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Garage door systems for your home


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Garage door systems for your home

  1. 1. Garage Door Systems for YourHomeThere are various types of garage doors available in the market and this makes it possible forhome owners to select the door that meets their needs. Even though the main purpose of a carport door is to protect the items stored in the garage such as cars, its other function is to increasethe beauty and attractiveness of the home. Garage gates are divided into several categories withthe main ones being, section roll ups and tilt ups. Tilt ups doors are further divided into canopy,swing hung and retractable doors. On the other hand, roll ups doors include overhead, sectionaland roller doors.The first category of garage doors we will consider is the roll-ups. These doors work by rollingthemselves vertically and gets stored on the roof of the garage. These types of gates are ideal forhomeowners who have limited space but want to store several items. Majority of roll-up storagegarage are easy to operate and make use of remote controls. One type of roll-ups door issectional doors. This type of doorway is divided into panels or sections and when the door isopened, the sections move upwards.Another type of roll-up car port gates is the overhead garage door. Similar to the sectional doors,this also makes use of the rolling system and when opened the door rolls up and get stored on theroof of the garage. In addition, it can be operated by the use of a remote and this make it easy tooperate.The other category of garage gates is the tilt-ups and these doors open by swinging parallel to theceiling of the garage. Even though the doors are good, their main drawback is that they consumelots of space and are thus not suitable for homes that have limited space. However, the gates areideal for spacious garages as they provide a large entrance for the cars. Such types of car portgateways are also easy to install and maintain.The first type of tilt-up garage doors is the canopy garage entry gate. However, when this garagegate is opened, a third of it is left hanging on the outside and this is unlike other normal garageentry doors. This type of door is ideal for cars needing maximum security such as luxury cars.They however are not ideal for automation.The other kind of tilt-up door is the retractable garage doorway, which is recommendedespecially for garages that are spacious. This type of door swings upwards and slides parallel tothe ceiling of the garage. Retractable car port doors are lifted vertically into the ceiling and canalso be automated.There are various types of garage doors available in the market and the type of door you choosewill depend on your needs and the size of your garage door.