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Super Size Me


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Super Size Me

  1. 1. My opinion about the movie “Super Size Me” I think the theme of the movie is very relevant, but the film can be a way of self promotion of the actor. The movie is original, funny and the actor take us on a tour to the downfall of American health through poor nutrition. Poor nutrition, inadequate exercise, obesity are some of the problems of the American people. I like eating Big Tasties, but I can’t eat them every day during a month. I drink soft drinks and snakes, which are high in calories and sugars. The Americans are eating too much fast food during the year and he shows that in a month, on the film. It can be a campaign against the big fast food chain “Mc Donalds”. Americas has the biggest people in the world. Fernando Sá Gestão de Redes CLCE 22/06/2009