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Part 3 future of media


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This third post on The Future of Media Companies deals with Brand and Portfolio. Content and brand are the only two things that really matter when looking at the future of media companies.

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Part 3 future of media

  1. 1. The Future of Media Groups: Brand (part 3 of 4)
  2. 2. Research Marketing Plays Key Role in the Transformation(“our internal opinions matter very little here”, a corporate leader) How do families consume content now? (in detail) How do consumers use our media? How do consumers use competing sources of news? How do consumers communicate among them? Which topics do they consume? What is the power of our brands in each market? Which content/format/time…was able to engage our readers lately? Etcetera… Thoroughly prepared questionnaires, broad samples... (Technology will come handy, but only when basic answers are there)
  3. 3. Research Marketing Plays Key Role in the Transformation1. Research changes affecting your market. Adopt some: Google & Facebook usage (we need a very precise understanding of their possibilities), Tweeter, social media, open source soft, open architecture, advanced analytics (user behavior and prediction), cloud computing, local bloggers, advertising networks, augmented reality, location services, mobility, targeting, self service advertising, open spaces at work… Don’t fight changes. Adopt them (don’t fight the world, go with it)2. Research changes affecting your customers: • Their habits in connecting and mingling in bars, parties, happenings… (Connect) • Their practices regarding live music, events, live reviews …(Live) • Transparency, practical ecology… (Better citizenship) • All-mobile, alerting, mapping, answers on the go… (Content mobility) • Mixed ethnicity; desire to see the new & to be surprised… (Newness) • Ageing, dieting, fitness, small families… (Life styles) • Mobility in career, housing, tourism… (Personal mobility)
  4. 4. Comments on Brand Open up and penetrate networks, local sites, social sites… visited by your potential customers. Think of them as your networkExtend the Reach & Visibility of your Brand: Be Obsessive About DistributionCreate widgets, apps Repurpose, repackage Associate Accept external content Use Social Media Link, be linked RSS feeds Email services Use all windows, all screens to be seen
  5. 5. Be visible, be there. If your product is good some users will stayExtend the Reach & Visibility of your Brand:Be Obsessive About Search Engine OptimizationS.E.O. skills are a must for journalists, marketers Structure products, pages for Google Track number of links. Set goals. Increase entry points. Set goals .
  6. 6. For a More Solid Brand, Push Users Up the Forrester Ladder Higher engagement & loyalty
  7. 7. The Future of Media Groups: Some Notes on Portfolio (part 3of 4)
  8. 8. Portfolio of Some PapersSimplified Portfolio of Some Newspapers: Profitability Potential The “big ball’s” losses in revenues and audience cannot be News portal offset by a News Portal Newspaper Market Penetration
  9. 9. Portfolio: The Future will Look More Like This AUDIENCE EVOLUTION AUDIENCE SOLUTION Solution A  CORE: maintain consumers (increase if Existing Solution possible) consumers B  + Project A  + Project BNewspaper Solution  + Project C Newconsumerleaves for C Consumers  + Project D Solution D BY MAINTAINING MASS MEDIA POSITIONING: …etc  More relevant to community  More relevant to advertisers PROBLEMS OPPORTUNITIES
  10. 10. Local Leader Could Perform Many Tasks (Portfolio)“Provide me with any services or information needed to live/work here” “In any platform/technology, when and how I want” I want to I want to share buy a car I need opinion I need a local Info dentist… I want to Give me contact coupons, others discounts I want to I need to buy a buy house locally What can I do I want a today job Tell me THE Local latest Connector …etc local news
  11. 11. But What is the Role of News in this Strategy? Obviously, to maintain local core strengths: “a good large staff of news/info gatherers with excellent knowledge of the community along with commercial clout and good brand image” …and to facilitate access to new avenues of income: PROJECT AUDIENCE FUNCTION Traffic News Generator Segmented Other Traffic Projects Transaction News portals as embryo creators of possible projects
  12. 12. Whatever You Do, Think Mobile Mobile Users > Desktop, in 5 Years Mobile Internet Growing Faster than Desktop Internet DidMorgan Stanley Do we chart our monthly SMS? Can users get news, classifieds…? Have we a process for alerts from users? …etc. Morgan Stanley
  13. 13. We All Know it, But Let Me Insist: Video is Core for News
  14. 14. Video and Mobile and also “Mobile Video”… …Have to Be Part of Our Diet