaukee, PC&C ALUMINUM PROFILE Festo, Paletti, Parco CONTROLS No-Tie-Down, Pneumatic Festo, Renco No-Tie-Down, Electric Renco CONTROL SYSTEMS ASI, Festo CORD SETS Pre-Wired Canfield, HTM, Festo, SensoPart COUPLINGS Quick Connect Alpha, Festo, PCI CYLINDERS Air, NFPA Festo, Milwaukee, PC&C Clamping Festo, Enerpac Custom Milwaukee, PC&C Hydraulic, NFPA Milwaukee ISO Festo Manifold Mount Enerpac Multiple Piston Festo, PC&C Non-Rotating Festo, Milwaukee, PC&C Rodless Festo Specialty Festo, Milwaukee, PC&C Stainless Festo, Milwaukee, PC&C Stopper Festo Swing Enerpac, Festo DIAGNOSTICS Festo, PCI DRIVE COMPONENTS Festo, GERWAH, Neugart DRYERS Air Festo ELECTRO-PNEUMATIC Festo ENCODERS Linear Festo END-OF-ARM TOOLING EDCO, Robo-Tool FACTORY AUTOMATION ASI, Festo, Paletti, Parco FIELDBUS Festo, IAI FILTERS Air Line Festo, Monnier Coalescing Festo, Monnier Hydraulic Lenz FITTINGS Hydraulic Lenz Pneumatic Alpha, Festo GRIPPERS Pneumatic Festo, Robo-Tool Electric Festo, IAI HYDRAULIC POWER SOURCES Enerpac, Milwaukee LINEAR ACTUATOR SYSTEMS ASI, Festo, IAI, Paletti LINEAR GUIDES Festo, IAI, Paletti LINEAR MOTORS Festo, IAI LUBRICATORS Festo, Monnier MACHINE GUARDING Paletti, Parco MANIFOLDS Custom Automation Solutions Hydraulic Daman Pneumatic Automation Solutions, Festo MODULAR Assemblies ASI, Pneumatic System Saver Automation ASI, Festo, Paletti Robotics Festo, IAI, Paletti MOTION CONTROLLERS Cool Muscle, Festo, IAI MUFFLERS Festo, UCI MULTI-AXIS SERVO CONTROLS Cool Muscle, Festo, IAI PLCs Festo POSITIONING SYSTEMS Cool Muscle, Festo, IAI, Paletti PRESSURE BOOSTER Air Festo Hydraulic Milwaukee PRESSURE GAUGES Festo, PCI, UCI PROXIMITY SWITCHES Canfield, Festo, GO, HTM, SensoPart REGULATORS Pneumatic Festo, Monnier Proportional (air) Festo ROBOTIC TOOLING EDCO, Robo-Tool ROBOTS Cartesian Festo, IAI Multi-Axis Festo, IAI SCARA IAI Single-Axis Festo, IAI SAFETY LIGHT CURTAINS HTM SENSORS Actuator Feedback Festo Capacitive HTM, SensoPart Color SensoPart Flow Festo Inductive Festo, HTM, SensoPart Optical Festo, HTM, SensoPart Photoelectric Festo, HTM, SensoPart Pressure Festo Proximity Festo, GO, HTM, SensoPart Vacuum EDCO, Festo SERIAL INTERFACE Festo, IAI SERVO Controllers Cool Muscle, Festo, IAI Gearheads Cool Muscle, Festo, Neugart Motors Cool Muscle, Festo SERVO-PNEUMATIC CONTROLS Festo SHOCK ABSORBERS Festo SLIDES Air Powered Festo Electric Cool Muscle, Festo, IAI, Paletti Heavy Duty Festo, Paletti SPEED REDUCERS Planetary Cool Muscle, Festo, Neugart STEPPER MOTORS Cool Muscle, Festo SWITCHES Cylinder Canfield, Festo, Milwaukee, PC&C Flow Transducers Direct Liquid Level Transducers Direct Pressure Festo, Transducers Direct Proximity Festo, GO, SensoPart Temperature Transducers Direct Vacuum EDCO, Festo, Transducers Direct SYSTEM DESIGN Automation Solutions of WI, Inc. TRANSDUCERS Linear Festo, Transducers Direct Melt Pressure Transducers Direct Pressure Festo, Transducers Direct Vacuum Festo, Transducers Direct TUBING Pneumatic Alpha, Festo VACUUM Accessories EDCO, Festo Cups EDCO, Festo Generators EDCO, Festo Pumps EDCO, Festo VALVES Ball Alpha, Festo, PCI, UCI Cartridge EDCO, Deltrol, NGT Check Alpha, Deltrol, Festo, PCI, UCI Directional EDCO, Festo, Spartan Flow Control Alpha, Deltrol, Festo, PCI, UCI Hydraulic Deltrol, Enerpac, Milwaukee Needle Alpha, Deltrol, Festo, PCI, UCI P.O. Check Deltrol, Festo, NGT Pressure Control Deltrol, Festo, Monnier, UCI Process Festo, Spartan Proportional Control Festo VISION Cameras Festo, SensoPart Lighting SensoPart Systems Automated Vision Designer’s Guide to Electromechanical Components, Fluid Power Products, Systems, and Automation Designer’s Guide to Electromechanical Components, Fluid Power Products, Systems, and Automation