The power of Online Video


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The power of Online Video

  1. 1. And they live all over LatAm.Mexico Brazil Colombia Argentina Chile20%16%13%18%17%13%15%20%22% 25%15%11%15%23%11%14%14%10%9%27%16%17%34%13% 9%8%11% 14% 14% 10%The VideoholicThe AficionadoThe Young & ImpressionableThe Empowered ExecutiveThe Video RookieThe PassiveJose SofiaMartin Maria AnitaFernandoThe VideoholicThe Young &Impressionable The Video RookieThe EmpoweredExecutiveThe Aficionado The PassivesI’m connected all day long... yes, ALL DAY, whichmeans my smartphone is always on. I watch allkinds of videos online, it’s just easier to find thecontent I like.I’m about to graduate from college, and amhaving time of my life. With my first paycheckI plan to buy the latest iPhone so I can beconnected all day long. Knowing the best placesto find content and being the first to share itmakes me even cooler...I’m currently a stay at home mom looking fora job, and while I’m doing so, I love to surf theinternet. However, I’m not too savvy with allthe things I can do online, but I’d love to learn!If I knew how to watch and where to find myfavorite content online, of course I would. Ihave the time to do so, too.I would love to be connected all day, butsometimes work doesn’t allow for that, whichis why my mobile phone has become anextension of myself. Online videos allow me towatch the content I want, whenever I have thetime.I love my job, but of course I sneak in somepersonal time online when I’m at work, especiallyto check social media updates and share contentthat I find relevant. If I hear my email sound fromreceiving a message or notification, I immediatelylog on.I work a lot, and when I’m not working I’mwith my family. I access the internet while I’mat work, but I can’t really spend much time onit. I usually use it to read my email or for quick,uncomplicated tasks.18% 15% 26%16% 13% 11%TheFanaticsTheEnthusiastsTheReceptivesMainCharactersSupportingCastThe Fanatics& The EnthusiastThe ReceptivesThis is noexception...Please meet ourinspiration...but the best ones arereal life stories about
  2. 2. Prologue.It all started with the emergingneed to be connectedeverywhere all the time.Timeconnected60%16%12%73% 72% 74%The strongest relationshipsare born out of remarkablefriendships4+ hrs3 to 4 hrs2 to 3 hrs1.5 to 2 hrs1 to 1.5 hrs0.5 to 1 hrs-0.5 hrsHomeWorkMobileOpportunity to be reachedthrough mobile & tablets:How frequently do you access internet via mobile?Have mobileinternet access50%13%19%27%23%11%59%8%7%15%11%9%7%4%7%5%10%37%8%12%10%12%11%10%7%12%15%21%17%17%19%16%8%4%2%1%Home Work1% 3%School18%23%13%16%Cybercafé Friends+Fam MobileAccessibilitythen became key.Especially for ourmain characters.Giving rise to a41% 10% 14% 7% 28%Everyday4-6 times a week2-3 days a weekMobileTabletsOnce a weekLess than once a week89%84%59%48%mobile revolution.Cellphone Smartphone Tablet Console Laptop Desktop TV Smart TVLess than once a weekOnce a week2-3 times per week4-6 times per weekEverydayThe VideoholicThe AficionadoThe EmpoweredExecutive90%64%
  3. 3. watch overan hourevery day!32%Chapter 1Latin America hasfallen for online video!And it’s a loveshared by all.Full of Intensity& Dedication.WeLOVEonlinevideos.Watch online videosWatch online video AdsUp/Download videosLess than 15 mins.15 to 30 mins.30 mins. to 1 hr1 to 3 hrs.Over 3 hrs.99% 94% 85% 96% 83% 84%90% 81% 59% 80% 65% 60%95% 84% 57% 76% 63% 45%The Videoholic The AficionadoThe EmpoweredExecutiveThe Young &Impressionable The Video Rookie The Passives90% 26%Watchonline videosWatchthem everyday!83%73%71%Visit online video sitesWatch online video AdsUpload/Download videos
  4. 4. share videoswith friends.accessonlinevideosviasocialmedia.share videos 2-3times a week.50%77%16%96%86%84%69%53%69%95%87%88%66%52%66%Chapter 2It’s a love to brag about.The PassivesThe Video RookieThe EmpoweredExecutiveThe Young &ImpressionableThe AficionadoThe VideoholicShare videos w/friendsShare videos
  5. 5. Chapter 3There’s something outthere for everyoneWhereasspecializedcontentlike sportsis key forour maincharacters.33%Everyone wantsa premiumrelationship.#1#2#3The VideoholicHigh DefinitionFast StreamingShare OptionVarietyFull ScreenGenresSport eventson demandWebisodesBloopersInterview toexpertsor famousplayersSport expertsanalysisThe Videoholic3Movies, news & trailersare enjoyed by all.72% 64% 63%55% 78% 87%3Trailers Video Ads User GeneratedContentNews Series MoviesWatch and preferedWatch and liked
  6. 6. Chapter 4When you find the rightone, you just know.Free premium contentis the ideal match.Revealing that context& quality are everythingwhen it comes to ads!And in arelationshipgood behavioris alwaysrewarded.Content is what capturestheir attention.would rather their content befree, even if it includes ads.of people watchads even when theyhave the option toskip them!25% for the24% for theGeneratesInterestEffective atchangingopinionGeneratesIdentificationMotivatesa purchasedeclare that when the adsthey see are related to thecontent they’re viewing, they’llpay attentionBrazilChileArgentinaMexicoColombia81%30%84%75%81%74%73%43%79%69%62%59%38%MoviesEntrertainmentSeriesNewsSportsContextualAds, RichMediaPopUpsBannersIMTakeoversOnlineVideoGeneratesAwarenessCost basedfor reach22%19%Searched forAds in onlinevideo sites.watched themwhile in anonline video site.The AficionadoThe EmpoweredExecutiveThe Young &ImpressionableThe Videoholic
  7. 7. In every relationship there aremoments when we are tested...Product categories they look for:Test Ads showed:Sports Personal Care Banking Tourism Luxury Alcoholic Bvg.46% 45%42% 41%32%14%CategorysurfedAd 1Categorynot surfedAd 2And each person’s truequalities come to light.Makes the brandMemorableInspires toSearchImproves brandImageInspires toShareRemindsImportanceBrings thebrand CloserInspires toBuyThe Result:onlinevideopositivelyreinforcesattitudinalsin allproductcategories.Matching each Ad withthe right content is key.Luxury Tourism Alcoholic Bvg. Banking Personal Care SportsNiche Categories Mass CategoriesBrings thebrand CloserInspires toShareRemindsImportanceInspires toSearchInspires toBuyInspires toShareCloserShareBuyImportanceCloserMemorableSearchCloserMemorableShareBuyImportanceCloserMemorableImage ShareSearchImportanceBuyThe VideoholicThe AficionadoThe Video Rookie The PassivesThe Video RookieThe EmpoweredExecutiveThe PassivesThe Video RookieThe EmpoweredExecutiveThe VideoholicThe PassivesThe Video RookieThe EmpoweredExecutiveThe Young &ImpressionableThe VideoholicThe AficionadoThe Young &ImpressionableChapter 5The whole is greaterthan the sum of its parts.
  8. 8. EpilogueImplications for AdvertisingKnow your target& the role ofonline for yourproduct category.Match your Ad torelevant content.orCreate relevantcontent to matchyour Ad with target’sinterests.Use engagingformats to”shiftkey” attitudinals.Formula toAnd sotheylivedhappilyeverafter...SUCCESS.+ +Online video is for everyone,not only young menOnline video content isever more premiumPeople don’t hatepre-roll adsOnline video ads go beyondgenerating awareness, positivelyreinforcing brand attributesOnline video = social12345TheBeginning...