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FERTINNOWA an example for writing successful presentations


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FERTINNOWA is a project funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 689687. It is a knowledge exchange platform to evaluate existing and novel technologies for fertigated crops to disseminate promising technologies and best practices

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FERTINNOWA an example for writing successful presentations

  1. 1. 01 T r a n s f e r o f I N N O v a t i v e t e c h n i q u e s f o r s u s t a i n a b l e W A t e r u s e i n F E R t i g a t e d c r o p s FERTINNOWA
  2. 2. H o w d i d i t s t a r t ? F r o m g r o w e r t o F E R T I N N O W A • Flanders: growers of soilless crops are: • facing water scarcity • struggling to achieve good status under stringent Flemish nutrient and water legislation • From Flanders to Europe (1) • 2012-2013: International benchmark study & Nutrihort symposium (soil/soilless; vegetable/ornamental; open field/covered) • Problems other EU-countries similar to Flanders • Lot of expertise and research results available in those countries 2
  3. 3. F E R T I N N O W A : h o w d i d i t a l l s t a r t ? • From Flanders to Europe (2) • 2014:4 Agrolink Flanders research stations (PSKW, PCS, PCH, PCG) prepare the first concept • February 2015: Agrolink Flanders partners sent first draft to European contacts of Benchmark study • March 2015: translation of Flemish proposal to European proposal, WP leaders elaborate their WP • April 2015: submission FERTINNOWA • January 2016: Start of FERTINNOWA 3
  4. 4. F E R T I N N O W A : o b j e c t i v e s • Collect, exchange, showcase and transfer innovative water management solutions and best practices in fertigated crops in order to • improve input water quality • improve water use efficiency • reduce environmental impact 4
  5. 5. F E R T I N N O W A : o b j e c t i v e s • Final aim = translation of knowledge into use  Outcomes will have to be tailored:  To the specific level (growers, authority, industry, consumer,…)  To the specific situation (crops, region, socio-economic,…) 5
  6. 6. F E R T I N N O W A : s o m e o f t h e o u t c o m e s 6 • Web site: information including database on technologies • Practice abstracts: • Short description of technology, practical information, guidelines, decision rules, … • Showcases of technologies and practices • Articles ( at several levels) • Final “practical” conference: • everyone can join • selection of growers will be given the chance to attend the final conference for free • Interaction with EIP Water, EIP-Agri, WssTP, projects, …
  7. 7. M u l t i - a c t o r a p p r o a c h : c o n s o r t i u m 7 • 23 partners , 1 linked third party • practical research centers • Universities • 1 SME • 1 industrial partner • Advisors • Budget 3.000.000 euro (3 years) • 6 partners first time partner of EU-project
  8. 8. M u l t i - a c t o r a p p r o a c h : t h e c o n s o r t i u m • Based on first contacts resulting from Nutrihort • Selection based on: • Question list and personal talk • expertise: crops, technological, regulatory, regionally, … • exclusion: after 2 reminders exclusion, value for money • withdrawal 1 partner • Distribution of responsibilities: • Agrolink Flanders partners initially responsible for contacts of 1 region • IFAPA contact point for Spanish partners • WP leaders: Expertise /Input during preparation of the proposal/regional • Task leaders: expertise 8
  9. 9. M u l t i - a c t o r a p p r o a c h : s t a k e h o l d e r s = focus on growers, end-users, researchers, government, policymakers, industry, consumers,… • Number not limited • Represented by External Advisory Board (8 growers, 4 industry, 2 consumers organizations, 4 regional authority, 2 environmental ngo’s) Interested to be stakeholder?? Come and join the stakeholders group. 9
  10. 10. Thank you for your attention 10