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Intalio Cloud Benefits

  1. 1. Intalio|Cloud Benefits Delivering the benefits of cloud computing, behind the firewall.
  2. 2. Core Benefits Deployment Versatility Risk Reduction Integration Comprehensiveness Scalability
  3. 3. Benefit: Deployment Versatility Intalio|Cloud supports both Virtual Private Cloud and Private Cloud deployment models. Virtual Private Cloud Private Cloud Operated by Service Provider Off Premises Operated by Service Provider On Premises Service Provider’s Data-center Customer’s Data-center VPC #1 VPC #2 VPC #3 Private Cloud Customer #1 Customer #2 Customer #3 Customer
  4. 4. Benefit: Risk Reduction Intalio|Cloud helps reduce risks inherent to cloud computing (Source: Gartner). Risk-Testing Risk: On-Premises Risk Assessment Data Location Risk: On-Premises Deployment Data and Code Portability: Standalone Deployment Data Loss Risk: Local and Remote Data Backups Data Security (Privacy) Risk: Firewall Protection Vendor Viability: Buy Out Insurance Program
  5. 5. Benefit: Integration Intalio|Cloud is the only vertically integrated solution for private cloud computing. + + Hardware Software People = All The Benefits of Cloud Computing, On Premises
  6. 6. Benefit: Comprehensiveness Intalio|Cloud packages IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS layers into an integrated stack. SaaS Intalio|BPM Intalio|CRM ... Egnyte* Presdo* Zoho* ... App. 1 App. 2 ... Packaged Applications Custom Applications Public Intalio|Cloud App Store Private Application Catalog Data Object Engine CMS + DMS Engine Metering, Billing, Chargeback Process Engine ESB + Mashup Engine Authentication & Authorization PaaS Reporting Engine BAM Engine Architects Developers End Users Fat Client Web Based Web Based UI + Portal Engine Rules Engine* Based on Eclipse Code Editors Based on GWT User & Organization Management Application Engines (All deployable on top of Amazon Web Services or Google AppEngine) Asset Management & Governance App. Server Data Grid* Database (Jetty) (Gigaspaces) (MySQL/ORCL) Development Tools Multi-tenancy Services (All sharing a common meta-model) (All available through REST and Web Interfaces) VM Provisioning & Elastic Scalability Operating System (CentOS) Storage System (LeftHand) IaaS Failover, Backup and Disaster Recovery Hypervisor (VMware vSphere) Monitoring & Metering Cloud Infrastructure Cloud Management (Powered by VMware) (Intalio + BMC BladeLogic + VMware vCenter) ... * Under development
  7. 7. Benefit: Scalability The largest cloud deployments rely on Intalio technology. Apache Hadoop Eucalyptus (Amazon EC2 Clone) Google AppEngine
  8. 8. Business Benefits Utility Pricing Elasticity Multi-Tenancy Automation Self-Service Provisioning Affordability Third-Party Management
  9. 9. Business Benefits Concept: MWD Advisors — Elastic Utility Resource Pricing Capacity Pay-as-you-go, pay-as-you-grow, Managed Virtualized Operations Resources Ar envir resources providing an application platform as a service Third-party Management Ownership Automation r r Self-service Provisioning w
  10. 10. Benefit: Utility Pricing Intalio|Cloud helps deliver a progressive utility pricing model to customers. Base Price: $9 to $99 per user per month Clear and predictable pricing per user Standard Allocation per User CPU 25MHz Standard SLA: Memory 50MB Enough capacity to meet most use cases SSD Database Storage 1GB HDD File Storage 10GB Hourly Price CPU (per GHz compute unit) $0.20 Additional Capacity: Memory (per GB) $0.10 Same price as Amazon Web Services (EC2 & S3) SSD Database Storage (per GB) $0.01 HDD File Storage (per TB) $0.60
  11. 11. Benefit: Elasticity Intalio|Cloud delivers elasticity on premises. Instantaneous Elasticity Per SLA, the on-premises cloud appliance has capacity equivalent to the capacity that was required for peak level utilization over the past 3 months, plus 50%. Overnight Elasticity The capacity of the on-premises cloud appliance can be quadrupled within 24 hours, at least once every 2 weeks. Unlimited Elasticity Virtually any amount of additional capacity can be added within 6 weeks, as long as the customer’s data-center can provide enough space, power, and bandwidth. Cloudbursting Elasticity All applications developed using Intalio|Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) can be migrated on the fly to public clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  12. 12. Benefit: Multi-Tenancy Intalio|Cloud delivers secure multi-tenancy, at the lowest cost. Virtualization Level Implementations Example Pros Cons Intalio • Available in 1999 • Very expensive xkoto Database Virtualization • Simple to manage • Does not scale Proprietary • Tiny RAM overhead • Poor tenant isolation • Highly scalable Gigaspaces App. Server Virtualization Proprietary Google AppEngine • Simple to manage • Limited tenant isolation ✔ • Small RAM overhead • Cost effective • Complex to manage Kernel Virtualization KVM Red Hat • Fairly scalable • Limited to Linux OS • Good tenant isolation • Fairly cost effective VMware • Large RAM overhead CPU Virtualization Xen Amazon EC2 • Fairly scalable • Complex to manage ✔ • Best tenant isolation
  13. 13. Benefit: Automation Intalio|Cloud delivers an unprecedented level of datacenter automation. One-Click Provisioning Policy-Based Resource Allocation Automated Backups Transparent Failover Real-Time Disaster Recovery Dynamic Power Management
  14. 14. Benefit: Self-Service Provisioning Intalio|Cloud lets business users self-provision applications and user accounts. Cloudlet Self-Service Provisioning Application Self-Service Provisioning User Self-Service Provisioning
  15. 15. Benefit: Affordability Intalio|Cloud requires no Capital Expenditures (CAPEX). We own the hardware We maintain the system We train and support your users
  16. 16. Benefit: Third-Party Management Intalio|Cloud is fully managed by Intalio’s professional services. You provide space, power, and bandwidth. We take care of the rest!
  17. 17. Technical Benefits Support for Multiple Languages Database Scalability Next Generation Architecture Fast Networking Fabric Storage Tiering Solid State Storage
  18. 18. Benefit: Support for Multiple Languages Intalio|Cloud is not limited to a single proprietary language. Intalio VisualForce Java JavaScript .Net PHP Python Ruby Scala X#
  19. 19. Benefit: Database Scalability Intalio|Cloud offers a scalable database architecture. Intalio 1GB of data storage/account 25GB of data storage/account No extra file storage/account 250GB of file storage/account 5MB limit for document No size limit for documents Single table join in reports Unlimited table joins in reports 2,000 custom objects Unlimited custom objects Many execution limits No execution limits Reference:
  20. 20. Benefit: Next Generation Architecture Intalio|Cloud’s architecture helps reduce costs and improve performance. Design Benefits High Memory Density Increased Performance Solid State Drives Better Scalability InfiniBand Network Fabric Improved Fault Tolerance Virtual Machine Migration Higher CPU Utilization No Single Points of Failure Lower Costs of Operations
  21. 21. Benefit: Fast Networking Fabric Intalio|Cloud leverages InfiniBand for improved performance and reliability. Extra Large Bandwidth (40Gbps vs. 10Gbps) Improves performance of distributed storage system Accelerates live migration of virtual machines (VMotion) for better resource allocation Enables higher frequency of system-wide snapshots for data backup purposes Very Low Latency (1.3μs vs. 9.4μs) Required for memory virtualization (Remote Data Memory Access) Enables database applications to scale-out beyond one blade server Improves performance of distributed storage system Interoperable with 10 Gigabit Ethernet Supports Ethernet over InfiniBand (IB) and FibreChannel (FC) over InfiniBand (today) Supports both 10 GigE, IB and FC over single media (2010) Enables unified network fabric (less cables, less switches, less single points of failure)
  22. 22. Benefit: Storage Tiering Intalio|Cloud tiers blocks and files to improve performance and lower costs. Block Storage File Storage Used for structured content (database data) Used for unstructured content (documents) SAS Switches Compute-Storage Blade Pairs High-Capacity Storage System NAND Flash SSD Storage Devices HDD Storage Devices RAID 6 (stripped set with dual distributed parity) RAID 6 (stripped set with dual distributed parity) Direct Attached Storage over PCI Express bus Direct Attached Storage over redundant SAS Failover and scalability provided by LeftHand Failover and scalability provided by LeftHand Up to 3TB per pair and 24TB per rack Up to 280TB per system and 560TB per rack
  23. 23. Benefit: Solid State Storage Intalio|Cloud leverage solid state storage for improved performance and reliability. SSDs are orders of magnitude faster than HDDs Improves database performance for both READ and WRITE operations Improves CPU utilization rate by removing the I/O bottleneck Alleviates the 20% I/O overhead created by CPU virtualization (VMware) SSDs are more reliable than HDDs Reduces risk of data loss Reduces downtimes Reduces system operations costs SSDs are cost effective for database applications SSDs can be used for database storage HDDs can be used for file storage HDDs can be used as backup and archival of SSD storage
  24. 24. Summary The 3 ideas you should take away from this presentation. All the benefits of cloud computing... Deployed in your data-center... Fully managed by Intalio.
  25. 25. The sky is the limit.