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IndyPASS - Can SharePoint and SQL Server Find Wedded Bliss?


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One of the first things an IT Pro learns when they tackle SharePoint is how tightly coupled SharePoint is to SQL Server; it can’t function without it. And one of the hardest lessons a DBA can learn when encountering SharePoint is that SharePoint cannot be managed like a common SQL Server database, or even like databases for many other platforms.

This session will introduce SQL Server administrators and operators to how SharePoint interacts with SQL Server, outline some of the common gotchas and pitfalls that can crop up when managing a SQL Server instance that contains SharePoint databases, and provide recommendations on how to successfully manage SharePoint’s databases in SQL Server.

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IndyPASS - Can SharePoint and SQL Server Find Wedded Bliss?

  1. 1. Can SharePoint and SQL Serverfind wedded bliss?
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Outline
  4. 4. Courtship
  5. 5. Let’s get this out of the way
  6. 6. Down on Bended Knee
  7. 7. SharePoint 2013 Key Features
  8. 8. The Complexity of SharePoint
  9. 9. How Does SharePoint Need SQL Server?
  10. 10. What SharePoint Stores in SQL Server
  11. 11. SharePoint’s Databases
  12. 12. SharePoint’s Abuse of SQL Server
  13. 13. Manual changes to a SharePoint database?
  14. 14. Meeting the In-Laws
  15. 15. SharePoint versions and SQL Server support
  16. 16. Planning for SharePoint’s Databases
  17. 17. Planning the Wedding
  18. 18. Installing SharePoint: Creating Databases WOOOOHOOOOO!
  19. 19. Installing SharePoint: SQL Server Permissions
  20. 20. Installing SharePoint: After the Farm is Done
  21. 21. What to Expect When You’re Expecting
  22. 22. How did we get all this stuff?
  23. 23. SQL Server Storage Growth for SharePoint
  24. 24. Growth happens in other areas too
  25. 25. Growing Old Together
  26. 26. Operational To Dos
  27. 27. Operational To Don’ts
  28. 28. SharePoint Patching
  29. 29.