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How a cosmetic dentist can improve your natural smile


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Crown lengthening is also known as a gum lift. It is ideal for anyone who has a "gummy" smile.

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How a cosmetic dentist can improve your natural smile

  1. 1. How A Cosmetic Dentist Can Improve Your Natural Smile
  2. 2. Do you feel like your smile is lacking? Cosmetic dentistry is becoming more and more popular, and there is a wide variety of procedures available to help improve your smile. One such procedure is called crown lengthening. Crown lengthening is also known as a gum lift. It is ideal for anyone who has a "gummy" smile. It works by exposing more of your natural teeth in order to make them look larger and longer. A cosmetic dentist performs this type of procedure. Here are some things you should know about crown lengthening:
  3. 3. What Does Crown Lengthening Mean? This surgery, performed by a cosmetic dentist, is meant for anyone who has an uneven gum line or small teeth. Crown lengthening is a surgery that takes away some gum tissue from the top of the mouth in order to make the teeth look a little longer. It may also need to be done for anyone who may have a bone fracture in the upper jaw or decay in that area. The dentist will remove that excess gum tissue in order to be able to repair the damage.
  4. 4. How Does the Procedure Work? Patients are placed under local anesthesia for this procedure. Next, the cosmetic dentist will make small incisions to pull the gum away from the teeth. The dentist will then remove extra gum tissue and decide whether or not more needs to be taken away in order to achieve the desired effect. Some patients may need a little bone removed as well. Once the tissue is removed, the dentist will wash the area and stitch up the gums.
  5. 5. What Are the Advantages? One of the best advantages of crown lengthening is that the procedure only has to be performed once, unlike other treatments like veneers or crowns. It will help your smile be more even and symmetrical. The procedure can also reduce the chance of tooth decay since there is more of the tooth exposed that can be brushed and flossed.
  6. 6. What Are the Disadvantages? The procedure can be pricey, which is one of the biggest disadvantages. If you have a medical reason for the surgery, insurance may cover some of the charges. After the procedure, you may experience some light pain and swelling. There is also a small risk of infection. Crown lengthening can be very beneficial to many patients. If you think you can benefit from this procedure, schedule a consultation with your cosmetic dentist to see if you are a good candidate for the surgery.
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