Downtown Ferndale


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Downtown Ferndale

  1. 1. WEST NINE MILE COMMUNICATION WORK PLAN 2013 West Nine Mile Communication Plan TASKS DEADLINE RESPONSIBLE COORDINATE WITH COMPLETED AUDIENCE Schedule Pre-Construction Public Meeting Cristina Giffels/DPW x Project Team May 1 - 918 W. Nine Mile Road, 6-8 pm May 6, DDA Office, 9 am - Noon , Open House Develop Gold & Silver Level Lists of Contacts & their Contact Info 5-Apr Martha Cindy x 1&2 Research Robo Call Programming 30-Apr Martha City/Police 1&2 Design Graphic Package for W9, Survival Kit and Light Up Campaign 12-Apr Chris Colleen/Cristina x All Logo x Pony Express Eblast Header Colleen CWH/Colleen x Develop Insert for Woodward Talk Colleen CWH/Colleen x Establish Facebook Page 5-Apr Chris x All Establish Website page 5-Apr Chris x All Work with web people to create new page for new site 5-Apr Chris in progress All Establish Pin Board on W9 5-Apr Chris x All Pin Photos CWH/CSD/CW/MP Reaffirm YouTube account 5-Apr Cristina x All Create Map of construction area, traffic controls/changes and alley rerouting map All Notify SMART of construction & provide their rerouting/stop closures in information 5-Apr Scott Cristina x 5 Reroute and work with special event organizers on potential changes to their layouts due construction needs 5-Apr Michael Lary Loyd/Cristina x 5 Property Print Outs 12-Apr Cristina Giffels x 1&2 Create phone mailbox and establish DDA as phone contact for non- emergency issues; emergencies call 911. 24-Apr Cristina x All Arrange for DTE/Lighting 26-Apr Cristina DPW in progress 1 Develop and Print Light Up Campaign Info 30-Apr Chris Cristina x 1 Create Gold Rush Survival Kit 30-Apr Chris Cristina 1&2 Create Media Kit 30-Apr Chris Cristina 1 Schedule Weekly Columns with Patch & Woodward Talk 12-Apr Chris x All Determine Ad buys and placements 12-Apr Chris x All Ad placement of project and timeline in Woodward Talk and Ferndale Friends All Ferndale Friends - Spring Edition 24-Apr Chris x Woodward Talk 19-Apr Chris x Woodward Talk TBD Chris
  2. 2. WEST NINE MILE COMMUNICATION WORK PLAN 2013 Patch TBD Chris Determine Temporary Signage Design and locations 30-Apr Martha DPW x 1 Before & After Videos & Photos Martha 1&2 Promote Pre-Construction Public Meeting 24-Apr Chris City x All Mail Invite Letter to Property and Business Owners; general mailing to residents 24-Apr Martha Cindy x 1&2 Send mailing via certified mail to businesses and residents within tiers 1 and 2 regarding Public Meeting and timeline of important events/steps in construction 24-Apr Martha Cindy x 1&2 Notify media of upcoming Public Meetings and Big Flush/Media Alerts 24-Apr Chris Cristina x 1 Send email to all other business/stakeholders in tiers 3-5; reinforce with tiers 1 & 2 26-Apr Martha Cindy x 1 & 2 Reminder Calls & Eblast for Public Meeting 29-Apr Martha/Chris 1,2,5 Develop benchmark survey for three audience segments 1-May Martha Cristina 1,2,4 Host Pre-Construction Public Meeting & Groundbreaking Ceremony 1-May Cristina Giffels/DPW All Work with WFRN on video of area pre-during-post construction & post message on community cable 3-May Cristina Chris All Banner Design and printing 3-May Chris Cristina All May 5 Big Flush (flushing of the water system) to improve side effects of water main work 5-May Fire DPW/DDA 1&2 Host Pre-Construction Public Meeting 6-May Cristina Giffels/DPW All In-person Business Staff/Employee Training & Info Boards May 1 - 25 Martha Cristina 1&2 Light It Up Campaign Push May 1 - 25 Martha Chris/Fire 1 Temporary sign and banner installation 13-May DPW/DDA All Information Board 13-May Contractor Giffels All "No parking" signs in alley installed 13-May DPW Free parking sign at American Legion entrance 13-May DPW Create issue management log 13-May Martha DDA Staff All Develop a co-op advertising plan 25-May Chris Cristina 1&2 Assist businesses in partnering with local events for exposure as needed Cindy/Chris DDA Staff 1&2 West Nine Mile Weekly/Daily Communication Tasks May 1 - October 31 Weekly Construction Meetings - Thursdays at 10am May 16-October 31/weekly Dan Bassett/MaCristina 1 & 2 Weekly Public Construction Briefings from 11am-11:30am May 16-October 31/weekly Dan Bassett/MaCristina, Chris & Martha Email info to stakeholders by Friday/Sat April 26 - October 31/weekly Chris Cristina 1, 2 , 5
  3. 3. WEST NINE MILE COMMUNICATION WORK PLAN 2013 hand delivery to those in need May 9-October 31/weekly Martha 1,2 Email Info to General Public by Sunday/Monday April 26 -October 31/weekly Chris Cristina 3,4,5 weekly updates/Put info on facebook& web May 13 - October 31/weekly Chris/Cristina Martha/Cindy 3,4,5 Respond to calls/voice mail messages May 13-October 31/daily DDA Staff Forward issues to DPW Director and team as needed Cristina Staff Project Team Daily Site Visits May 13-October 31/daily Martha/CristinaCindy/Chris 1&2 City Council Meeting Updates twice per month Loyd Scott/ Cristina 4, 5 DDA Board Updates April 26 -October 31/weekly Cristina Scott/Loyd 5 City Council/DDA Weekly Packet Updates May 9-October 31/weekly Cristina/April Scott/Loyd 5 Daily Status Posts on Facebook, Pinterest & Web May 13 - October 31/daily Chris/Martha/Cristina All Weekly Patch Column May 13-October 31/weekly Chris Cristina All Increased Police Patrol from Livernois to Pinecrest May 9 - September 30/ eveningPolice April 1 & 2 Direct business contact when an urgent matter as needed 1&2 door-to-door as needed Giffels Loyd/Cristina 1 & 2 text message system as needed Martha Cristina 1,2,5 phone calls as needed DDA Staff 1,2,5 media story placement including business highlights May 13 - October 31 / bi-weekl Chris Cristina 1