Best fertility monitor and calculator clearblue vs ovacue


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Best fertility monitor and calculator clearblue vs ovacue

  1. 1. Best Fertility Calculator Best fertility monitor and calculator: Clearblue vs Ovacue Posted on September 15, 2012 by admin My sister Janice has been married to her husband for four years. They both have good jobs in the Boston MA area.However even though they have tried to conceive for the four years they only succeeded last December when they were blessed with a baby girl ( name with held for privacy), named after her husbands mother. Through the four years, I commiserated with my sister -as I was her shoulder to cry on , as she went through the roller coaster of trials and tribulations including a strained relationship with her husband and pressure for her family members.
  2. 2. Infertility or fear of it is real issue that affects many women in the USA and around the world. Some women ovulate but do not get pregnant, others simply don’t become pregnant no matter how much they try, many do not know what to do, Many turn to birth control patches, ovulation predictors sticks and other solutions. While some of these strategies work- they only work for those who have not been trying for a while. However there is one important issue that you should know. Traditional monitoring of ovulation days – provides a maximum of three fertile days window on which to try to get pregnant. However modern tests such asClearblue computerized device or Ovacue identify as many as six fertile days in which one can try
  3. 3. to become pregnant- thereby increase the chances of becoming pregnant. Clearblue identifies both Lutenizing (LH) and Estrogen (e3g) hormones. Since sperms can survive in a woman for as many as five days it makes sense to know a six days window in which one can become pregnant. By tracking the estrogen levels which rise before th LH surge , an extended fertile window can be detected. The clear blue .electronic hand held monitor will give you advance notice of peak fertility so that couples can plan intercourse at their convenience. The clearblue ovulation test is menstrual and non invasion way , that works even for those with irregular periods. It has a 99% accuracy. It stores up to 6 previous menstrual cycles in order to calculate your upcoming fertile days.
  4. 4. The Clearblue test involves testing your urine first thing in the morning. It comes with an instruction manual as well as 1800 helpline . This is the leading and most popular ovulation test that is recommended by OB/GYNs as it identifies 3 times more fertile days as traditional ovulation tests. A study that was conducted and reported in the in Feb 2007 issue of American Society for reproductive medicine “fertility and Sterility” found that Clearblue Ovulation monitor helped couples conceive faster. 23% of couples who used it became pregnant during first two cycles .Only 14% conceived without the use of Clearblue Monitor. SO before you pay hundreds of dollars for a consultation with a fertility specialist its important to first use Clearblue ovulation test which will cost you a fraction of the cot of a specialist. You will also be able to do the tests in the privacy of your home. Get Clearblue for the lowest price fast and free shipping here. The Clearblue Ovulation test has received rave reviews and 4.4 out of 5 start on Amazon which sells the test kit for the lowest price. Says one user “ I bought the monitor on the recommendation of friends ( among our set its resulted in several pregnancies)”. However one customer complained that the price of buying the test sticks can rise to high.
  5. 5. The Ovacue fertility device is similar to Clearblue ovulation monitor. It is computerized and wills tore information on your menstrual cycles. However it uses saliva to test. Ovulation affects cervical mucous but also saliva. It detects electrolytes in the saliva. You simply put the Small sensor on your tongue for 5 seconds and it will display 1- 7 bars,. When you see 7 bars it means that is your most fertile day. The Ovacue test is the same as ClearBlue test in that it tests for hormonal change in the body – but simply uses a different method . However testing saliva has been shown to result in a bigger fertile window. Saliva changes can be detected much sooner than urine tests can. Over 98% accurate and has been FDA-approved Uses saliva – which is easy and convenient, there is no mess of urine tests! Full-screen LCD color display Can be used many times – no test ovulation sticks to purchase 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  6. 6. In my case these two tests are the best that are available in the market.However Ovacue fertility test device(Currently out of stock) is about 100$ more expensive thanClearblue Easy test. They will both increase your fertile window from 3 to about 6 days. This means that your chances of becoming pregnant will be that much higher. Whichever method you choose we wish you the very best and hope that you conceive the baby of your dreams sooner rather than later. By they way my sister used both of these devices at the same time. However she says that if she were to do it again she would go with Clearblue Easy test. Sorting products by Store Name Clearblue Fertility Starter Kit Clearblue takes the guesswork out of trying to conceive and reading test results by offering more... Clearblue Easy Digital Pregnancy Test, 3 Count (Packaging May Vary) When a
  7. 7. woman suspects she is pregnant she might greet the prospect with joy ? more... Clearblue Easy Ovulation Combination Pack, 7Ovulation and 1 Preg ... When you decide to have a baby, let the Clearblue Ovulation Test tell you when more...
  8. 8. Ovacue Vaginal Sensor ... The use of the vaginal sensor along with the OvaCue Fertility Monitor oral reading will more... All your Ovulation questions answered. Get the book for FREE. Click here