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Role Flemish land agency implement innovative techniques for growing media


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Presented by Koen Cochet (VLM Belgium) at FERTINNOWA's 2nd International workshop "Meeting growers’ needs: Exchanging Technologies on Irrigation and Fertigation" Description:
The five-step approach consists of: setting out legislation through participation, communication, field visits with advisory, control and enforcement, and evaluation and fine-tuning legislation. Pressure through legislation, build up several, logical steps to be effective, is a key factor to support the transfer of innovative techniques.

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Role Flemish land agency implement innovative techniques for growing media

  1. 1. Role of the Flemish Land Agency to implement innovative techniques for growing media
  2. 2. 5 steps how the Flemish Land Agency contributes Setting out legislation through participation Communication Field visits with advisory Control and enforcement Evaluation and fine tuning legislation With each step, pressure is put on growers to innovate and implement innovative techniques FLEMISH LAND AGENCY 8/01/2018 │2
  3. 3. 1. Setting out legislation through participation Participatory process 2006-2008 Representatives of farmers with growing media involved Process description abstracts of Nutrihort 2013: Nitrates Directive in Flanders’ horticulture: towards nutrient management through participation (Grauwels K., Cochez K., Desimpelaere K.) => Available FLEMISH LAND AGENCY 8/01/2018 │3
  4. 4. 2. Communication In the period 2008-2009 communication The new legislation was explained on meetings (> 10) what was expected e.g. storage capacity drainwater how much time conceded to take measures what to do in case of e.g. non useable drainwater towards grassland etc. Brochures available (under revision) Questioning by telephone, e-mail FLEMISH LAND AGENCY 8/01/2018 │4
  5. 5. 3. Field visits with advisory In 2009-2014 field visits with advisory About 1,000 horticulturists growing media visited (> 0,5 ha) Findings descripted in the abstracts of Nutrihort 2013 (until July 2013): The Flemish approach to reduce nutrient losses from soilless horticulture: legislation to practice (Cochez K. and Jacobs D.) FLEMISH LAND AGENCY 8/01/2018 │5
  6. 6. Regeneration sand filter – basic solution FLEMISH LAND AGENCY 8/01/2018 │6 disposal decanting basin
  7. 7. Innovative technique FLEMISH LAND AGENCY 8/01/2018 │7
  8. 8. 4. Control and enforcement From 2013 control and enforcement takes place Independent of the advisory service Findings descripted in the yearly report Mestrapport (only in Dutch) > Thema's > Startpagina Mestbank > Achtergrond > Brochures Mestbank > Mestrapporten Internal reorganisation Flemish Land Agency: the advisory service expended at the end of 2017 FLEMISH LAND AGENCY 8/01/2018 │8
  9. 9. 5. Evaluation and fine tuning legislation Coming soon Evaluation and fine tuning legislation Some items enclosed strengthening were possible what about tray- and container fields in open air sneak preview the role of supervisors what is a future proof advice => step number 6? FLEMISH LAND AGENCY 8/01/2018 │9 ?
  10. 10. Message government representatives Set out some pressure through legislation Build up several, logical, steps to keep pressure ongoing 2 keys necessary to support transfer of innovative techniques. And that is all what’s FERTINNOWA about! FLEMISH LAND AGENCY 8/01/2018 │10
  11. 11. More information FLEMISH LAND AGENCY 8/01/2018 │11
  12. 12.