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Have something done


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English grammar: Use of "causative have" with explanations, examples and exercises.

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Have something done

  1. 1. We use “causativehave” when wearrange forsomeone to dosomething for us,often as a service.
  2. 2. Example:Mary had her hair cut last week.That is: Someone else (thehairdresser) cut Mary’s hair.Maryhairdresser
  3. 3. Situation:Tom tookthe car tothemechanic.Themechanic isrepairing hiscar.Tom is having his car repaired.So,
  4. 4. Situation:Susan has gota camera.The cameraneedsrepairing soshe has takenit to theRepair Shop.Which is correct?Susan has repaired the camera, orSusan has had her camerarepaired?