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Individual sports

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Individual sports

  1. 1. Individual Sports Improve athletes’ performance thanks to visual support Communicate ANALysE shareImprove athletes’ performance by Use your expertise to enhance the Easily share your expertisegiving instant visual feedback video image thanks to powerful through high quality media analysis toolsEasily integrate video without Highlight techniques and move- Exchange content with athletes byinterrupting the pace of the session ments by selecting key moments using easy-to-use communicationand give athletes a real understan- on the video, comparing them tools. Export your analyses allowingding of the corrections and adjust- with reference clips, using drawing athletes to access to them on CD,ments they need to make. and measurement tools. Create DVD, via or email. multimedia presentations of your analyses with written and audio comments. SEE. LEARN. SUCCEED.
  2. 2. INTEGRATE DARTFISH INTO YOUR DAILY ROUTINESCAPTURE actions live, directly to Give athletes INSTANT VISUAL HIGHLIGHT techniques by selectingyour computer FEEDBACK & annotating key momentsUse your expertise to enhance the video PUBLISH your analyses as movies or SHARE your expertise by distributingimage by making in-depth ANALYSES media books your analyses to athletes ANALYS IS SELECT ION ANALYSIS SELECTION COMMENTS The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. KEY POSITIONS BENEFIT FROM UNIQUE DARTFISH ADVANTAGES Automatically CATEGORISE andCREATE your own video library easily RETRIEVE clips MAINTAIN a large content library 27.07.05 MARK OSLO 27.07.05 OSLO ATHLETES PLACES MARK DATES 5000m BACKUP ARCHIVE Dartfish, more than software: > Training: We want to help you use the software the best way you can. Visit our website to see how. > Technical Support and updates: We post regular updates of our software on our website. Check out the start page of Dartfish software or Register online to be informed of latest developments made available to you at I would like to contact Dartfish ALL YOU NEED: If you would like to know more about Dartfish products, A laptop, a camcorder & Dartfish software send an e-mail to, visit or contact your nearest Dartfish representative.Dartfish Ltd.Rte de la Fonderie 6 – C.P. 53 Tel : +41 26 425 48 501705 Fribourg - Switzerland Fax : +41 26 425 48