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Iab new Ad Portfolio - Dos and dont’s


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(Conclusions and Recommendations)
Iab New Standard Ad Unit Portfolio (Draft)

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Iab new Ad Portfolio - Dos and dont’s

  1. 1. Dos and Dont’s (Conclusions and Recommendations) Iab New Standard Ad Unit Portfolio (Draft)
  2. 2. Principles for LEAN Ads Light weight Encrypted [https/SSL compliant] Ad Choice Support Non Invasive Ads #IABNewAdPortfolio LEAN
  3. 3. 1- Use HTML5 and no other. #IABNewAdPortfolio
  4. 4. 2- Think in proportions: Ad Width/Ad Height (forget about pixels) 300x250px -> 1:1 300x600px -> 1:2 970x250px -> 4:1 ... #IABNewAdPortfolio
  5. 5. 3 - Density/Device-independent pixels Dp = (width in pixels*160) / screen density [Density-independent pixels (“dips”) are flexible units that scale to uniform dimensions on any screen.] #IABNewAdPortfolio
  6. 6. 4- Include controls in behavioral targeting Ads. [Interest-Based Advertising (IBA)] #IABNewAdPortfolio
  7. 7. 5- Audio MUST BE User Initiated. #IABNewAdPortfolio
  8. 8. 6- Ad Space MUST BE Clearly distinguishable from webpage (Border 1 px) #IABNewAdPortfolio
  9. 9. 7- Max CPU: 30% CPU during host-initiated execution. #IABNewAdPortfolio
  10. 10. 8- Max number of host-initiated request < 10 during initial file load #IABNewAdPortfolio
  11. 11. File Weight Calculation ● Initial File load: before DOMContentLoaded browser event. ● Host-initiated subload: One second after DOmContentLoaded browser event. ● User-inititated file size:Unlimited after user-initiated interaction. ● Static file weight and Static image size: Initial Max Weight & Backup file requirements. ● Slow internet connection: For 3G (1.5 Mbps download) or slower, file weight 30% less than recommended. #IABNewAdPortfolio
  12. 12. Rich Media is dead (as we know it) #IABNewAdPortfolio
  13. 13. AnimationAnimation #IABNewAdPortfolio
  14. 14. 9- Length of animation MUST NOT exceed 15 seconds. No looping beyond 15 seconds. #IABNewAdPortfolio
  15. 15. 10- Animation is RECOMMENDED to be part of subload. JavaScript used for animation must be executed as asynchronous load. CSS used must be inline. #IABNewAdPortfolio
  16. 16. 11- Animation MAY be host initiated. (User action not required for playing) #IABNewAdPortfolio
  17. 17. 12- Animation is RECOMMENDED to start when the Ad is within view. #IABNewAdPortfolio
  18. 18. 13- Animation MUST be relevant to the Ad Creative and message. #IABNewAdPortfolio
  19. 19. 14- Flashing, blinking and bright lights MUST NOT be used. [Any CallToAction without relevancy] #IABNewAdPortfolio
  20. 20. Ad ExpansionAd Expansion #IABNewAdPortfolio
  21. 21. 15- Ad Expansion MUST BE User initiated. #IABNewAdPortfolio
  22. 22. 16- It is recommended to take over the Full Screen [Creative in the center] #IABNewAdPortfolio
  23. 23. 17- Action for Ad Expansion MUST BE discrete (Click, Tap, Swipe). #IABNewAdPortfolio
  24. 24. 18- Hover or RollOver MUST NOT be used as actions for Ad Expansion. X
  25. 25. 19- Expanded MUST HAVE a clear and discrete Close Button. #IABNewAdPortfolio
  26. 26. Auto Expansion #IABNewAdPortfolio
  27. 27. 20- While scrolling While user scrolls on the page is allowed with the following guidance: ● The ad must not overlay content and must not disrupt (push down or block) the placement of content while expanding. ● The ad MUST have a close button from the start of the advertisement to close ad. ● If the ad auto collapse/close, MUST NOT impact or move the content up or down. ● The alternate option is to NOT auto collapse. it is RECOMMENDED to use inline ads that appear as a user scrolls down for a better user experience. #IABNewAdPortfolio
  28. 28. Interstitials #IABNewAdPortfolio
  29. 29. 21- Ads that are before, in between, or after the primary content experience: 1. Ads that overlay or cover the content after a user has started viewing content are NOT interstitials. They are considered Pop Up Ads. 2. For serving interstitial ads there should be a break in content experience – User navigating to and/or away from content. 3. All interstitial ads MUST have a close button as defined by this guidance. 4. Forced countdown to dismiss an interstitial ad is NOT RECOMMENDED. #IABNewAdPortfolio
  30. 30. X Close Buttons #IABNewAdPortfolio
  31. 31. 22- MUST be present for all ad experiences or ad units that interrupt or partially obstruct the publisher content experience, [Ad expansions, interstitials, anchored banner, or adhesion banner. The close button needs to be clear, discrete, and available from the start] #IABNewAdPortfolio
  32. 32. 23- The close or cancel button MUST be on top right corner of the ad. #IABNewAdPortfolio
  33. 33. 24- The cancel or close button must include an “X” image of minimum size 50x50 dp. [Additional language to indicate user destination on close, e.g. “Cancel” or “Close” or “Skip to Site” or “Go to Content” may be included in addition to the close button] #IABNewAdPortfolio
  34. 34. 25- The close button MUST be available from the start of the Ad experience. #IABNewAdPortfolio
  35. 35. [Video guidance applies to in banner videos and ‘outstream’ ads that are placed in between non video content, e.g. in article or in lists or any video ads in non-video content experiences.] Video #IABNewAdPortfolio
  36. 36. 26- Video MUST BE User Initiated. #IABNewAdPortfolio
  37. 37. 27- Video controls to Mute/Unmute and Play/Pause video MUST BE available when video is playing. #IABNewAdPortfolio
  38. 38. 28- The RECOMMENDED maximum lenght for in banner video is 15 seconds and 1.1 Mb file size. #IABNewAdPortfolio
  39. 39. 29- MINIMUM 24 fps. #IABNewAdPortfolio
  40. 40. 30- Video download MUST NOT start until user initiation. #IABNewAdPortfolio
  41. 41. Auto Play Video [This DOES NOT apply to in-stream video ads played in video content (pre roll, mid roll, or post roll.)] #IABNewAdPortfolio
  42. 42. 31- AutoPlay Video MAY be used without user initiation when it does not significantly impact the user’s cost of consuming content. - When a user is on Wi-Fi or broadband internet connections (to respect user’s cost of consuming content). #IABNewAdPortfolio
  43. 43. 32- Audio MUST BE muted when video is played without user initiation. #IABNewAdPortfolio
  44. 44. 33- AutoPlay MUST begin after Ad is at least 50% view. #IABNewAdPortfolio
  45. 45. 34- AutoPlay MUST provide pause/play and mute/unmute controls from the start of video play #IABNewAdPortfolio
  46. 46. [This DOES NOT apply to in-stream video ads played in video content (pre roll, mid roll, or post roll.)] Disruptive Experiences #IABNewAdPortfolio
  47. 47. The following MUST NOT be used in Ad experiences. #IABNewAdPortfolio
  48. 48. 35- Pop up Ads [Ads that cover/overlay content, obstruct users from viewing the content. “Pop ups”, "float in", "slide in", "fly in", etc.] #IABNewAdPortfolio
  49. 49. 36- Auto Expansion [without user initiation MUST NOT be used. Expansion while scrolling is allowed.] #IABNewAdPortfolio
  50. 50. 37- Hover or Rollover Expansion [MUST NOT be considered a substitute for a click, for ad expansion.] #IABNewAdPortfolio
  51. 51. 38- Sideways Ad Expand that Overlays Content [Not allowed. All ads must expand to full screen. If creative size is not full screen, it must be placed in center of screen.] #IABNewAdPortfolio
  52. 52. 39- AutoPlay Video/Audio [User initiation MUST be required to initiate video play or audio play.] #IABNewAdPortfolio
  53. 53. 40- Forced Countdown [User should have immediate option to "Close" or "Dismiss" the ad from the beginning of the ad experience.] #IABNewAdPortfolio 3, 2, 1
  54. 54. [This DOES NOT apply to in-stream video ads played in video content (pre roll, mid roll, or post roll.)] New Media Experiences #IABNewAdPortfolio
  55. 55. Emoji and sticker content Vertical Video Ads 360 Degree Image/Video Virtual Reality Ads Augmented Reality Ads #IABNewAdPortfolio
  56. 56. I am @fernandocomet an Ad Specialist from Weborama, an Audience Driven Advertising Platform, one of the Ad Testing Contributor of iab new Ad Portfolio. I am part of the operations dept, my main work is support creative and media agencies, also resolve any incidence with publishers. I have also worked with iab Spain. #IABNewAdPortfolio