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Understanding how a hvac system works is a great way to save money


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As a new business owner starting completely from scratch in terms of physical construction, you will find more on your plate than a person who takes over a commercial property or makes the necessary adjustments to an existing business.

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Understanding how a hvac system works is a great way to save money

  1. 1. Understanding how a hvac system works is a great way to save money. This holds true whetheryou own your home or rent a house. You see, having this knowledge can lead to some basicmaintenance you can do yourself. This will help avoid expensive hvac repair costs that comewith home ownership. Or, can help give you a break on monthly rent if the homeowner cancount on your to fix the heating, ventilation, and cooling unit so that he doesnt have to pay thattypically expensive bill.As a one-time renter and now home owner, I found that knowing how a hvac system works wasbeneficial for me. You see, I didnt always have that information. The maximum amount ofknowledge I had was that when it was hot outside, I would turn the air conditioner on andtemperature down. And when it was cold outside, the heater stole the show and the temperaturewas raised. Then of course those actions didnt work, I got on the phone to reach my local hvacrepair company. After a couple of calls to them nearly every year, I found out how expensivethat course of action can be. Now managing some of my own maintenance based on theknowledge of how heating and cooling systems work keeps more of my own money in mypocket.Knowing how a hvac system works can give you an idea of how to fix your hvac or at leastwhere to start. And doing so will help keep more of your hard money in your pocket as well solets cover the essentials in understanding basic heating, ventilation, and cooling systems.There are 3 basic components to every hvac system used to control the climate in a home. Insimplistic terms, for those who are like I was have little to no clue about heating and coolingsystems, the 3 components are the warm or cooled air source, a distribution method for the airhas been heated or cooled, and a manner for controlling or regulating the amount of heated orcooled air being distributed. Yes, you would be correct in identifying that manner as thethermostat.When you put the 3 components in action, here is the scene. Heated air coming from a sourcesuch as the furnace and cooled air produced by the air conditioner for example is distributed byuse of air ducts. The same air ducts can be used to distribute the heated or cooled air andtypically are. The amount of heated or cooled air sent through those ducts is controlled by thethermostat and that is the very basic of how a hvac system works.(Just as a note, when the hvac unit is not working, any of those 3 components could be the culpritin the crime.)· While the basics of your heating and cooling unit including the hvac parts and itsworkings have been covered above, there are a few more tips to add to your knowledge base.· Your home heating, ventilation, and cooling system design is created based on the floor plan ofyour house. The ventilation and ductwork is laid out to hit every area of your home.· The air usedto cool and heat your home is actually pulled from the environment outside but gets filteredthrough ventilators the basically clean and disinfect the air brought in.A wheel and blower send the air through your hvac unitFor More Info: