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Office 365 now you have it, so what do you do with it --iwug 5-16-2013


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Office 365 now you have it, so what do you do with it --iwug 5-16-2013

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  3. 3. Your EnvironmentADMS OnlineDirectory SyncIdentity ServicesProvisioningplatformLyncOnlineSharePointOnlineExchangeOnlineActive DirectoryFederationServices 2.0TrustIdPDirectoryStoreAdmin Portal/PowerShellAuthenticationplatformOffice 365Desktop SetupMicrosoft Online ServicesIdP
  4. 4. Appropriate for• Smaller orgs withoutAD on-premisePros• No servers required on-premiseCons• No SSO• No 2FA• 2 sets of credentials tomanage with differingpassword policies• IDs mastered in thecloudAppropriate for• Medium/Large orgs withAD on-premisePros• Users and groupsmastered on-premise• Enables co-existencescenariosCons• No SSO• No 2FA• 2 sets of credentials tomanage with differingpassword policies• Single serverdeploymentAppropriate for• Larger enterprise orgswith AD on-premisePros• SSO with corporate cred• IDs mastered on-premise• Password policycontrolled on-premise• 2FA solutions possible• Enables co-existencescenariosCons• High availability serverdeployments required
  5. 5. `Client(joined to CorpNet)Authentication platformAD FS 2.0 ServerExchange Online orSharePoint OnlineActive DirectoryYour Environment Microsoft Online ServicesLogon (SAML 1.1) TokenUPN:user@contoso.comSource User ID: ABC123Auth TokenUPN:user@contoso.comUnique ID:254729
  6. 6. IMAPmigrationCutovermigrationStagedmigration2010Hybrid2013HybridExchange 5.5 Exchange 2000 Exchange 2003    Exchange 2007     Exchange 2010    Exchange 2013   Notes/Domino GroupWise Other SimpleMigrationsHybridIMAP MigrationSupports wide range of email platformsEmail only (no calendar, contacts, or tasks)Cutover Exchange Migration(CEM)Good for fast, cutover migrationsNo migration tool or computer required on-premisesStaged Exchange Migration(SEM)No migration tool or computer required on-premisesRequires Directory Synchronization with on-premises ADHybrid DeploymentManage users on-premises and onlineEnables cross-premises calendaring, smooth migration,and easy off-boarding
  7. 7. • Delegated authentication for on-premises/cloud web services• Enables Free/Busy, calendar sharing, message tracking, onlinearchive, and moreFederation Trust• Manage all of your Exchange functions, whether cloud or on-premises from the same place - Exchange AdministrationCenter (EAC)Integrated AdminExperience• Online mailbox moves• Preserve the Outlook profile and offline file (OST)• Leverages the Mailbox Replication Service (MRS)Native MailboxMove• Authenticated and encrypted mail flow• Preserves the internal Exchange messages headers• Support for compliance mail flow scenarios (central transport)Secure Mail Flow
  8. 8. Hybrid Coexistence Feature ComparisonFeature Simple HybridMail routing between on-premises and cloud (recipients on either side)  Mail routing with shared namespace (if desired) on both sides  Unified GAL  Free/Busy and calendar sharing cross-premises Out of Office understands that cross-premises is “internal” to the organization Mailtips, messaging tracking, and mailbox search work cross-premises OWA redirection cross-premise (single OWA URL for both on-premises and cloud) Single tool to manage cross-premises Exchange functions (including migrations) Mailbox moves support both onboarding and offboarding No outlook reconfiguration or OST resync required after mailbox migration Preserve auth header (ensure internal email is not spam, resolve against GAL, etc.) Centralized mail flow , ensures that all email routes inbound/outbound via on-prem 
  9. 9. Analytics,PerformancePointBI Excel Services, Power View, PowerPivotSharePointOnline SharePoint2013Deep refinement,enhance relevancySearch People/Expertise, hover card, enterprise searchFull-trust code, BCS+Developer Cloud app model, Sandbox, CSOM, BCSCross-site scripting,content by searchInternet Public Website, Design Manager, apps/storeCentral AdministrationAdmin Tenant-level, PowerShell, IRM, Recycle BinECM /SocialeDiscovery, Records Center, Site Mailbox, Mobile, Newsfeed, Follow, #, @dot dot dot
  10. 10. - Early!- ADFS
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