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PresentacióN D Fin De Curso En Ingles


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PresentacióN D Fin De Curso En Ingles

  1. 1. My E- Learning Experience By Laura Fernanda
  2. 3. In the first Unit we review the colors and we visit the connections that she gave us the teacher this with the purpose of practicing them
  3. 4. The first thing that we made was to create a blog the one which serious our virtual notebook and in the we would go up our works. The first activity that we carry out consisted on describing our personality, what we liked to make and to go up 5 pictures like minimum
  4. 5. We work with the Voicethread a tool that allowed us to record a sound of audio besides going up pictures. Where we had to choose a State of the Mexican Republic to investigate in particular of their location, their customs, their food and once having this information to practice it stops later to record the audio one.
  5. 6. We visit the SMS tunes Karaoke, we listen the music and we chose 3 songs it stops later to present them as an exam it depended on us if we wanted to read it or to sing it.
  6. 7. It leaves of the task it was to visit a place a professor's from France Web In the we could see some activities and games that the teacher had prepared
  7. 8. To continue practicing our pronunciation and to enlarge our vocabulary the teacher I look for some stories of which we chose 5 we printed them, we practiced them and then we read them to the teacher.
  8. 9. We elaborate two video clips due to the festivity by day of dead
  9. 10. The first video clip consisted on taking several pictures it stops later to use the tool of BubbleShare. The second had to use Springdoo and it evokes this it would facilitate us but to add the audio one to the video.
  10. 11. We solved a questionnaire but before we saw a video that he talked about the Day of Action of Thank you
  11. 16. We also made a presentation in PowerPoint with the topic of the Christmas and what we usually make in these dates
  12. 17. Now I play us to make a promotional of our own one Zoological in which we welcomed to 5 new animals
  13. 18. As in February takes place the day of the love and the friendship we made a composition and we mount a periodic mural with all our works
  14. 19. We visit one it paginates in which we registered the time that we used to carry out our activities and later the accountant gave us the time that we had free and we realized this way that so well we administered our time.
  15. 20. In this activity we should describe what transmitted the picture
  16. 21. The teacher contacted a teacher of you/he/she USA. We elaborate some letters in Spanish which we send them by mail .
  17. 22. We practice the time in past with a video of the Coyote and the Correcaminos in which we went solving a questionnaire where we had to accommodate the sentences or to complete them.
  18. 23. There were some suspenders in the teacher's blog. Where we had to make that a rocket went up this we made it solving several questions without making a mistake
  19. 24. It finishes it activity that we carry out it was the one of seeing some videos “English Bits” and there he/she taught us as using the Mouse, as changing to uppercase with the key Shif and each that we were able to make what you/they requested us advanced until concluding the journey in the park of amusements .
  20. 25. Comments: In particular I found activities good since to the awakening an interest in the student by means of the calculation helps us to know how to manage diverse tools that can serve us in a future.
  21. 26. Universidad Nacional Antónima de México Escuela Nacional Preparatoria #1 Gabino Barreda Profa. Elena Delgado Materia: Ingles Alumna: Morales López Laura Fernanda Grupo: 403 Titulo: My E- Learning experience by Laura Fernanda