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Ingles 3


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Published in: Education, Travel, Business
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Ingles 3

  1. 1. High School Advanced EnglishGrade & group: 3. “E” Miss : Nora Alin Guzman PelagioTeam members:Alejandro Avila Flores R.NJaime Fernandez Velez R.NManuel Garcia Rubio R.NAlan Yarid Hernandez R.NMa. Fernanda Ramirez Pindter R.N23
  2. 2. Why we did this project ? Our team did Our purpose is And We think this project that we want to that a Acapulco because we promote the is a touristic compare QUEBRADA and place and theAcapulco and we the CULTURE best place with conclude that HOUSE, because the best sun ,Acapulco change nowadays they fun and beaches. a lot. are along.
  3. 3. philosophy
  4. 4. Manager of the teamEstephania VillavicencioEdition apartmentAlan HernandezDesign and audioAlejandro Avila.Publics Relation apartmentManuel GarciaDesign and DeliverFernanda Ramirez.Web edition apartmentJaime Velez
  5. 5. Comment about the project