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Ferpection deck values 3.0


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Here is the third version of our culture deck. Simpler and better :)!

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Ferpection deck values 3.0

  1. 1. Thiel’s law: a startup messed up at its foundation can never be fixed Culture v3.0
  2. 2. Inspired by the concept of “liberated company”, we measure what our culture as a company is (and is not) and how we can evolve it over time. Here’s the third version of our culture deck consisting of: • Purpose: why Ferpection exists. • Values: what we believe in. • Behaviours: how we work together. Company culture in motion
  3. 3. • We want to improve everyone’s internet experience. • We believe we can do so by fueling companies – the key providers of this experience - with feedback from users. • We apply this approach to ourselves, listening and satisfying our customers, our testers and our own needs. • Success for us is being happy coming to work, being profitable and ultimately satisfying our customers. Purpose
  4. 4. Values • There's always a better "way": we seek positive change, refuse status quo, bring quality not quantity. We are not judgmental and always fresh when it comes to delivering actionable optimisations to our clients and ourselves. • We are Community builders: we succeed together, we fail together. We promote development, recognition and transparency to benefit our community, company, clients & partners. • We are simple folks: we have 3 values because it’s enough. We don't take ourselves seriously yet we are pros. We know clarity is key to deliver our value so we never assume and seek good communication beyond what's written.
  5. 5. Put users first. Start with why. Just f**king do it. We work well when we
  6. 6. Share relevant information. Never assume, always ask. Listen. Be punctual. Come prepared.