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King Open Math Vision Statement


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Published in: Education, Technology
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King Open Math Vision Statement

  1. 1. King Open Math Vision Statement Math instruction at all Cambridge Public Schools is based on implementation of district curricula and learning standards articulated in the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. IV. Home and school are connected * * * a. At the King Open School we encourage family involvement in This statement describes the vision of math education that students’ math learning. guides us at the King Open School. b. We share information about student’ math learning through student I. Underlying principles work, family letters, newsletters, progress reports, conferences and portfolios. a. At the King Open School we believe that all students are mathematical thinkers and that everyone can do math. c. We educate parents about math curriculum through community events such as curriculum celebrations, math nights, and open School b. We want all students to experience the pleasure of Council meetings. mathematics and gain confidence in their mathematical abilities. d. We arrange for access to Math Handbooks, curriculum websites and other resources for English-speaking parents as well as those with c. We believe that an effective math classroom learning limited English. community is one in which teachers support students to apply effort, take risks, work productively, and learn from each other. d. We believe that an effective school-wide math learning community is one in which the value placed on mathematics is visible. In addition, teachers share practices, collaborate to do math, and work together publicly on math instructional challenges. 10/12/2010
  2. 2. II. Students learn by doing math III. Teachers know and meet the needs of all students a. Students learn by discovering patterns and seeking connections a. Teachers provide opportunities for students to explore between math topics through the grades. math through multiple ways of learning. For example, students use manipulatives and visual models, gather b. Doing math at the King Open School emphasizes reasoning, sense- and analyze data, draw and write about story contexts, making, and critical thinking. engage in investigations, and practice and review concepts. c. Doing math also focuses on efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility. b. Teachers plan instruction based on what they learn d. Students learn as they communicate mathematical ideas through about students’ understanding by looking at classwork, discussion, writing, and drawing. homework, observations, and information from curricular, district and state assessments. e. They develop computational fluency through practice and reasoning. c. Teachers consult regularly with teaching teams, including special educators, to develop and adjust lesson f. They learn how and when to use technology. plans and determine when extra help is needed. g. Students experience the relevance of mathematics to everyday life d. Formal assessment data show a persistent and learn the mathematics they need to succeed in future math achievement gap between racial groups and between education and throughout their lives. economic groups. King Open works to raise the math learning of our lowest performing students.