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Exterior house paint ideas


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When you are considering the whole ordeal of painting your house to give it a better look, you may need to do some brainstorming to find out some great exterior house paint ideas that will boost the look of your home. Some good exterior house paint ideas can be difficult to come up with, mainly because if your painting ideas are too bold, it may overwhelm the design and the architecture of your house while at the same time upsetting the more conservative neighbors.

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Exterior house paint ideas

  1. 1. Exterior House Paint IdeasIf you have decided to give the exterior of your house a new coat of paint, dont rush it. Youmust give it a great deal of thought to ensure that you a make a fantastic job of it in one go.Painting a house is not an easy task and will cost you a lot of money. Therefore any decision youmake has to be well thought of because it will have to last at the least for 3 to 4 years before itcan be changed again. Exterior house paint ideas are not that difficult to come by. If you dontwant to consult a professional, you can always go online where you should be able to get somefantastic ideas.There are a few guidelines that should be followed when painting the exterior of your house. Conservative neighborhoods sometimes frown if you use bold and vibrant colors on theexterior. There are even certain neighborhood associations that prohibit tenants from movingaway from specified color schemes. Unless you want to be controversial and start a fight withyour neighbors, youd better stick to simple colors such as white, cream, beige and grey.Another point to keep in mind when thinking about exterior house paint ideas is to consider thearchitectural design of the house. In order to enhance the graceful lines of a historically oldhouse, it would not do to give it a modern color scheme which will bring down the value of thehouse and also make it look funny. A modern house on the other hand could be made to lookeven more attractive by painting it with bright but pleasing colors in keeping with theenvironment and neighborhood.Most houses have some little flaw or other as a result of the design and these also can be hiddenby the use of colors in the correct way. Although it might be possible and much cheaper for youto do the painting by yourself, getting a professional to paint the house will make it possible tohide all flaws and give the house the perfect look which will not be possible for you to achieveon your own.One of the best things you can do when looking for exterior house paint ideas is to try to blendwith nature. Just take a look at your surroundings. You cannot miss how the greenery in yourgarden blends so perfectly with the misty Blue Mountains in the background, the birds that flitfrom tree to tree or the vibrant colors of flowers that grow in your garden. Nature itself is such abeautiful palette and all you have to do is think of your house as the focal point and choose thecolors that will look best in your particular environment.If you cannot get the particular color or shade you want, there are expert color mixers who willbe able to get the exact shade you are looking for. Remember however when mixing colors, youwill have to get the required quantity in one go because it might not be possible to achieve thesame shade a second time. Use exterior house paint ideas to enhance the beauty and value ofyour home and see how even passers-by give it more than a second look.